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Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri
Japan's Largest Danjiri Festival
Neighbourhood teams pull their danjiri (floats) through the streets of Kishiwada, vying for glory.
The Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri is the largest, if not greatest, danjiri matsuri (float festival) in Japan. Celebrating 300 years of tradition, neighbourhoods compete by racing 35 4-tonne danjiri through the streets of Kishiwada. Held every September, the festival is a direct train ride from Kansai Airport. With the event's immense popularity, it is still possible to get an unobstructed view of the danjiri and the chanting float-pullers. If you follow the path directly opposite Kispa La Park, it is possible to explore the surrounding streets, which have reduced crowds and greater views.

Ajimu Rural Homestay
Experience Japanese farming culture
Beautiful views
The Ajimu Rural Homestay is a unique opportunity to experience Japanese farming culture. The peaceful atmosphere, farming experience, and kindness of the hosts will ensure a fun, edifying, and memorable trip.

Tokyo's Sake Brewery Sawanoi
A blessed location— wonderful nature and good sake
The entrance of the brewery Sawanoi
Just 90 minutes by train from Tokyo, you can experience the make of Japanese sake surrounded by traditions and wonderful nature. 

Kyoto's Kitano-Tenmangu
The tale of Sugawara no Michizane
This enshrined deity of scholarship helps those wishing to pass examinations.

Open-Air Museum of Farmhouses
A glimpse of Edo period life at Hattori Ryokuchi Park
A stable
See ancient farmhouses from across Japan at Hattori Ryokuchi Park's open-air farmhouse museum in Osaka.

Echizen Asakura Mantoya Lightup
Ancient historical ruins lit-up with 15,000 candles
Lit-up lanterns flowing down the Ichijodani River
Echizen Asakura Mantoya in Fukui is an annual summer illumination event held at the ancient historical site, Ichijodani Asakura Ruins - Surrounded by serene mountains.

The Architecture of Studio Ghibli
A glimpse into the homes of your favorite characters
From the back alleys of the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum
A leisure stroll through the architectures of Studio Ghibli's fictional universe in Koganei Park. With life-size reproductions of historical Japanese houses scattered about the seven-hectare premise, the museum is more like a small village. The bathhouse in the far end of the museum was rumored to be the central inspiration for the set of Spirited Away. Hayao Miyazaki was often sighted to have frequented the museum for inspiration.

A Beautiful Cycle Tour in Shiga
Omihachiman, a beautiful old town on Lake Biwa
Shinmachi-dori is an old merchant street lined with traditional wooden houses
If you‘re looking for a place to cycle tour in Japan, there is one place I would like to recommend. Omihachiman, a little town that sits on the east bank of Lake Biwa and is very easy to get to from Kyoto.

Tanabu Festival
Three nights of lights, shrines, sake and festive people
The "dashi" shrines of neighborhood gods. 
Tanabu Festival is a centuries old celebration of the end of summer involving colorful lights, massive moving shrines, dancers, food, sake and the best expression of northern Aomori's hospitality. 

Hotokeguara, the Buddha Rock
A spectacular natural sight in Northern Japan
Boardwalk along the ocean
Hotokeguara, a hidden gem of coastline comprised of Buddha like rocks and cliffs, found out in the Western wilds of Shimokita Peninsula.