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Yabitsu-Pass to Mount Oyama
A different approach to Kanagawa's top mountain
As we ascended further, the thick fog remained
Experience a different side to one of Kanagawa`s most popular mountains via the Yabitsu Pass. A more natural, less crowded, approach to Mount Oyama

formachika Beauty Therapy Chika
True beauty comes from within
Are you tired of the standard beauty treatments offered at a traditional esthetics salon? For a fully customized treatment book a session with Chika-san in Tokyo.

All You Can Pick Blueberries
Come hungry, leave happy
The lower half of the farm is right by a river
A great spot to try many different types of blueberries.  You can also do a bit of camping or play tennis when you are finished!

Tokyo Game Show 2014
Latest updates from Makuhari Messe
Overview of the main area

Wandering Nakazakicho
Exploring the underbelly of Osaka's youth culture
Colorful street paintings in the area give a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere
Abound in an assortment of hip cafes, gift stores, and hairdressers, the Nakazakicho reveals the underbelly of Osaka's youth culture.

Kanegasaki Shrine in Tsuruga, Fukui
Tragic battle field turned into a power spot for love
Buildings on the grounds of Kanegasaki Shrine
Kanegasaki Shrine in Tsuruga, Fukui, enshrines two tragic princes of the Southern Court, but it is now renowned as a 'Power Spot of Love'.

Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine
A lover's sanctuary in central Osaka
These heart-shaped 'ema' (wooden boards where wishes are written), depict Ohatsu and Tokubei and hang in memory of their story
A lover's sanctuary in the Osaka Kita and Umeda area, Ohatsu Tenjin (officially Tsuyuno Tenjinsha), beholds one of Japan's greatest love stories. Japan's 'Romeo and Juliet', the story of Ohatsu and Tokubei has kept lovers flocking to the shrine for generations. 

The Equinox Flower and Rice Harvest
Beauty on the side of any road
Red and red-and-white spider lilies line these terraced rice fields each September
Spider lilies signify the coming of the autumnal rice harvest in Japan with fleeting beauty.

Osaka Tenmangu Shrine
A sacred center in Osaka's bustling heart
The orientation of the zodiac which appears on the roof of the daimon is one of the most interesting features of Osaka Tenmangu Shrine
Osaka Tenmangu, or 'Tenjisan' as it's known by the locals, is the most famous of all the tenjin/tenmangu shrines throughout Japan. It is also home to Osaka's biggest festival, the Tenjin Matsuri, which is held each July. It is one of the three greatest festivals in Japan, and the world's greatest boat festival.

Inishie-no-Michi in Kofu
Gozan temples between Takeda Shrine and Kai-Zenkoji
A mapped trail between Kofu JR Station and Kai-Zenkoji visits the five Kofu Gozan temples that enjoyed Shingen Takeda's patronage. It includes Takeda Shrine and Shingen Takeda's grave.