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All members can earn rewards points, redeemable through our online JapanTravel Rewards Store. is a community site built upon a reputation ecosystem that rewards active members. The more effort and engagement you bring to the table, the more you earn. And we’re not just talking badges. Real effort, real rewards. To participate, read the guidelines below, register and start collecting points.

Area Task Points Remarks Portal Log in to JapanTravel 10 Limited to one login per day
Make a comment 10 Limited to 10 comments per day
Upvote a comment  5 Limited to five upvotes per day
Share an article 10 Limited to five shares per day (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
Send an error correction 25 Limited to three corrections per day
Complete your profile 500 Complete your profile for a quick 500 points!
Complete a survey 500+ Points vary by length of survey.
JapanTravel Questions Ask a question 50 Limited to three questions per day
Answer a question 50 Limited to three answers per day
Follow a question 5 Limited to three follows per day
Upvote an answer 5 Limited to three upvotes per day
JapanTravel Dashboard Refer a friend 500 Via referral code in dashboard. Points awarded after friend's first approved content
Create news 200 Minimum 100 words / 1 photo Read more about these content types in our style and content guide
Create a photo story 400 50-100 word overview / 6 to 12 photos and captions
Create an article 600 Minimum 350 word article with 3 related photos
Create a video 800 Minimum 90 seconds video
Create a guide 600 Minimum 350 words
Create a blog 400 Minimum 350 words
Translation - article 300 May reword to better match native perspective
Translation - guide 300 May reword to better match native perspective
Translation - photo story 200 Translation of introduction and captions
Translation - video 100 Translation of introduction only
Translation - news 100 Translation for timely news only

Redeeming points

Terms and conditions of rewards are listed on the JapanTravel Rewards website. Please carefully read the terms and conditions on each product or service before redeeming your points.

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How we measure

Task completion

Tasks can be as simple as logging in, introducing a friend, commenting, or taking a survey. But it can be much more challenging and rewarding too: translating articles, writing original content, or promoting our site on social media. See here for a complete list of tasks and points awarded for their completion.


We look for influence that your articles and other posts related to have on blogs, social media, and other trackable online media. We reward additional points for sharing articles on your networks and for having your own articles shared by others.

Types of Incentives

We tier our incentives so that people who are dedicated to contributing, creating great content, and who can get their content shared, move up the tiers and thus get more value for their efforts.


While you likely participate in other sites for free (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), we want our members to create focused, quality content. This is why we offer points to encourage and reward the community.

Points + Bonus

In the future, members who attain a certain level of reputation will be awarded bonus points. Our reputation engine will calculate your reputation over time, allowing you to qualify for a higher multiplier on all points earned.

  • 20,000 Reputation – 5% bonus points awarded
  • 50,000 Reputation – 10% bonus points awarded
  • 100,000 Reputation - 15% bonus points awarded

On occasion we offer point and reputation bonuses (1000, 5000 etc.) for special projects about a certain subject or in a certain language. These projects, and similarly other lucrative opportunities, are offered first to those with the highest reputation.

Paid work

JapanTravel receives a high flow of client requests for travel-related journalism, photography, video, design, translation, and other paid services. While not comparable to professional renumeration, these paid opportunities are well-suited to skilled non-professionals and others looking to build a reputation in the industry. The amount offered for each job varies and payments are payable via bank transfer or PayPal.

  • Members who qualify for paid work will be notified by their Regional Partner or JapanTravel directly.
  • Members are selected by their reputation as well as the volume, quality, and promptness of their work.