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Yokohama Chinatown
Japan's Chinese heart
One of the largest Chinatown's in the world, Yokohama Chinatown is a place like no other. Just over one hour by train from Tokyo, it is the ideal place in Japan for Chinese feasting. 

Tokyo by Night Photo Tour
Capture the city when the sun goes down
Tokyo by Night Tour - A great tour around Shinjuku and Shibuya to improve your photography skills while exploring interesting nightlife locations. Create emotions by playing with the traffic lights and capture the spirit of large and small streets around Tokyo.

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Night Trip to Shinsekai in Osaka
Tips on direction and food
Night trip to Shinsekai in Osaka with lots of good food and interesting decoration–like from an anime.

Kento's: "Oldies but Goodies"
Live house specializing in 50's~60's American pop music
Kento's is a live house that specializes in "Oldies but Goodies" 50's~60's American pop music. The Kento's brand has several locations across major cities in Japan, including this location in Sendai. 

Gujo-Hachiman O-bon Dance Festival
Why Gujo-Odori is the best thing you can do in Japan
The crowds, the costumes, the cafes: some travel to Japan for the suffocating crowds, Harajuku fashions, and tiny cafes and bars, each with the idiosyncrasies that Tokyo is best known for.

Ceskoya Beer Pub and Live House
Local favorite and tourist friendly hangout in Sendai
Ceskoya is a beer pub and live house located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. The Czech owner, Lumir, has created an international and friendly atmoshphere known for its many fun events and extensive beer selection. 

90,000 gather for world-class DJ performances

Tokyo's Korea Town: 10 Things to Do
Korean BBQ, street food, markets and of course, K-Pop
Tokyo's Korea Town in Shin-Okubo: 10 things to do, eat, drink and see

Club ARC Tokyo
New club and bar in fashionable Omotesando
ARC Tokyo

Itabashi & Saitama Summer Fireworks
A great way to experience the Hanabi festival in Tokyo
Watching the Itabashi & Saitama Summer Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival

Places to See in Kobe
Beyond Kobe beef and shopping malls
Kobe is the 6th largest city of Japan, and most well-known for being the best place to eat premium Japanese wagyu beef, but what else?

The place for cool, alternative fashion in Tokyo
Enjoy sightseeing, shopping, food, drink and more in Tokyo's trendy Koenji district