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Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
A shrine dedicated to the Japanese deity of education
Dazaifu Tenmangu is a large Shinto shrine dedicated to the scholar Sugawara Michizane. Students come here to pray for success at school.

Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels
Flowing gardens of purple, pink, and white
The wisteria tunnels and surrounding gardens of Kawachi Fuji-en draw flower enthusiasts from around the world each spring to Kitakyushu in the south of Japan.

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Hikone Buddhist Altar Festival
When religion and arts come together
The Hikone Buddhist Altar Festival showcases each step of the process of creating the handicraft that has made this city famous.

Zushi Yabusame and Yokohama Jazz
#Yabusame, #Jazz, and #Noodles
Zushi and Yokohama - Archery, Jazz and Good Food.  What to do on a chilly cloudy fall day.

Sapporo, a City for All Seasons
Three seasons, three unique experiences
Exploring Sapporo with pictures and words.

Maples Corridor at Kawaguchi-ko
Beautiful place for red autumn leaves near Mount Fuji
The possibility of shooting red leaves against Mt Fuji as the backdrop!

Street Performance World Cup
Four days of fun and energy in Shizuoka City
Held every autumn in Shizuoka City in central Japan, the Daidogei Street Performance World Cup is an exuberant four-day festival of international street performance, with acts from around the world.

Daruma Doll Painting in Gunma
As religion and art comes together
Daruma dolls trace back to the import of Zen Buddhism and stories of local history. They have transformed from a religious object to popular culture item. Making prayers with a Daruma doll should be an interesting and inspiring experience.

Tohoku Chrysanthemum Doll Exhibit
A month-long exhibition on castle grounds in Nihonmatsu
Nihonmatsu's Chrysanthemum Doll Exhibit is a month-long event displaying over 950 Chrysanthemums on castle grounds. The highlight of the event are the dolls dressed in flowers, depicting scenes from Japanese history.

Imai-cho, the Nail that Sticks Up
Art, innovation, contrast and history in Nara
Imai-cho, the Nail that Sticks Up

Gujo-Hachiman O-bon Dance Festival
Why Gujo-Odori is the best thing you can do in Japan
The crowds, the costumes, the cafes: some travel to Japan for the suffocating crowds, Harajuku fashions, and tiny cafes and bars, each with the idiosyncrasies that Tokyo is best known for.

Katsuragi City's Danjiri Matsuri
Refreshingly great humor in a Japanese festival
Katsuragi City's Danjiri Matsuri