JapanTravel Rewards – Overview

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All JapanTravel.com members earn rewards points, which may be redeemed online through the JapanTravel Rewards Store.

How to earn points

Community Activities Points Remarks
Login to JapanTravel 10 Limited to one login per day
Make a comment 10 Limited to 10 comments per day
Upvote a comment 5 Limited to five upvotes per day
Share an article 10 Limited to five shares per day (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
Send an error correction 25 Limited to three corrections per day
Refer a friend 500 Via referral code in dashboard. Points awarded after friend's first approved content
Contributor Activities Points Remarks
Create a photo story 400 50-100 word overview / 6 to 12 photos and captions
Create an article 600 Minimum 350 word article with 3 related photos
Create a video 800 Minimum 90 seconds video
Translation - article 300 May reword to better match native perspective
Translation - photo story 200 Translation of introduction and captions
Translation - video 100 Translation of introduction only
Shared content bonuses 500 5 points per SNS share on original content (up to 500)
Points are awarded after every 10 shares.

Redeeming points

Terms and conditions of rewards listed on the JapanTravel Rewards website. Please carefully read the terms and conditions on each product or service before redeeming.

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