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Shiseido Art House and Museum
Japan's recent history reflected in one company's
Near Kakegawa in Shizuoka prefecture, Shiseido Art House and Corporate Museum displays the cultural and commercial history of one of Japan's best-known cosmetic brands.

Kyoto Fashion Institute
The miracle of form and dimension
Cloth is a two dimensional piece of material. All clothing starts life like this, whether on a sketch pad or a cutting from a roll of cloth, and so it is a miracle of creativity to transform it to a wearable item.At Kyoto Fashion Institute they showcase a number of designers who have went the other way and deconstructed fashion back to two dimensions. Whether it is clothes that fold into a flat rectangular sheet like reverse origami, or the use of manga to inspire flat two dimensional patterns, visiting their exhibits is a journey from the simple to the complex and back again.

Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum
Why tobacco pouches are like iPhone cases
Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum is a small museum dedicated to centuries-old pipes and tobacco pouches, everyday objects that clearly reflect the lives of their owners

Prefectural Calligraphy Exhibition
Shiga Prefecture's best from kindergarten-age to master
Huge annual exhibition of calligraphy from all over Shiga Prefecture, held in Otsu Museum of History in February.

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art
A look at the genius of surrealism
A collection of sculptures and paintings by Salvador Dali, Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso in Fukushima.

Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum
Fun for small and big kids alike
Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum is a fun and unique activity for the whole family to enjoy. Situated in the port city of Yokohama, it's a kid's best day out - with fun and engaging exhibits that are sure to inspire. 

Craftsperson's Village in Mashiko
Town in Tochigi features pottery & indigo dyeing
Visited two craftperson's spots in Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture. One was the Indigo Dyeing House and the other the Pottery Museum.

Dinosaur Hall of Nihonmatsu
A scary and aging dinosaur hall inside a safari park
The Dinosaur Hall is a scary and aging hall full of plus-sized dinosaurs and animals. Located inside the Tohoku Safari Park, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture. It also randomly contains the body of Japan's first panda. 

Shizuoka's Kanbara Post Town
Walk a section of the historic Tokaido Highway
Walk a section of the historic Tokaido Highway in Shizuoka's Kanbara Post Town. Visit a couple of homes-turned-museums, and the 180 year old Izumiya.

Tokyo Station Celebrates 100 Years!
From 4,000 passengers to 4,000 trains per day
Tokyo Station Celebrates 100 Years! To commemorate the 1914 opening, a series of festive events will take place and special limited editions of sweets, bento lunch boxes and memorabilia are available for purchase inside the station.