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The Himeji 588 Guesthouse is an affordable hostel located conveniently between Himeji Station and Himeji Castle.
Hotel Maiiko Villa Kobe. Enjoy a romantic view of the Great Akashi Strait Bridge and local history at the same time.
Hotel Pearl City Kobe, very close to Kobe Airport, is an ideal accommodation spot for those wanting to explore downtown Kobe and Port Island.  
Seaside Hotel Maiko Villa Kobe has a majestic view of the Great Akashi Strait Bridge, easy access from Kobe or Osaka, and is  convenient to go to Shikoku by highway bus.
In the port city of Kobe in Japan's Hyogo prefecture, the Chisun Hotel is a comfortable, good value business hotel, well located near transportation links, shops and restaurants.
While the Kansai region hosts many of Japan's larger cities, Kobe is one that may not always appear in peoples travel plans. With its close proximity to Osaka, Himeji and