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Kyoto Daikaku-ji Temple
Enjoy these temples with amazing outside corridors – 2
Daikaku-ji Temple, located in the northwest suburbs of Kyoto, contains the same design elements of the ancient Imperial Palace. The ground design and building arrangements are noble and elegant, its gardens are refined, and most of all, a labyrinth of long wooden corridors connecting all of its halls is amazing.The temple used to be an Imperial Villa for Emperor Saga (786-842). It was converted into a temple in 876. Since then, and basically all the way to just before the start of the Meiji Restoration (1868), a member of the Imperial Family always served as its head priest.

Zuihoden Mausoleum
The mausoleum of the first feudal lord of Sendai
Zuihoden is the mausoleum of the first feudal lord of Sendai. Its mausoleums feature rare Momoyama style architecture in a setting of calming cedar tress. 

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Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Art for young and old in a parkland setting
First opened in 1926 as Tokyo Prefectural Art Museum, it was the first public art museum in Japan, generously supported by a large donation from Keitaro Sato, nicknamed the "god of coal". Today, its philosophy is to be a gateway of art to the community. Whether you are new to art or an experienced practitioner, you will learn something new here.

Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum
A lifelong collection of tattoos and tebori
Horiyoshi III is a well-known tattoo artist specializing in traditional full body Japanese tattoos. The artist uses a traditional method of tattooing called tebori, which uses needles without an electric device.

Cai Guo-Qiang: Yokohama Art Museum
There and back again
Yokohama Art Museum is hosting an exhibition until Oct 2015 by artist Cai Guo-Qiang, an artist born in China who demonstrates great technical ability and understanding within his art work. 

Manga, Anime & Games from Japan
Now on exhibition at the National Art Centre, Tokyo
The National Art Centre, Tokyo is a large exhibition space which is currently hosting 'Manga, Anime, Games from Japan' which explores different elements which have contributed to the genres throughout the past 25 years. 

Les Archives du Coeur Teshima
A celebration of the essence of life
What does the Museum of New and Old, Les Archives du Coeur and 16 other museums have in common? Find yourself in the quiet of Teshima Island and unveil the secrets of the heart. 

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
A small but dedicated art museum in Tokyo
Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Shinagawa, is a relatively small museum located in avant-garde style building. The exhibitions are rotated every few months and very dedicated, with an excellent use of the museum's space at hand. Being relatively small, it allows for one to enjoy art at a leisurely pace, as opposed to rushing through large museums. There is also a very well cared for garden and a restaurant, which serves delicately crafted dishes and looks to be a very popular spot for the avant-garde art scene. 

Hamanako Orgel Museum
A feast for the auditory senses
Curating over 70 different mechanically driven musical boxes from all over the world, the Hamanako Orgel Museum is truly a feast for the auditory senses.

Advertising Museum Tokyo
Free admission into the world of Japanese advertising
Advertising Museum Tokyo provides a look into the world of Japanese advertising from the Edo period running right through to the glitz and glamour of present day advertising. It shows how advertising was done in Japan in the early Edo period through a more physical process, then to colorful flyers and posters before the emergence of newspapers and magazines, after which came television and social media.  Everything is expertly linked together with a great historical commentary. At the end there is an opportunity to watch adverts from 2010 ranging all the way back to the 1950's, providing a fantastic insight into the changes of consumer culture, lifestyles and ideologies in Japan. 

Tokyo Japanese Sword Museum
A divine display of beautiful swords
Tokyo Japanese Sword Museum is dedicated to preserving Japanese art swords. Inside are a variety of blades, all ranging in length and curvature, aesthetically designed specifically to represent the period of time they were produced in. The swords, which are beautiful objects of art, sit behind glass as important cultural assets to Japan. Inside you will see magnificent blades, and also a few swords with wonderfully designed handles and mounts. A manual for appreciating the art of the sword and 'The Construction of the Japanese Sword,' along with 'Japanese Sword Vocabulary' are essential to make the most of. They provide a excellent account into the history of the swords, their makers and their spiritual and artistic importance. 

Tokugawa Garden and Art Museum
A divine garden and fascinating museum
Tokugawa Garden and Art Museum is a glimpse into the past beauty of Japan and a wonderful reflection of the present. The museum is fantastic and is filled with history of the Noh theater, the beautiful objects owned by the cultured elite, such as their wonderful swords, tea bowls, and so much more. The garden is very scenic, popular for newly-wed couples to capture their special moment in a heavenly backdrop. The pond in the garden boasts so many different, unique and colorful koi carp that are a joy to behold.