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History of Kyoto's Gion 3
An evening in the teahouse with maiko and geisha
What should you do if you want to enjoy the teahouses but don't have someone to introduce you? The Okini Kyoto Traditional Arts Foundation (京都伝統技芸振興財団) has you covered.

Kamogawa in November
Take a stroll along Kyoto’s social hangout spot
Kamogawa in November: Take a stroll along Kyoto’s socializing hot spot

History of Kyoto's Gion 2
Entertainment, tea, and the performance
A look at how Gion 's entertainment district is divided into three major organizations: catering (仕出屋), the geisha house (屋形 or 置屋​), and the teahouse (茶屋).

Experience Karaoke in Japan!
Ultimate 'Rock Star' performance starring YOU
The ultimate 'Rock Star' experience starring you! Enjoy singing solo or with a group in a private room and complimentary beverages. Order food and sign to your heart's content. Sing, eat, drink and be merry, in Japan!

History of Kyoto's Gion 1
The creation of Gion
Impressions of the ancient capital of Kyoto stir up an overwhelming image. The silhouettes you may glimpse around Tō-ji Temple during the early evening may in fact be the elusive figures of maiko and geigi. These ladies of grace perform their professional dances to entertain. Their skill and charm have been passed down for centuries, becoming a part of Kyoto culture. 

A Walk Through Koenji
Hip neighborhood beaming with contemporary history
Right on the west of the busy luminous core that is Shinjuku is an area beaming with contemporary history and clear-cut attitude called Koenji.

Japanese Photo Booth “Purikura”
Step-by-step on the ultimate “selfie” experience!
The Japanese photo booth, Purikura, is the ultimate "selfie" experience! Take self-portraits and group photos to a whole new level. Modify your skin tone, enhance your eyelashes, apply cute heart stamps, and more!

Tanabu Festival
Three nights of lights, shrines, sake and festive people
Tanabu Festival is a centuries old celebration of the end of summer involving colorful lights, massive moving shrines, dancers, food, sake and the best expression of northern Aomori's hospitality. 

The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival
A glorious exhibition of drunken insanity
The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival, an outrageous combination of flames, kindling and tons of sake is held every year on January 15th in Nozawa Onsen, a hot spring resort and ski village in northern Nagano Prefecture.

Roppongi Kaguwa
Wicked entertainment and delectable cuisines
Located in Tokyo’s popular nightlife district, Roppongi Kaguwa is not your typical restaurant where one merely dines and wines. Fronted by a sophisticated Japanese-style façade, this dinner theatre incorporates a huge variety of wicked entertainment and delectable cuisines that can only be best described as ‘an excellence of fusion’.