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Set in a beautiful forest covered mountain, Nyuto Onsen is one place very much worth visiting, and one that is very accessible by public transport, in the heart of Akita Prefecture.
Stay overnight at a temple lodging at the sacred Mount Koya and learn more about Buddhism! Try "Shojin Ryori" Buddhist Vegertarian Cusine and be pleasantly suprised!

An ancient paradise beyond memory, Sasayuri-Ann in Nara Prefecture is the perfect combination of Japaneses style and luxurious accommodation. This antique home stay true to its Japanese heritage yet contains every modern convenience and luxury necessary for the perfect getaway. 

Nothing beats a long day exploring the classic wooden architecture of Narai. Unless its staying in one of its oldest and most well preserved ryokans!
Located in the Mihonoseki Harbour on the Northern tip of Shimane Peninsula, Fukuma-kan is a ryokan offering magnificent views of the Sea of Japan, while retaining a rustic, rural charm.

Ryokan Kato on Mt. Yoshino in Nar is a historic Japanese Inn that far exceeds the expectations one imagines when planning their Japan travels

Enjoy the Asuka's inhabitants kindness and learn traditional Japanese recipes during a stay in a guest room.