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The Sword of Swords (and Swordsmen)
A national treasure and more in northern Saitama
Nine large kofuns and the Inariyama Sword make Sakitama Kofun Park perfect for a Sunday picnic, casual futsal game, or enjoyable stroll though Japan's rich history.

Live Theater Experience in Japan
Looking at Japan and her culture through live theater
Live Theater Experience in Japan: A night to remember!

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SIM cards for travellers to japan
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The Gems of the Chugoku Region
Experiencing Hiroshima, Miyajima and Yamaguchi
The Gems of the Chugoku Region

The Top 3 Things To Do in Ueno
Visit Ueno Zoo, Ueno Park and Ameyoko in one day
Ueno is home to several tourist attractions, including Ueno Park which hosts the Ueno Zoo and a concentration of Japan's best museums. Across the park Ameyoko is one of Japan's busiest and most famous shopping districts.

Toga Village, Toyama
Japanese mountain culture
Toga village in Toyama Prefecture is the perfect rural mountain getaway. Experience true Japanese mountain culture including traditional mountain foods, wildlife and sake breweries.  

Tokushima's Iya Valley
Where past and present meet
Tokushima's Iya Valley - Where the Present Meets the Past

Ice Fishing on the Barato River
A unique way to experience Hokkaido in winter
Located just half an hour from Sapporo on the border between Sapporo and Ishikari, the Barato River is a picturesque escape from the bustle of Sapporo. The river, which is a recreation spot during the warmer months, is partially frozen during winter and is a popular location for ice fishing. Ice Fishing on the Barato River is a great way to experience the nature of Hokkaido in winter in a limited timeframe.

Aeon Mall Okayama
The largest in West Japan
AEON MALL OKAYAMA is the largest of its kind in West Japan, complete with an astonishing 356 shops.

Oh-mato Taikai (Festival of the Great Target), held in conjunction with the Coming of Age Ceremony. An annual event at Sanjūsangen-dō, 20 year old women from all over Japan don their own kimonos and participate in an archery competition.