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International Festivals at Yoyogi
Food, fun and culture all summer long at Yoyogi Park
Tokyo's Yoyogi Park holds international festivals nearly every weekend during the summer. Check it out for great food, drinks, music, shopping and performances.

Hatakeyama Museum of Fine Art
Dedicated to the art of tea ceremony
In the centre of Tokyo, Hatakeyama Museum of Fine Art houses a collection of beautiful artworks and objects related to Japanese tea ceremony.

Hina Doll Display at Kanzo Yashiki
Antique Hinamatsuri dolls and fabric craft decorations
Colorful exhibition of antique Hina dolls and fabric handcraft decorations in a lovely Edo Era farmhouse named  Kanzo Yashiki near Enzan Station in Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Sakura and Spring Skiing
Cherry blossoms and snow combined in early spring
Spring in Japan is cherry blossom or sakura season. The glorious pink and white flowers bloom up and down the length of the country for a month long period.

Kakunodate Fire and Snow Festival
Purification by fire in the cold of winter
The Kakunodate Fire and Snow Festival (火振りかまくら Hiburi Kamakura) takes place in Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture annually on February 13 and 14. Onlookers can also participate without reservations and free of charge.               

Giou-ji Temple, Kyoto: Part 3 of 4
A mother's wish for love, a daughter's wish for death
Giou-ji is a tourist spot in Sagano, Kyoto, near Togetsukyo which is popular on the weekend.

Maru-K Kobayashi in Asakusabashi
Find artificial or fake flowers at a local craft store
Asakusa-bashi, which is well known for its wholesale stores and markets, is located one stop after Akihabara station on the JR Soubu Line. Craft materials such as beads, stationery, Japanese dolls, party items, as well as bag and dress shops are lined along on the main street.

Beppu Beach Sand Bath
Even the sand is warm in Beppu
Beppu Beach Sand Bath is a place to enjoy sand bathing in Beppu

Giou-ji Temple, Kyoto: Part 2 of 4
The gifted dancer and a fickle heart
Giou-ji Temple is more of a hermitage than a temple. It is a building with a kitchen sandwiched between two Japanese style rooms. It's a mystery how 4 people were able to live in such accommodations.

Ho-on Temple Under Cherry Blossoms
Tokyo temple with ancient traditions
Ho-on Temple, located in the Sumida Ward of Tokyo, is a very old temple with a famous founder and sits beneath the Tokyo SkyTree.