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Kyoto Daikaku-ji Temple
Enjoy these temples with amazing outside corridors – 2
Daikaku-ji Temple, located in the northwest suburbs of Kyoto, contains the same design elements of the ancient Imperial Palace. The ground design and building arrangements are noble and elegant, its gardens are refined, and most of all, a labyrinth of long wooden corridors connecting all of its halls is amazing.The temple used to be an Imperial Villa for Emperor Saga (786-842). It was converted into a temple in 876. Since then, and basically all the way to just before the start of the Meiji Restoration (1868), a member of the Imperial Family always served as its head priest.

Inishie-no-Michi in Kofu
Gozan temples between Takeda Shrine and Kai-Zenkoji
A mapped trail between Kofu JR Station and Kai-Zenkoji visits the five Kofu Gozan temples that enjoyed Shingen Takeda's patronage. It includes Takeda Shrine and Shingen Takeda's grave.

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Katori Shrine
One of the oldest shrines in Chiba, Japan
Katori shrine is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan and is located in China, north east of Narita. It is free to enter and can get busy, depending on when you go. The area itself is large and has a lot of trees and general wildlife. This shrine is one of the most famous in the country and is the head of over 400, which are located across the country. They host an annual festival every year which is in April.

Dragon Ball Temple Okadera
Home of the Wish Granting Buddha and Dragon Balls
The Dragon Ball Temple Okadera, home of the Wish Granting Nyoirin Buddha

Edogawa Hanabi Taikai
A summer's night filled with lights and laughter
Edogawa Fireworks Festival - a summer night filled with lights and laughter.

Yahiko Shrine
A beautiful shrine and a beautiful town in Niigata
Visit this peaceful shrine and get to know the great culture in Yahiko village. The original shrine is said to have been built in 711 and this is the main shrine in Niigata prefecture. On display in the treasure house is the the Shida no otachi, a sword with a blade that is over 2.2 meters long that dates from 1415. It is the longest sword in this country and the Japanese Government has designated it as an Important Cultural Property.

China on the Park
Porcelain treasures and a paint-your-own-plate studio
China on the Park is a large complex run by the Fukagawa Seiji company that showcases fine porcelain in its gallery while welcoming bargain hunter to its discount shop.

Naoshima Sento
Art you'll have to get naked to view
Naoshima Sento - Art you have to get naked to view.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Art for young and old in a parkland setting
First opened in 1926 as Tokyo Prefectural Art Museum, it was the first public art museum in Japan, generously supported by a large donation from Keitaro Sato, nicknamed the "god of coal". Today, its philosophy is to be a gateway of art to the community. Whether you are new to art or an experienced practitioner, you will learn something new here.

Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum
A lifelong collection of tattoos and tebori
Horiyoshi III is a well-known tattoo artist specializing in traditional full body Japanese tattoos. The artist uses a traditional method of tattooing called tebori, which uses needles without an electric device.

Oni-oshi-dashi Park
The best view of Mount Asama in Gunma
Near Karuizawa resort on the border of Japan's Gunma and Nagano prefectures, Onioshidashi park offers the best view of Mount Asama and its beautifully rocky, rugged environment.

Manga, Anime & Games from Japan
Now on exhibition at the National Art Centre, Tokyo
The National Art Centre, Tokyo is a large exhibition space which is currently hosting 'Manga, Anime, Games from Japan' which explores different elements which have contributed to the genres throughout the past 25 years.