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Meiji Shrine's Votive Tablets
May all your wishes come true
They are called ema and they are small wooden tablets used by worshippers to write down their prayers or wishes. The tablets are left in a designated area at the shrine, a traditional way of sending their prayers to the gods. Have you made your wish already?

Top 10 Souvenirs at Tokyu Hands
Unique and quirky souvenir ideas only in Japan
Tokyu Hands is a "creative life store" selling a wide range of interesting goods and is a great choice for souvenir shopping.

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Cooking Classes at Chagohan
A hands-on experience of Japanese cuisine
A really fun and interactive cooking class, and a really delicious Japanese bento dinner after. 

Free Tour of the Imperial Gardens
Get acquainted with Japanese history
The most affordable way to spend an afternoon learning about Japan’s imperial history.

Asukayama Park
To enjoy with the whole family
This big green space in Kita has a large playground, quiet gardens, three museums and a free park rail.

Musee Bernard Buffet
Parisian art in Mishima Clematis Garden
Near Mishima in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Musee Bernard Buffet is an art museum dedicated to the paintings of a prominent Parisian artist.

Samurai Festival in Fukushima
Annual parade and events in Aizuwakamatsu City
Aizuwakamatsu City is well-known for its rich samurai heritage. Every year, a 3-day festival takes place around the castle and down the main street in honor of the 3,000 members of the Aizu Clan who perished during the Boshin Civil War. The main event is a parade consisting of nearly 500 participants dressed as samurai and nobles from various samurai clans.

Niu-Kawakama Kamisha Shrine
Traditions of Dragon Gods and Emperors Continue
Niu-Kawakama Kamisha Shrine

Scholarly Shoin Jinja in Hagi
The shrine, school and prison of a revered intellectual
Shoin Jinja is a shrine dedicated to one of Japan's greatest educators during the Bakumatsu era of Japanese history - Yoshida Shoin.

Hidden Kamakura 3
Gionyama Hiking Course
Experience over a 100 years of history packed into this short but interesting hike as you explore Kamakura's peaceful and secluded eastern hills

Tokyo Jazz Festival
14th Tokyo Jazz Festival
The 14th Tokyo Jazz Festival was held in the global Tokyo center next to Tokyo Station.

Bingoya Craft Shop
Authentic Japanese creations
Wonderful Japanese handicrafts near Shinjuku, just a short way away from Shinjuku Station. You can find there a variety of high quality handicrafts sourced from around Japan. Bingoya’s collection is spread over a standalone five storey shop. Inside there is a mix of creations, such as glassware, metal work and pottery.