Nohara by Mizuno - Shop, Cafe & Kitchen, Run & Fitness Station
The Rewards System
Earning Rewards

All site visitors who sign in via Facebook or a "Casual User" account, as well as everyone with a regular "Contributor" account, earn MetroRewards points, which may be redeemed online through the MetroRewards shop. There are a number of rules about redeeming these points, so please read this before redeeming.

Activities That Earn Rewards Points
Activity Points Remarks
Up-voting a review, flagging review as inappropriate, "favoriting" an article, uploading a photo, sending correction, writing a comment, logging into the site +1~5
Min. 350-word article in English and min. 3 related photos +500 Stories must be of acceptable quality for JapanTravel to approve. However, we may edit material from non-native English speakers if we have agreed to accept it (i.e. the content is really good, even though the English needs editing).
Photo essay with a 60-100-word English introduction, 8 to 12 photos, and engaging captions +500 Introduction should explain the background/idea behind the essay and photos should be high-quality.
Min. 3 minute video in MP4 format, either in English or with English captions +500 We are still developing our video system. These points will not be available until the system is ready, but video may be embedded in regular articles for now (*no extra points).
Redeeming Points

The JapanTravel rewards system is based on points issued for certain activities. Go to the MetroRewards store, log in, and redeem your points for the prizes you want. Terms and conditions of prizes are on the MetroRewards website.