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Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels
Flowing gardens of purple, pink, and white
The wisteria tunnels and surrounding gardens of Kawachi Fuji-en draw flower enthusiasts from around the world each spring to Kitakyushu in the south of Japan.

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
A shrine dedicated to the Japanese deity of education
Dazaifu Tenmangu is a large Shinto shrine dedicated to the scholar Sugawara Michizane. Students come here to pray for success at school.

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Marunouchi Ondo Summer Festival
Celebrating the Bon Odori Dance in Hibiya Park
Marunouchi Ondo festival is held at the fountain in Hibiya Park. Starting in 2003, this festival is by far the biggest held in Tokyo to celebrate the Bon Odori dance.

Lions and Dragons at Yasaka Shrine
The storm god and the dragon slayer
Like the Noh masks that have gone before us, the Namba Yasaka Shrine has been 500 years in the making. The lion may look frozen in time, but when you view it from different angles, it looks animated, just like a Noh mask. When viewed from above, it looks menancing, with the eyebrows taking on a more sinister dimension. From below however, it could almost be benevolent, watching over the mere mortals below. This is one of the coolest and funkiest shrines in Japan.

The World Ballet Festival in Tokyo
Top international dancers gather every 3 years in Tokyo
The World Ballet Festival in Tokyo: the brilliant top dancers of the world get together at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in Ueno once every three years!

Celebrating Sunflowers in Zama City
Festivals in the sunflower fields of Kanagawa
In July and August Zama City celebrates summer by holding sunflower festivals in the sunflower fields.

Matsumoto Grand Taiko Festival
The sound and the fury
An introduction to the raw and elegant sound and fury of the Matsumoto Taiko Festival

Kurashiki Autumn Festival
A day roaming amidst goddesses and demons
Okayama's Kurashiki Autumn Festival - A day roaming amongst goddesses and demons

Itabashi & Saitama Summer Fireworks
A great way to experience the Hanabi festival in Tokyo
Watching the Itabashi & Saitama Summer Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival

Edogawa Hanabi Taikai
A summer's night filled with lights and laughter
Edogawa Fireworks Festival - a summer night filled with lights and laughter.

Trains Galore
The Seibu Train Festa
Trains Galore. The Seibu Train Festa

Zenkoji Gokaicho
A Once In Seven Years Event
Zenkoji Gokaicho, a once in seven years event that draws crowds of people to the city.