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Doi Bansui's House
The residence of Sendai's greatest literature figure
The entrance to the humble house
Category: Culture, Historic sites
Doi Bansui was one Sendai's greatest literature figures. Students rebuilt his house after it was destroyed in WWII. Some of the author/translator's works are on display, as well as some personal items.

Explore Kumamoto City
A truly breathtaking landscape with a city to explore
Kumamoto Castle
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Exploring Kumamoto, one of several prefectures on the island of Kyushu.

Neco Bar Cafe, Nara
Relax with cats and a drink
A sign points the way to Neco Bar Cafe.
Category: Culture
A cat cafe charms visitors to the ancient capital city of Nara.

Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Heroes and villians fight it out in Tohoku
The Great Sasuke retains the championship belt. He is very popular, partly because he throws candy to the children in the crowd before matches
Category: Culture, Sight seeing, Trade shows
Michinoku Pro Wrestling is a traveling wrestling show, performing in local venues around the Tohoku region of Japan. Over the top laughs, gasps, and action! 

A Stroll Along Aomori Bay
Architecture, shopping, history, steps from the station
The A-shaped Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center ASPAM
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Food
There's plenty to be seen along the waterfront of Aomori Bay. See architectural gems, spectacular Nebuta Festival floats and anything apple-related you can think of!

Art of Taiko Drumming
Learn the art of Taiko with a top Japanese Taiko Master
Category: Culture
The powerful beat, the heart racing rhythm, the elegant and synchronized postures that can only be obtained from dedicated practice.

Tokyo at Night
Enjoy Tokyo with tons of people watching and lights
A view from Odaiba Island
Category: Culture, Sight seeing, Night life
Tokyo at night is the city of lights. Around every corner is a new street or alleyway where the hustle bustle never stops.

Yukata Shopping for Hanabi Season
A guide on where to buy & how to wear a summer kimono
A Yukata is a summer kimono traditionally worn to enjoy Hanabi (Fireworks) in major cities like the Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Asakusa, Tokyo. Photo taken at Marui City Shibuya.
Category: Culture, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Night life
A guide on where to buy and how to wear a yukata, a summer kimono, for hanabi season. Enjoy wearing a light, cotton kimono to the next fireworks display in one of Japan's major cities.

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
Seeing Art Through Kyoto Eyes
Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art is surrounded by tree lined canals and parklands
Category: Culture, Museums
While Kyoto is usually associated with Ukiyo e and Rinpa art, it has rapidly developed a reputation as the capital of international and innovative art, such as the Blanc Nuit or White Night Festival. At the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, famous international as well as Japanese art can be seen in this medium sized gallery.

Cycle the Kibi Plain
Enjoy temples, shrines and rice fields in Okayama
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Not far from Okayama is a place perfect for bicycle touring. It is called the Kibi Plain. The plain has a 17 Kilometer bicycle route that winds through charming rural landscapes. The bike route starts at Bizen-Ichinomiya station and after winding through rice fields, temples, and shrines, ends at Soja station.

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