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58th Tokyo Traditional Crafts Fair
Exhibit displays 44 different crafts for sale
The 58th Traditional Crafts of Tokyo Exhibition will display 40 different arts and crafts for sale from January 21-26, 2015.

Noritake Garden in Autumn
Enjoy the early Christmas with autumn-colored trees
Enjoy the early Christmas and autumn-colored trees in Noritake Garden.

Pluto comes to life on the stage
First production based on Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy
Ring in the New Year with a trip to Pluto via Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon in Tokyo and Morinomiya Pilati Hall in Osaka. Gesicht and Astro Boy come to the stage in Bunkamura's Pluto.

Houkou Temple in Saitama
Ancient temple in Hanno City
Houkou Temple in Hanno City, Saitama is a small, local Buddhist temple with beautiful statues and buildings. Visitors can pray to the deities of children and children who have died.

Nagamachi Samurai District
An atmospheric old neighborhood in central Kanazawa
Imagine yourself an Edo-era samurai as you wander the lanes of the Nagamachi Samurai District in Kanazawa

Nagamachi Yuzenkan
Witness the creation of Kanazawa's stunning kimono
Watch artisans at work or try your own hand at Kanazawa's yuzen kimono process at the Nagamachi Yuzenkan in Kanazawa's samurai district

Osagoe Folk Village Museum in Fukui
Old Japanese thatched roof houses in the city center
At Osagoe Folk Village Museum in Fukui City, there are five old Japanese houses with thatched roofs preserved in an idyllic setting. Surprisingly, these houses can be rented by the hour!

Canals of Yanagawa
Cruise the waterways of the Venice of Kyushu
Cruise the canals of Yanagawa, a city in Kyushu that has more miles of waterway than Venice

Ebisu's Bon Odori Summer Festival
One of Tokyo's best summer festivals
The Bon Odori Festival in Ebisu, Tokyo is a huge summertime gathering rich in tradition. With music, dancing, food, drinks, and clothes dating back to old times, this annual festival is well worth a visit.

Akino Fuku Art Museum
Charming art in a unique building
In the Tenryu area north of Hamamatsu, the Akino Fuku Museum is a charming art museum, with a characterful building in a pleasant wooded setting.