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The Fuji-Q Highland Way
A theme park which packs a punch
<p>Eejanaika; capable of turning you 14 times</p>
Category: Sports, Culture, Museums, Festivals, Sight seeing, Hot springs
Situated within a stone’s throw away from Mount-Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture, Fuji-Q Highland offers a real high-adrenaline packed day for those who are not seeking anything soft, cute or cuddly.

Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art
Kahitsukan - a contemplative space in central Gion
<p>Be swept away in the serenity of Kahitsukan's Tea Room.</p>
Category: Culture, Museums
Kahitsukan, the Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, is situated in Kyoto's Gion district. It exhibits Modern and Contemporary paintings, craft works and photographs.

Toei Eigamura (Toei Studio Park)
The awesomest place for all
<p>Example of film set</p>
Category: Museums, Sight seeing, Anime
This is an amazing Film maker's Theme Park in Kyoto for the young and the young at heart, less than 50 minutes from Kyoto Station

Discovering Asuka Mura in Nara
A quiet village in the mountains of Nara Prefecture
<p>The Hondō (Main Hall) of the Oka-dera (岡寺) in Asuka Mura (明日香村) in Nara</p>
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Sight seeing
Yesterday, I went with a friend to a quiet village in the mountainous area of Nara prefecture, Asuka Mura. Time seems to almost be standing still there and it is so peaceful and tranquil.

Kyoto Art Museums: an Introduction
Where to find art around the city
<p>The big red gate to Heian-jinja, seen from the Museum of Modern Art</p>
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Sight seeing
All across Kyoto there are dozens of art museums, a handful of large ones hosting big exhibitions of well-known international artists, and a whole host of intimate smaller museums, often focusing on a particular art or craft form such as dyecraft, lacquerware or miniature sculpture.

Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall
High technology and the beauty of automobiles
Category: Museums, Trade shows
The exhibition introduces visitors to Toyota’s automobile technology and work towards a future world.

The mausoleum of Sendai's famous founder
<p>The gate, Nehanmon, symbolically marking the entrance to the afterlife.</p>
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites
A beautiful monument to mark the resting place of Sendai's founder, Date Masamune, surrounded by nature that marks the passing of the seasons.

Clash of the Titans, Tokyo-style
A Day at the Ryogoku Kokugikan
<p>Before the match</p>
Category: Sports, Culture, Museums, Sight seeing, Martial arts
Sumo wrestling is perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of Japanese life for the foreign visitor.

Kyoto International Manga Museum
A library for manga devotees in an old school building
<p>The lawn at Kyoto International Manga Museum is a great place to relax</p>
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Sight seeing, Anime
Make your own adventure in this temple to storytelling at Kyoto Manga Museum. From Tin Toys to Hokusai, see for yourself the evolution of Japanese society, and at its heart, a celebration of storytelling. 

Kyohei Fujita Glass Museum
View the masterpieces of this artistic genius
<p>A popular piece inspired by the crescent moon from the helmet of Sendai's first feudal lord Date Masamune. </p>
Category: Museums
The Kyohei Fujita Glass Museum in Matsushima showcases the masterpieces  of the late glass artist Kyohei Fujita. His unique designs and masterful hands have created a dazzling spectacle.  

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