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Kyoto Daikaku-ji Temple
Enjoy these temples with amazing outside corridors – 2
Daikaku-ji Temple, located in the northwest suburbs of Kyoto, contains the same design elements of the ancient Imperial Palace. The ground design and building arrangements are noble and elegant, its gardens are refined, and most of all, a labyrinth of long wooden corridors connecting all of its halls is amazing.The temple used to be an Imperial Villa for Emperor Saga (786-842). It was converted into a temple in 876. Since then, and basically all the way to just before the start of the Meiji Restoration (1868), a member of the Imperial Family always served as its head priest.

Reizan, the Sake of Kumamoto
The timeless nature of Mt. Aso
Reizan is an iconic sake brand in Kumamoto. Located in Takamori-machi at the bosom of Mt. Aso, it has been making sake since 1762, yet is continually evolving to make sake come alive for the next generation.

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The Little Indigo Museum
An alchemy of color and music
The Little Indigo Museum is Hiroyuki Shindo's collection of textiles from Japan & around the world. Housed in a village elder's thatched house, it has a working set of dye vats. It is open from Spring to Autumn each year in the village of Miyama.

Goldfish Lanterns in Yanai
Try your hand at some traditional Japanese folk art
Goldfish lanterns in Yanai: This picturesque city is famed for its delicate paper lanterns, shaped like goldfish and hung proudly outside houses, shops and restaurants.

Celebrate the Tagata Honen Matsuri
Not your standard Japanese festival!
The Tagata Honensai Matsuri is a fertility festival, with the main event centring on the lively procession of a large wooden phallus from one shrine to another.

Sake Experience at Kafu
Learn about Japan's national drink at a tasting event
Learn all about the ins and outs of Nihonshu (Japanese wine) at one of the sake experiences at Kafu in Kyoto.

Kagura Dance Tourism in Hiroshima
Traditional performances and more in Akitakata village
In the Akitakata district of northern Hiroshima there is a village where visitors are transported into a traditional Japan full of mysticism and ancient cultural influences. The village is called Kagura-Monzen-Toji-Mura and is famous for its daily performances of one of Japan's oldest dances, Kagura.

Vangi Sculpture Museum
A charming museum and garden out in the hills
Close to Mishima in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Vangi Sculpture Museum is home to enjoyable sculpture, both in an eye-catching building and an attractive landscaped garden.

Yokohama Chinatown
Japan's Chinese heart
One of the largest Chinatown's in the world, Yokohama Chinatown is a place like no other. Just over one hour by train from Tokyo, it is the ideal place in Japan for Chinese feasting. 

Sendai Top 10 Things To Do
The very best of Tohoku's capital
The Top 10 very best Sendai City has to offer. Sendai is Miyagi Prefecture and the Tohoku region's capital city. From nature, cuisine, and samurai history, let this be your guide to enjoying the most out of your next visit. 

Wolf Children Ame and Yuki's house
Beautifully preserved Japanese house in the mountains
Wolf Children was a 2012 Japanese animation movie directed by Mamoru Hosoda and this was their family home, and the setting for much of the movie.

Fukuchiyama Castle
A tale of loyalty and betrayal
A recipe on how to build a castle. Take a field worth 60,000 koku of rice, add an angry general, and then stir it up with betrayal and ambition. Fukuchiyama Castle is a story of awe and wonder, as well as a surprising twist that will be revealed in the next installment.