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Nissan Oppama Plant Tour, Yokosuka
Watch all of the action on the assembly line and more!
The Nissan Oppama Plant tour ends with a nice cup of tea and a miniature model car souvenir to take home
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Oppama Plant is conveniently located in the industrial area of Yokosuka City (Kanagawa prefecture) and offers daily tours of the factory to include the assembly line. The four Nissan models manufactured at the Oppama plant are the Juke, Sylphy, Cube and LEAF, a 100% Electric Vehicle.

The Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
Diverse art in a striking building in Kobe
Outside near the entrance
Kobe's main art museum, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art holds exhibitions of sculpture and painting by a range of artists in a striking waterfront building.

Yamanashi Prefecture
Mountains, lakes, temples, hot springs, fruit & wine...
Chureito Pagoda in Fujiyoshida has a well known view of Mount Fuji when the weather is clear.
Yamanashi Prefecture has scenic beauty, Mount Fuji views, opportunities for adventure, interesting historical sites, beautiful temples, delicious fresh fruit, onsens, and much more.

Re-building Kofu Castle
Authentic replicas based on ancient documents
Recently rebuilt Yamanote Gate
Although Kofu Castle was a ruin, authentic replicas of one of the towers and one of the gates have been built by referring to 16th century documents.

Todaiji Temple in Nara
A large majestic temple in Nara
The main hall where you will be greeted by large statues
The largest wooden structure in the world and iconic landmark of Nara city. 

Eco Edo Art Aquarium
Hip art and music centered around live goldfish
Expand your view of goldfish
The Eco Edo Art Aquarium is a modern exhibit that combined traditional Japanese themes with thousands of live goldfish, avante-garde fish tanks, and a dance club atmosphere complete with live music on weekend nights. It's not to be missed.

Ooka Makoto Kotoba Museum, Mishima
Enjoy a range of visual arts inventively presented
I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition, but snuck this one of the publicity poster
A minute from Mishima Station, the Ooka Makoto Kotoba Museum holds regular special exhibitions on a range of art forms such as crafts, anime and sculpture.

The dawn of Japan’s contact with the western world
The beautiful temples and churches of Hirado
What makes Hirado so interesting is not just its historic ties with the west, but its well preserved old streets and general feel of ancient Japan. The city is for the most part located on an island of the same name and was not even connected to the mainland until a bridge was built in 1977 connecting it to Kyushu island.

Day-trips from Tokyo: Karuizawa
Everything you need to know about this resort town
Toto, we're not in Tokyo any more: the main road north from Karuizawa station
Karuizawa is a tranquil resort town an hour by train from Tokyo, a good place for a fun day-trip or relaxing two- or three-day break

Tohoku History Museum
A museum of history of the northeast of Japan
Various Jomon ritual artifacts, several of which I have personally never seen before
The Tohoku History Museum in Tagajo is located next to Kokufutagajo Station. It can be accessed via a 14 minute train ride on the Tohoku Honsen Line from Sendai Station. Its extensive and attractive exhibits detail history of the entire Tohoku region from stone age to modern era.