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Swan Boat Rental, Lake Kawaguchiko
In the middle of a lake with a grand view of Mt Fuji
Too late for climbing season? Make your trip to see the iconic Mt. Fuji an unforgettable one by renting a swan boat at Lake Kawaguchiko. Stop by Tozawa Center located at the northern coast of the lake for an adventure you won't forget!

Cycling Kyoto's Arashiyama
Storm mountain's fresh air and verdant scenery
The most enjoyable and convenient way to explore Arashiyama is by renting a bicycle, available from around the train station.

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Sayama Life Museum
Treasures at Inariyama-koen
Sayama Life Museum. Treasures at Inariyama-koen

Tale of Echizen Jofukuji Temple 2
Sequel to the story of the Taira Clan's family temple
Tale of Echizen Jofukuji Temple 2: The sequel to the curious fate of the perished Taira Clan and its family temple that still stands in Echizen, Fukui.

Tale of Echizen Jofukuji Temple 1
Taira Clan's survival in Genji-ruled Japan
Tale of Echizen Jofukuji Temple 1: The curious fate of the perished Taira Clan and its family temple that still stands in Echizen, Fukui.

Hirosaki Castle Park
Home of magnificent scenery throughout the four seasons
Hirosaki Castle Park

Asuka Niimasu Fertility Shrine
Fertility stones and Japan's oldest fertility shrine?
Asuka Niimasu Fertility Shrine

Kumano Shrine, Jiyugaoka
Hidden Shrine with a mystic atmoshpere
Kumano Shrine is hidden down the backstreets of Jiyugaoka. It's over 800 years old and features a lovely walk through Japanese zelkova and oak trees.

Asuka Temple
Origin of Japanese Buddhism
Asuka Temple Japan's oldest temple

Asuka Rent-a-Cycle
Transportation becomes the best part of the day
Asuka Rent-a-Cycle

The Ishibutai
Japan's answer to the tombs of Egypt
The Ishibutai, Japan's answer to Egypt's tombs

Shibamata Taishakuten Temple
A beautiful, authentic Temple in the heart of Shibamata
Shibamata Taishakuten Temple is a beautiful monument in Tokyo, filled with atmosphere, authenticity and history. Private gardens and incredibly detailed carved walls are just some of the things to admire here.