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Ogimi Village
Okinawa's Village of Longevity
Located in the rural north side of the beautiful island of Okinawa is the village of Ogimi. Often sought after by foreigners and TV documentary crews to learn the secrets of long life, it is world famous for the amount of centenarians that live there.

Kabukiza, Kabuki Theater in Ginza
A colorful display of Japanese traditions
At the Ginza kabuki theater, Kabukiza, fans of theatre and traditional Japanese culture can enjoy performances of kabuki at Japan's most famous theatre.

Wakayama Castle
Hideyoshi's seat of power in Wakayama
Wakayama Castle was Toyotomi Hideyoshi's stronghold on the Kii Peninsula and despite its reconstructed keep, it's still worth a visit if you're visiting Wakayama City.

A Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port
Views of Navy Fleet & Maritime Self-Defense Force
A Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port. Japan's only cruise that offers up-close views of United States 7th Fleet and Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force. Yokosuka city, ocean views, navy vessels, and more!

Mount Haruna, Gunma
A driver's experience
Driving in Japan: A driver's experience of Mount Haruna (榛名山) in Gunma Prefecture. The real-life Mount Akina from Initial D.

Zazen at Mampukuji Temple
Zen meditation at a temple built in 1661
Zazen is a style of Zen meditation, which is said to have begun in Japan in the 6th century. You can participate in this mediation at Mampokuji

Horai-bashi: Longest Wooden Bridge
Located over the Oh-i River near Shimada
Horai-bashi, the world's longest wooden pedestrian bridge, spans the Oh-i River in Shizuoka Prefecture and was constructed in 1879.

Downtown Ashikaga
The Heart of Ashikaga's Cultural Heritage
Only 70 km from Tokyo you'll find the beautiful city of Ashikaga. The downtown area, a five minute walk from Ashikaga JR Station, contains some of Japan's most beautiful and culturally relevant historic sites. 

Tenran-Tonosu Mountain Trail
An easy pair of mountains for a day hike in Saitama
The Tenran-Tonosu Mountain Trail covers a pair of easy mountains to hike in Hanno City, Saitama. This is a nice day hike from Tokyo.

Tagajo's Castle Remains
Nara and Heian period historic park of Tohoku
The Taga Castle remains in Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture date all the way back to the Nara period (710-794). Revisit the northern capital of the Yamato Empire as they set out  to conquer and colonize the native Emishi people of the North.