Explore Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture
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Yatsuhashi Sweets Making in Kyoto
Make your own traditional Japanese sweets
And the first one is done!
Category: Culture, Food
Kyoto is famous for wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets. At Yatsuhashi-an, buy some as a souvenir or, even better, make your own wagashi to take home!

Roppongi Kaguwa
Wicked entertainment and delectable cuisines
Oiran-Za show
Category: Culture, Night life, Food
Located in Tokyo’s popular nightlife district, Roppongi Kaguwa is not your typical restaurant where one merely dines and wines. Fronted by a sophisticated Japanese-style façade, this dinner theatre incorporates a huge variety of wicked entertainment and delectable cuisines that can only be best described as ‘an excellence of fusion’.

Saitama’s Rural Heart; Ogose City
Beautiful villages, long rivers and large waterfalls
The start of the course, several minutes away from Ogose Station
Category: Culture, Trekking, Historic sites, Sightseeing
With three waterfalls, beautiful little villages, hilly forests, long winding rivers and picturesque temples, rural Ogose City in Saitama Prefecture has something to offer everyone.

Celestial Geisha Night
Eat, drink, play with Geisha on a Buddhist mountain
One of the dance performances
Category: Culture, Festivals, Sightseeing
Held on Mount Mitake west of Tokyo, Celestial Geisha Night is an entertaining event with geisha dance performances and traditional games for guests to enjoy.

Sompo Japan Museum of Art
An interesting museum with a good view of Tokyo
The museum is up on the 42nd floor of this building
Category: Culture, Museums, Sightseeing
In Shinjuku in central Tokyo, the Sompo Museum of Art holds a wide range of exhibitions, and also has a fine view of the city

A Fortune-Telling Culture in Japan
Omikuji at Meiji Shrine, Tokyo.
Category: Culture
Divination is a common practice within the Japanese society and the wide variety of fortune-telling can sometimes be mind-boggling! From palm-reading to name horoscope and even nipple fortune-telling (yes, you read right!), I cannot help but to wonder how effective these divinations are. To satisfy my curiosity, I set on a fortune-telling frenzy from Tokyo to Osaka, Kyoto and Takayama.

Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival
Hiking at the Foot of Fujisan
Seas of lavender at the Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival
Category: Culture, Museums, Trekking, Historic sites, Festivals, Sightseeing
There's a multitude of things to see around Lake Kawaguchiko, including the annual summer herb festival, the Music Forest Museum and the Kachikachi-yama Ropeway.

Japanese Print Arts in Ginza
Meet different artists, artisans and the publisher
Just a 4-minute walk from JR Shinbashi Station
Category: Culture, Museums, Shopping
Fantastic Japanese print arts: woodblock, silkscreen, etching, lithograph. Meet the artists and the publisher in Ginza!

Maneki Neko Cat Cafe in Hiroshima
Furry fun and fizzy drinks near Yokogawa Station
Maneki Neko is hard to miss
Category: Culture, Food
Furry felines and fizzy drinks at Maneki Neko cat cafe in Hiroshima.

Neko Colle Cat Cafe Sendai
Meow meow, a new cat cafe came to town
Some of the cats enjoy playing with toys
Category: Culture, Sightseeing
Neko Colle is Sendai's newest cat cafe. Opening in March 2014, it's easy downtown location across on Hirosedori near the Disney Store makes it a great place to relax and see the pretty kitties. 

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