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Kimono Photo Studio Wa in Tokyo
Dress up in authentic Japanese kimono & say “Cheese!”
Kimono Photo Studio 和(wa) in Tokyo offers dressing up in a luxurious kimono and photo shoot. Choose from various packages for in-studio photos or outdoors with iconic landmarks. A wonderful souvenir to cherish forever!

Rice Planting at Watashi-No-Inaka
Experience nature-filled "Satoyama" in Chiba City!
Experience rice planting at "Watashi-No-Inaka" Yato Workshop located in Yato Country Hills of Wakaba Ward, Chiba City.

Short Sleeve Snowboarding
Final Runs at Ohara Ski Area
Snowboarding in short sleeves and the last run of the season at Ohara, a tiny and beautiful ski area in Niigata

Atami Hyuga Villa
A stylish and unusual architectural gem
In the resort town of Atami in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Hyuga Villa is a hilltop country house overlooking the ocean, interesting in both culture and architecture.

Have Fun and Customize Your T-Shirt
myT factory stores let you make your own T-shirt
Have fun and customize your T-shirt in Harajuku, Ueno or Shibuya.

A Perfect Day in Shinjuku East
Tokyo girl meets French rose
A Tokyo girl's tips for exploring Shinjuku, home to anime heaven and hole in the wall izakaya eateries.

Tiny onsen at the source of Nikko's hot spring water
Hidden in a Buddhist temple in the Okunikko area is a tiny, public onsen. A great alternative to the bustle of Onsen resorts and ryokans.

Zenkoji Gokaicho
A Once In Seven Years Event
Zenkoji Gokaicho, a once in seven years event that draws crowds of people to the city.

Rifu Bullet Train Exhibition Center
Welcome to the Shinkansen General Rolling Stock Center
The Shinkansen General Rolling Stock Center in Rifu, Miyagi Prefecture is an admission free PR hall of the JR Tohoku bullet train system. You can step inside old trains, learn at exhibits, and even do a study tour. Children will enjoy the train toys to play with. 

The Tourist Attraction that Isn't
The Ushiku Daibutsu: stunning in its beauty and debacle
The Ushiku Daibutsu is the third-tallest statue in the world, but is a bizarrely underwhelming experience for tourists and visitors.