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Banners and Other Ads

  • Advertising via banners, animations, or text links is an easy way to get your message in front of visitors
  • Wide range of formats
  • Cost-competitive to other foreign-language media in Japan

Banner ads, which appear either along the top of each screen, or down the right- hand side, can be purchased either as a shared exposure (rotating ads) or as a specific number of exposures (guaranteed impressions). Ads can either run across every page viewed, or can be fixed to a specific page(s). Side banner ads can be either regular height (100 pixels) or double or triple height for more impact. We can build your ads for you if you do not have something available in a foreign language.

Special format ads, such as interstitial, animated, and text link ads are also available on request.

Top Horizontal
  • All available pages, in rotation
  • Also with guaranteed impressions
  • 468x60 pixels (other sizes possible)
Side Banners & Tower
  • All available pages, in rotation
  • Also with guaranteed impressions
  • 300x100/300x200/300x300 pixels
Text link ads
  • All available pages, in rotation
  • Up to 80 characters
Interstitial ads
  • 5 seconds viewing time
  • Available on top page only, in rotation
  • 400x625 pixels (other sizes possible)
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