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Shigakogen Yakebitaiyama Ski Area
Japan's Highest Quality Snow
Shigakogen Yakebitaiyama Ski Area, fluffy Colorado-quality snow at the host resort of 1998 Nagano Olympics

Shiseido Art House and Museum
Japan's recent history reflected in one company's
Near Kakegawa in Shizuoka prefecture, Shiseido Art House and Corporate Museum displays the cultural and commercial history of one of Japan's best-known cosmetic brands.

Kyoto Fashion Institute
The miracle of form and dimension
Cloth is a two dimensional piece of material. All clothing starts life like this, whether on a sketch pad or a cutting from a roll of cloth, and so it is a miracle of creativity to transform it to a wearable item.At Kyoto Fashion Institute they showcase a number of designers who have went the other way and deconstructed fashion back to two dimensions. Whether it is clothes that fold into a flat rectangular sheet like reverse origami, or the use of manga to inspire flat two dimensional patterns, visiting their exhibits is a journey from the simple to the complex and back again.

A Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port
Views of Navy Fleet & Maritime Self-Defense Force
A Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port. Japan's only cruise that offers up-close views of United States 7th Fleet and Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force. Yokosuka city, ocean views, navy vessels, and more!

Utsuno Cave
Hidden attraction in Aisawacho, Sano
Utsuno Cave is a small, hidden-away location in Sano, Tochigi prefecture, that is completely off the beaten path.

Japan's ''New'' Lowest Mountain
Hiyoriyama reclaims the title over Osaka's Tenpozan!
Japan's ''New'' Lowest Mountain is Hiyoriyama, beating Tenpozan in Osaka as of April 2014. 

Tenpozan's Mini Mountain
Japan's former lowest ''mountain'' in Osaka
At 4.53 meters above sea level, most people wouldn't consider it a mountain, but Tenpozan is officially Kansai's (and formerly Japan's) smallest. Apply for proof of ascent to show that you're in on the joke!

Rock Craft
Tochigi's famed climbing gym
Rock Craft is located in Oyama, Tochigi prefecture's second biggest city. It is a famous rock climbing gym that has hosted climbing legends such as Yuji Hirayama and Chris Sharma.

Universal Studio's Cool Japan
Featuring four new popular attractions at USJ
Cool Japan at Universal Studios, four new featured attractions at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum
Why tobacco pouches are like iPhone cases
Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum is a small museum dedicated to centuries-old pipes and tobacco pouches, everyday objects that clearly reflect the lives of their owners