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Zuihoden Mausoleum
The mausoleum of the first feudal lord of Sendai
Zuihoden is the mausoleum of the first feudal lord of Sendai. Its mausoleums feature rare Momoyama style architecture in a setting of calming cedar tress. 

Kyoto Daikaku-ji Temple
Enjoy these temples with amazing outside corridors – 2
Daikaku-ji Temple, located in the northwest suburbs of Kyoto, contains the same design elements of the ancient Imperial Palace. The ground design and building arrangements are noble and elegant, its gardens are refined, and most of all, a labyrinth of long wooden corridors connecting all of its halls is amazing.The temple used to be an Imperial Villa for Emperor Saga (786-842). It was converted into a temple in 876. Since then, and basically all the way to just before the start of the Meiji Restoration (1868), a member of the Imperial Family always served as its head priest.

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Chofu Teien
A beautiful garden in a former castle town
Chofu Teien is a beautiful samurai garden in the old castle neighborhood of Jokamachi in Chofu, on the outskirts of Shimonoseki.

Fuji Sengen Shrine
The starting point of the trail to Mount Fuji
In the past, Fuji Sengen Shrine in Fujiyoshida was the starting point for pilgrims who set out to climb sacred Mount Fuji.

Nihon Minka-en Folk House Museum
An urban escape into the world of Japanese folk stories
This splendid museum is located in Ikuta Ryokuchi Park in Kawasaki city, just outside Metropolitan Tokyo. 

The Sword of Swords (and Swordsmen)
A national treasure and more in northern Saitama
Nine large kofuns and the Inariyama Sword make Sakitama Kofun Park perfect for a Sunday picnic, casual futsal game, or enjoyable stroll though Japan's rich history.

The Gems of the Chugoku Region
Experiencing Hiroshima, Miyajima and Yamaguchi
The Gems of the Chugoku Region

Fairytale Winter Tour: Shirakawa-Go
A Surreal Landscape of Shirakawa-Go Light-Up Event
Fairytale Winter Tour: Shirakawa-Go

Ohana Estate
A samurai mansion in central Yanagawa
The Ohana Estate and garden features an old samurai mansion with Western-style accoutrements in the canal city of Yanagawa in southern Fukuoka Prefecture.

Nara's Yamayaki Festival
Watching Mt. Wakakusa Burn
The Yamayaki festival in Nara dates back to 1760. On the fourth Saturday of January every year, people gather at the base of Mt. Wakakusa and watch as it is set ablaze.

Bridges and Boats on the Uji River
Beautiful area perfect for day trips from Kyoto
Explore the beautiful area along the banks of the Uji River between ancient Uji Bridge and Amagase Dam.

Exploring Kumamoto Castle
It feels like walking into a samurai movie
Kumamoto Castle, the biggest castle in Japan, will make you feel as if you walked into a samurai movie.