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Todaiji Temple in Nara
A large majestic temple in Nara
The largest wooden structure in the world and iconic landmark of Nara city. 

Cycling Kyoto's Arashiyama
Storm mountain's fresh air and verdant scenery
The most enjoyable and convenient way to explore Arashiyama is by renting a bicycle, available from around the train station.

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Rissei Cinema
Independent movies and old school charm
Rissei Cinema in Kyoto showcases independent movies as well as hosting local events at the former Rissei Elementary School. The gateway is a stone bridge over Takase River, which is the setting for ‘Takasebune’ written by Mori Ohgai in the Taisho Era.

Kumamoto's most impressive temple
Honmyo-ji is the family temple of Kato Kiyomasa, one of the most famous lords of the Higo domain (present-day Kumamoto).

Hidden Kamakura 2
The Tenen Hiking Course
Experience a longer and more challenging hiking course located in Kamakura`s rugged northern hills

Kyoto's Historic Kifune Jinja
Kurama-area shrine dedicated to the deities of water
Set deep in the mountains of Kyoto, historic Kifune Jinja is a great place to visit for those who want to see a different side of this amazing city.

Funahashiya Traditional Snacks
Nuts about rice crackers on the Kamogawa
Established in 1885, Funashiya's family store has stood over the banks of the Kamogawa in the same wooden machiya shophouse for over a century. While overshadowed by surrounding buildings, including a Starbucks cafe which has now grabbed the waterfront position, little has changed inside the family run store. Besides the ubiquitous tanuki statues at the entrance, you can see rows and rows of rice snacks of all shapes and descriptions, neatly displayed in glass cases or round bamboo basket.

Tokugawa Garden and Art Museum
A divine garden and fascinating museum
Tokugawa Garden and Art Museum is a glimpse into the past beauty of Japan and a wonderful reflection of the present. The museum is fantastic and is filled with history of the Noh theater, the beautiful objects owned by the cultured elite, such as their wonderful swords, tea bowls, and so much more. The garden is very scenic, popular for newly-wed couples to capture their special moment in a heavenly backdrop. The pond in the garden boasts so many different, unique and colorful koi carp that are a joy to behold. 

The Castles of Nagoya
Nagoya Castle and Iwasaki Castle
When visiting Nagoya there are two castles that you need to check out. The obvious one is the majestic Nagoya Castle but Iwasaki Castle is also very beautiful.

Matsuo Taisha
Off the beaten path
Matsuo Taisha provides a more secluded look into some local Kyoto culture with authenticity. 

Kanazawa's Garden of Eden
Kenroku-en: Japan's most famed garden
The most scenic and beautiful place that Kanazawa has to offer.

Best Spots in the Heart of Kyoto
World Heritage, Geisha and tea houses
Look at any map of Kyoto and you will see a major clump of temples and shrines—it can be a bit overwhelming by their numbers. ‘Which do I go to first?’ ‘Can I see all of them in one day?’ ‘Which one’s the best?’ Luckily, I’ve done that thinking already, and if you are to visit any three, these are the top picks.