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Kappa Monster Hunting in Tono
Investigating the legend at Kappabuchi Pool
A kappa statue with cucumber offerings
Category: Culture, Trekking, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Kappa monsters can supposedly be found over Japan, but there is one place where they said to be so common they are immortalized in literature, myth, and tourist products. Grab your cucumber, we're going hunting.

Cycling Kyoto's Arashiyama
Storm Mountain's Fresh Air and Verdant Scenery
Togetsukyo Bridge framed by dramatic mountains.
Category: Historic sites, Sight seeing
The most enjoyable and convenient way to explore Arashiyama is by renting a bicycle. These are available around the train station area. You can select from several options ranging from an hour to a full day, on either a standard or an electric bicycle. Your choice ultimately depends on how much you want to explore the Arashiyama area, during your time in Kyoto. When you rent a bike, you will be given a map of the area which you can follow, allowing you to explore all the different places at your own leisure. Bear in mind that the area east of Togetsukyo Bridge and the souvenir shops can get crowded, especially on the weekend afternoons. As Arashiyama is less than 15 minutes minutes north west of Kyoto by Japan Railways, it is a popular spot for day trippers from Kyoto or Osaka. From Higashi Maizuru, near the Maizuru Cruise Ship Terminal, it is about 95 minutes by limited express.

Nogi Shrine Antique Flea Market
Find a bargain at Nogizaka's monthly antique market
Antique radios and other collectibles
Category: Historic sites, Shopping
Find a bargain while browsing at the monthly Antique Flea markets at Nogi Shrine, right next to Tokyo Midtown.

Osaka Castle
Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the Unification of Japan
Osaka Castle. 
Category: Museums, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Osaka Castle is one of the symbols of Osaka City. The entire area covers about two square kilometers with lots of trees and green space. The closest JR train station is Osakajokoen, meaing Osaka Castle Park. You can also get here on the subway from Osaka Business Park station.

A day of Weddings in Karuizawa
May they all live happily ever after
The beginning of a new life together
Category: Culture, Historic sites
Dozens of couples gathered in the Hoshino Area in Karuizawa with friends and family to tie the knot at Karuizawa Kogen Church or Stone Church.

Doi Bansui's House
The residence of Sendai's greatest literature figure
The entrance to the humble house
Category: Culture, Historic sites
Doi Bansui was one Sendai's greatest literature figures. Students rebuilt his house after it was destroyed in WWII. Some of the author/translator's works are on display, as well as some personal items.

Togoshi Park
A beautiful patch of nature
A beautiful look at Togoshi Park
Category: Historic sites, Sight seeing
Togoshi Park is one of Tokyo's most beautiful, and is made from the remnants of a feudal lord's garden. With waterfalls, bridges, flowers, trees.

Explore Kumamoto City
A truly breathtaking landscape with a city to explore
Kumamoto Castle
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Exploring Kumamoto, one of several prefectures on the island of Kyushu.

A Stroll Along Aomori Bay
Architecture, shopping, history, steps from the station
The A-shaped Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center ASPAM
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Food
There's plenty to be seen along the waterfront of Aomori Bay. See architectural gems, spectacular Nebuta Festival floats and anything apple-related you can think of!

Cycle the Kibi Plain
Enjoy temples, shrines and rice fields in Okayama
Category: Culture, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Not far from Okayama is a place perfect for bicycle touring. It is called the Kibi Plain. The plain has a 17 Kilometer bicycle route that winds through charming rural landscapes. The bike route starts at Bizen-Ichinomiya station and after winding through rice fields, temples, and shrines, ends at Soja station.

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