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UCC Coffee Museum, Kobe
A haven for all coffee-aficionados!
This is probably the only museum in Kobe where you can learn more about coffee and enjoy a free tasting.

Anpanman Children's Museum and Mall
A children's paradise celebrating all that is Anpanman
The Sendai Children's Anpanman Museum and Mall is a children's paradise filled with playthings, food, shopping, and more. All items and decorations, I mean everything, is connected with the popular comic book based anime Anpanman. 

Miraikan's Planetarium
Discover space like you've never seen it
Thanks to their new planetarium and their very informative museum, you can discover space like you’ve never seen it before at the Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation of Japan.

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum
Transport yourself back to the good old days
Umekoji Steam Locomotive Station offers in-depth information about Japan’s old steam locomotives.

National Museum of Modern Art Osaka
Osaka's underground art treasure
Visit Japan's fourth national museum in Osaka, the National Museum of Modern Art, Osaka.

UCC Coffee Museum in Kobe
A place that all coffee lovers should visit
UCC Coffee Museum in Kobe: A place that every coffee lover must visit

Musee Hamaguchi Yozo
A museum dedicated to beautiful printed artworks
Musee Hamaguchi Yozo is a small but fascinating museum in central Tokyo dedicated to mezzotint prints

Gassho Folk Village of Gero Onsen
A miniature Shirakawa-go in Gifu Prefecture
Gero Onsen's Gassho Folk Village is like visiting Shirakawa-go in miniature, with thatched roof homes relocated from the well-known UNESCO Heritage Site

Osaka Castle
Visiting the legendary symbol of Osaka
A visit to Osaka Castle offers a chance to travel back in time and find out more about its historical background.

Yokote Castle
Symbol of Yokote city, Akita Prefecture
Yokote Castle: Symbol of Yokote city, Akita Prefecture