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Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
A shrine dedicated to the Japanese deity of education
Dazaifu Tenmangu is a large Shinto shrine dedicated to the scholar Sugawara Michizane. Students come here to pray for success at school.

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Celebrate the Tagata Honen Matsuri
Not your standard Japanese festival!
The Tagata Honensai Matsuri is a fertility festival, with the main event centring on the lively procession of a large wooden phallus from one shrine to another.

International photography festival
Kyotographie International Photography Festival is a photographic event presented annually in Kyoto during the height of the spring tourist season.

Handmade Kites
Hidaka's Annual Kite Festival
Handmade Kites, Hidaka's annual kite festival

Fuji Sengen Shrine
The starting point of the trail to Mount Fuji
In the past, Fuji Sengen Shrine in Fujiyoshida was the starting point for pilgrims who set out to climb sacred Mount Fuji.

Lake Towada's Winter Story
The biggest winter festival in the Tohoku region
Lake Towada's Winter Story is the Tohoku region's largest winter festival, find out what goes on and how to get there.

Nara's Yamayaki Festival
Watching Mt. Wakakusa Burn
The Yamayaki festival in Nara dates back to 1760. On the fourth Saturday of January every year, people gather at the base of Mt. Wakakusa and watch as it is set ablaze.

Hina Festival Opening Parade
The first of Yanagawa's many Doll Festival events
Yanagawa's Hina Festival Opening Parade brings the figurines of Girls' Day to life.

Nikko: A Winter Wonderland
Visit in winter for beauty, nature, fun, and food
Wintertime in Nikko: your gateway to fun, food, and incredible natural beauty. Head to nearby Yumoto Onsen or Lake Chuzenji for skiing, ice carvings, and relaxing hot springs.

Yumoto Onsen Snow Festival
Incredible ice sculptures at Yumoto Onsen, near Nikko
The Yumoto Onsen Snow Festival features amazing ice sculptures tucked into hollowed-out snow domes called kamakura. The nighttime LED light and music display are fantastic.

Autumn Maple Festival at Togo Park
One of the prettiest places around for fall colors
Togo Park in Hanno, Saitama holds an annual Maple Festival in late November to showcase its impressive display of over 1,000 brightly-colored maple trees.