Nohara by Mizuno - Shop, Cafe & Kitchen, Run & Fitness Station
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A Stroll Along Aomori Bay
Architecture, shopping, history, steps from the station
The A-shaped Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center ASPAM
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Food
There's plenty to be seen along the waterfront of Aomori Bay. See architectural gems, spectacular Nebuta Festival floats and anything apple-related you can think of!

Yukata Shopping for Hanabi Season
A guide on where to buy & how to wear a summer kimono
A Yukata is a summer kimono traditionally worn to enjoy Hanabi (Fireworks) in major cities like the Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Asakusa, Tokyo. Photo taken at Marui City Shibuya.
Category: Culture, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Night life
A guide on where to buy and how to wear a yukata, a summer kimono, for hanabi season. Enjoy wearing a light, cotton kimono to the next fireworks display in one of Japan's major cities.

Saitama Summer Festivals
A guide to the best of Saitama's summer festivals
Fukaya's Tanabata matsuri - Fukaya's streets are decorated with colorful ribbons
Category: Culture, Festivals, Sight seeing, Food
Summer is festival season in Saitama! There are a great variety of festivals throughout the prefecture during July and August.  Read on for the best of Saitama's summer festivals. 

One Love Jamaica Festival
Yoyogi Park goes Jamaican for the weekend
Reggae isn't complete without the drums
Category: Culture, Festivals
The One Love Jamaica festival is an annual summer event at Tokyo's Yoyogi Park. Come soak up the reggae, jerk chicken, and Bob Marley-themed tie-dye merchandise.

A Passion for Morning Glories
Master Artists of the Rimpa School 5 – Kiitsu Suzuki
"Morning Glories" by Kiitsu Suzuki (partial)
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Food
Passion for morning glories: Japanese people plant seeds in the garden or buy potted flowers to help stay cool in summer

Candle Night in Matsumoto
With Candles, Art, Music, Green Glass and Yayoi Kusama
Kids enjoyed running around and adults enjoyed sitting on turf in my favorite courtyard of the museum.
Category: Culture, Museums, Festivals
Enjoy a fantastic night by light of candles on green glass in the yard of the Matsumoto Museum of Art, with art and live music.

American Day in Misawa
A day dedicated to American Culture in rural Japan
welcome to America land
Category: Sports, Culture, Festivals, Shopping, Food
American Day in Misawa offers a unique experience of how a foreign community chooses to celebrate it's culture out in rural Japan. 

Yokohama's Nanohana Festival
Fields of golden flowers laid out before the eyes
Nanohana maze
Category: Culture, Festivals, Sight seeing, Food
Yokohama's Nanohana Festival. Visit a rural community covered with fields of gorgeous flowers, locally crafted flower made foods, and an overall festive atmosphere!

Miyakojima, Okinawa
Island paradise in Okinawa prefecture
Higashi Hennazaki
Category: Sports, Culture, Festivals, Food
Miyakojima - a heavenly tropical island! It's easier to visit than you think!

Lion Dances in Yokohama Chinatown
Traditional performing art
Southern Lion dance
Category: Culture, Festivals, Sight seeing
Earsplitting sounds of fire crackers, a bang of gongs, the fast tempo of drumbeats - Lion dances create a festive mood at Yokohama Chinatown

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