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Akihabara, an Anime Fairyland
An electronics, anime and manga paradise
Akihabara is an anime and manga fairyland, an electronic heaven. The streets are lined with anime and manga stores, overflowing with floors upon floors of electronics. It is a special place to experience the heart of anime culture in Japan. The flamboyant streets are filled with "otakus" and people from all over the world, all embarking on an anime pilgrimage and circulating the stores as if to be cleansed by the manga spirits. This is a place you simply have to visit when in Tokyo; soak up and immerse yourself in this special culture of Japan. 

La Collina Omi-Hachiman
Club Harie Baumkuchen Factory
La Collina means hill in Italian, giving a clue to the architect’s intentions, with its hill like roof covered by a lush lawn and surrounded by forested mountains.

Yodobashi Sushi Sticks in Akihabara
The wonderful world of gadgets at Yodobashi Camera
Exploring Yodobashi Camera's variety of technological devices and gadgets.

Uniqlo Ginza – Flagship Store
The best Uniqlo store in the world
With a floor space of 5,000 square meters and standing 12 stories high, Uniqlo Ginza is the brand's flagship store in Japan, and also the second largest Uniqlo outlet in the world.

Kumamoto's most impressive temple
Honmyo-ji is the family temple of Kato Kiyomasa, one of the most famous lords of the Higo domain (present-day Kumamoto).

Tokyo Japanese Sword Museum
A divine display of beautiful swords
Tokyo Japanese Sword Museum is dedicated to preserving Japanese art swords. Inside are a variety of blades, all ranging in length and curvature, aesthetically designed specifically to represent the period of time they were produced in. The swords, which are beautiful objects of art, sit behind glass as important cultural assets to Japan. Inside you will see magnificent blades, and also a few swords with wonderfully designed handles and mounts. A manual for appreciating the art of the sword and 'The Construction of the Japanese Sword,' along with 'Japanese Sword Vocabulary' are essential to make the most of. They provide a excellent account into the history of the swords, their makers and their spiritual and artistic importance. 

Hidden Kamakura 2
The Tenen Hiking Course
Experience a longer and more challenging hiking course located in Kamakura`s rugged northern hills

Top 10 Souvenirs at Tokyu Hands
Unique and quirky souvenir ideas only in Japan

Shiogama Seafood Wholesale Market
Taste the difference of fresh seafood
The Shiogama Seafood Wholesale Market sells freshly caught fish and seafood to the public from early morning hours to the afternoon in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture.  

Tokyo Tranquility Tea Ceremony
A magical experience of Japanese tea and incense
Tokyo Tranquility Tea Ceremony is a magical insight into the Japanese tea and incense ceremony. Guided with a perfect English explanation from the teacher, Ms. Seki, you are submerged into the beautiful art form of 'the way of tea'. You smell the incense after an intricate preparation, eat specifically crafted sweets to reflect upon the delicate changes of the seasons in Japan, drink thin and thick tea and learn the wonderful etiquettes behind the ceremony.