Banners and Advertising

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  • Advertising via banners, animations, or text links is an easy way to get your message in front of visitors
  • Wide range of formats
  • Cost-competitive to other foreign-language media in Japan

Banner ads, which appear either along the top of each page, or in the sidebar, can be purchased either as a shared exposure (rotating ads) or as a specific number of exposures (guaranteed impressions).

Ads can either run across every page viewed, or can be fixed to a specific page(s). Side banners can be either industry standard height (300x250 pixels) or double- or triple-height for greater impact.

We can build your ads for you if you do not have something available in a foreign language.

Special format ads, such as interstitial, animated, and text link ads are also available on request.

Top Horizontal

  • All available pages, in rotation
  • Also with guaranteed impressions
  • 468x60 pixels (other sizes possible)

Side Banners & Tower

  • All available pages, in rotation
  • Also with guaranteed impressions
  • 300x100/300x200/300x300 pixels

Text link ads

  • All available pages, in rotation
  • Up to 80 characters

Interstitial ads

  • 5 seconds viewing time
  • Available on top page only, in rotation
  • 400x625 pixels (other sizes possible)