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Takegawara Onsen
Meiji Period Onsen in Beppu
Takegawara Onsen is a Meiji Period onsen (hot spring) where you can enjoy both a sand bath (where you're buried up to your neck in warm sand) and soak in the natural hot spring of a 19th century historic building. 

Totsukawa-mura Village
Backdrop to your own Japan adventure movie
Totsukawa-mura Village

Naoshima Sento
Art you'll have to get naked to view
Naoshima Sento - Art you have to get naked to view.

Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shimane
Take a dip in the Bath of the Shinto Gods
Tamatsukuri Onsen is one of the oldest onsen in all of Japan, dating back to 733 AD, when apparently the Shinto Gods themselves bathed in these onsen waters.

Hanamaki Hotel Rose Garden
The largest rose garden in Tohoku
Hanamaki Hotel Rose Garden

Yunotsu Hot Spring
Little historic onsen port of Shimane
Yunotsu Hot Spring is small port town with historic bathhouses, fine inns, classy cafes, and World Heritage Site status in Shimane, Japan.

Tiny onsen at the source of Nikko's hot spring water
Hidden in a Buddhist temple in the Okunikko area is a tiny, public onsen. A great alternative to the bustle of Onsen resorts and ryokans.

Tranquility in Kusatsu
Prepare yourself for ultimate relaxation
Welcome to a village where the water steams and forms pools as it seeps from the ground around every corner. Considered among the top 100 hot springs of Japan, Kusatsu Onsen Village in Gunma is well worth the trip.

Bathing across time
Yunotsu, a noted hot spring resort, is a World Heritage Site along with the nearby Iwami Silver Mine. Yakushi-yu is its most famous bathhouse.

Beppu Beach Sand Bath
Even the sand is warm in Beppu
Beppu Beach Sand Bath is a place to enjoy sand bathing in Beppu