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Inishie-no-Michi in Kofu
Gozan temples between Takeda Shrine and Kai-Zenkoji
A mapped trail between Kofu JR Station and Kai-Zenkoji visits the five Kofu Gozan temples that enjoyed Shingen Takeda's patronage. It includes Takeda Shrine and Shingen Takeda's grave.

A Day in Hakata, Fukuoka City
Walking the highlights of the historic town
It is definitely about atmosphere in Fukuoka City, about open-minded people full of energy, but the city has some great sights to offer, too. Here is the itinerary with my favorite spots!

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Tōshi Island, Miketsu-Kuni
Food from the sea since ancient times
Tōshi Island in Ise-Shima National Park has a relaxed island atmosphere and delicious seafood.

Visiting Mikimoto Pearl Island
Pearls to adorn the neck of every woman in the world
On Mikimoto Pearl Island in Toba you can learn all about cultured pearls and Kokichi Mikimoto, the 'Pearl King'. You can also watch a diving display by Ama divers.

Go Souvenir Shopping in Old Japan
Nostalgic Okage Yokocho in Oharai Town near Ise Shrine
The area of Okage Yokocho is a nostalgic street leading to Ise Naiku Shrine. It is lined with Edo and Meiji Era style buildings housing restaurants, tea shops and souvenir stores.

Iwate Park in Full Bloom
Best place for cherry blossom viewing in Morioka
Iwate Park in Full Bloom, the best place to see cherry blossoms in Morioka

A small wooden statue of Giou-ji is enshrined in the main hall. Statues with black-colored eyes are works of the Kamakura period. The statue quietly stands, lost in thought.

Hachiko Statue University of Tokyo
The beloved Japanese Akita is reunited with his master
The second Hachiko statue in Tokyo was unveiled March 2015 and depicts the reunion of the loyal Akita Inu and his master Professor Ueno. Located on the grounds of the Department of Agriculture (Yayoi Section of the Hongo Campus) at the University of Tokyo, the new statue will warm your heart.

Gio-ji Temple, Kyoto: Part 3 of 4
A mother's wish for love, a daughter's wish for death
Gio-ji is a tourist spot in Sagano, Kyoto, near Togetsukyo which is popular on the weekend.

Gio-ji Temple, Kyoto: Part 2 of 4
The gifted dancer and a fickle heart
Gio-ji Temple is more of a hermitage than a temple. It is a building with a kitchen sandwiched between two Japanese style rooms. It's a mystery how 4 people were able to live in such accommodations.

Ho-on Temple Under Cherry Blossoms
Tokyo temple with ancient traditions
Ho-on Temple, located in the Sumida Ward of Tokyo, is a very old temple with a famous founder and sits beneath the Tokyo SkyTree.

Gio-ji Temple, Kyoto: Part 1 of 4
The tragic love story of Gio and Kiyomori
Standing quietly on the eastern foot of Mt. Ogura in Sagano, Kyoto, Gio-ji Temple is more of a hermitage than a temple.