Nohara by Mizuno - Shop, Cafe & Kitchen, Run & Fitness Station
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A Stroll Along Aomori Bay
Architecture, shopping, history, steps from the station
The A-shaped Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center ASPAM
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Food
There's plenty to be seen along the waterfront of Aomori Bay. See architectural gems, spectacular Nebuta Festival floats and anything apple-related you can think of!

Cycle the Kibi Plain
Enjoy temples, shrines and rice fields in Okayama
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Not far from Okayama is a place perfect for bicycle touring. It is called the Kibi Plain. The plain has a 17 Kilometer bicycle route that winds through charming rural landscapes. The bike route starts at Bizen-Ichinomiya station and after winding through rice fields, temples, and shrines, ends at Soja station.

Kiyomizu Temple and Otowa Waterfall
UNESCO World Heritage in Higashiyama Kyoto
The Otowa Waterfall
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Kiyomizudera, also known as the Pure Water Temple is one of more famous temples in Japan. This temple is located up in a hill in the east of Kyoto. One of the things that stands out is the wooden stage in the main hall that is 13 meters above the hill. During the spring period, this will give you an amazing view of the cherry blossom. From the wooden stage, you will also able to see Kyoto city in the distance. Kiyomizudera is also inside the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Hyogo Top 10
Ten essential experiences in Hyogo
Kobe Port Tower
Category: Sports, Culture, Trekking, Historic sites, Sight seeing, Hot springs, Food
Hyogo prefecture, often described as Japan in miniature, has a little bit of everything to offer. From food and view points, to onsen and castles - this is one prefecture not to miss.

Yamadera Temple
Temple complex up in the mountains
Outside Godaido Hall
Category: Trekking, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Visiting mountain temples in Yamagata prefecture

Forest Aquarium & Farmhouse Museum
A special stop in the Takayama countryside
There is a free parking lot just across the street from the museum.
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Takumi-no-yakata, lovely folk museum housed in a traditional Japanese farmhouse, with a mini-aquarium, in the countryside of Takayama.  

Kiso Valley in Tsumago
Old, preserved post town on the Nakasendo route
Entrance to Tsumago
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
The old Japan presented in a beautiful way. 

Takayama's historic 'Temple Town'
A stroll through tranquil Teramachi
One of the many impressive historic structures within Teramachi.
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Takayama's Teramachi, or temple town area, is a wonderful place to wander in order to escape the crowded central historic district.

A Passion for Morning Glories
Master Artists of the Rimpa School 5 – Kiitsu Suzuki
"Morning Glories" by Kiitsu Suzuki (partial)
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Food
Passion for morning glories: Japanese people plant seeds in the garden or buy potted flowers to help stay cool in summer

The Honjin & Waki-Honjin of Tsumago
Knowing more about the old Japan
The entry to Waki-Honjin
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Sight seeing
A walk through a small segment of history. 

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