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The Architecture of Studio Ghibli
A glimpse into the homes of your favorite characters
A leisure stroll through the architectures of Studio Ghibli's fictional universe in Koganei Park.

Kyoto's Historic Kifune Jinja
Kurama-area shrine dedicated to the deities of water
Set deep in the mountains of Kyoto, historic Kifune Jinja is a great place to visit for those who want to see a different side of this amazing city.

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Local Museums of Machida
Graphic prints and literature of Machida
A short walk from the train station and you can feel the artistic side of Machida at two local museums.

Nagano - Togakushi Day Trip
The getaway to Nagano's scenic neighbor
Make a day trip escape off the beaten track to Togakushi in Nagano, where many of Japan's authentic customs are preserved.

Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Step back in time into this beautiful studio museum
In Tokyo's charming Yanaka district, the Asakura Museum of Sculpture is like a walk-in time capsule, the preserved former studio and residence of a renowned Japanese sculptor.

Hikone Buddhist Altar Festival
When religion and arts come together
The Hikone Buddhist Altar Festival showcases each step of the process of creating the handicraft that has made this city famous.

Zushi Yabusame and Yokohama Jazz
#Yabusame, #Jazz, and #Noodles
Zushi and Yokohama - Archery, Jazz and Good Food.  What to do on a chilly cloudy fall day.

Jakko-in Temple in Kyoto
Red leaves and nature walk
Beautiful red leaves and nature walk at Jakko-in Temple in Ohara, Kyoto Prefecture, in mid November.

Shitaya Jinja
The shrine with the goose
At Shitaya Shrine in Tokyo you will not only find a lot of information on Shinto, but also a goose that comments on your prayers.

Yushima Tenman Shrine
Prayers for good grades
Yushima Tenman Shrine in Tokyo is dedicated to Tenjin, the deity of learning, and attracts many students who pray for good grades.

Kumano Kodo World Heritage Center
An information center for the Kumano region
The rich history of Kumano Kodo and its vital position as a religious hub is clearly described in this information center.

Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum
A museum of woodblock prints in Shizuoka City
In Japan's Shizuoka City, the Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum is a museum dedicated to ukiyo-e, traditional Japanese woodblock prints.