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Tokyo Station Celebrates 100 Years!
From 4,000 passengers to 4,000 trains per day
Tokyo Station Celebrates 100 Years! To commemorate the 1914 opening, a series of festive events will take place and special limited editions of sweets, bento lunch boxes and memorabilia are available for purchase inside the station.

58th Tokyo Traditional Crafts Fair
Exhibit displays 44 different crafts for sale
The 58th Traditional Crafts of Tokyo Exhibition will display 40 different arts and crafts for sale from January 21-26, 2015.

Noritake Garden in Autumn
Enjoy the early Christmas with autumn-colored trees
Enjoy the early Christmas and autumn-colored trees in Noritake Garden.

Oshino Hakkai
Thatched roofs, sacred ponds and views of Mount Fuji
Tourist area centered around 8 spring fed ponds at the base of Mount Fuji has a village of thatched roof houses and a working water mill.

Osagoe Folk Village Museum in Fukui
Old Japanese thatched roof houses in the city center
At Osagoe Folk Village Museum in Fukui City, there are five old Japanese houses with thatched roofs preserved in an idyllic setting. Surprisingly, these houses can be rented by the hour!

Akino Fuku Art Museum
Charming art in a unique building
In the Tenryu area north of Hamamatsu, the Akino Fuku Museum is a charming art museum, with a characterful building in a pleasant wooded setting.

UCC Coffee Museum, Kobe
A haven for all coffee-aficionados!
This is probably the only museum in Kobe where you can learn more about coffee and enjoy a free tasting.

Anpanman Children's Museum and Mall
A children's paradise celebrating all that is Anpanman
The Sendai Children's Anpanman Museum and Mall is a children's paradise filled with playthings, food, shopping, and more. All items and decorations, I mean everything, is connected with the popular comic book based anime Anpanman. 

Miraikan's Planetarium
Discover space like you've never seen it
Thanks to their new planetarium and their very informative museum, you can discover space like you’ve never seen it before at the Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation of Japan.

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum
Transport yourself back to the good old days
Umekoji Steam Locomotive Station offers in-depth information about Japan’s old steam locomotives.