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Tokyo at Night
Enjoy Tokyo with tons of people watching and lights
Tokyo at night is the city of lights. Around every corner is a new street or alleyway where the hustle bustle never stops.

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Yokohama Chinatown
Japan's Chinese heart
One of the largest Chinatown's in the world, Yokohama Chinatown is a place like no other. Just over one hour by train from Tokyo, it is the ideal place in Japan for Chinese feasting. 

Takimi Koji street in Umeda, Osaka
Time-travel back to the Showa era
Experience a different Osaka in Takimi Koji Street, Umeda,Osaka.

Bee: Dining and Darts Bar
A hot social nightlife spot outside the club scene
Bee: Dining and Darts Bar is a chain bar found in most major cities in Japan. It provides a great alternative or after party to the club scene. 

Mori Tower Tokyo City View
Experience the best view of Tokyo for the best value
The Mori Tower Tokyo City View offers unparalleled viewing access to the Tokyo metropolitan area, for the best price. 

Thai Massage Sabaidee and Tea
A paradise of relaxation with a cup of tea
Sabaidee and Tea (サバイディ&ティー) is a specialty Thai massage parlor in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. With aroma oil and foot reflexology courses in an inviting atmosphere, it is the perfect escape for ultimate relaxation. Thai tourism information and a small amount of Thai products are also available. 

Illumination at Onsen in Matsumoto
Japanese-Style Lighting with Foot Onsen Overcomes Quake
Illumination at Onsen in Matsumoto

Christmas Decorations Marunouchi
Disney prepares for a Magical and Marvel-ous Christmas
Christmas was nearing and the Walt Disney Company helped me to get into the festive mood by bringing its magic to Central Tokyo - the Marunouchi District near Tokyo Station, Yokohama Landmark Tower and MARK IS minatomirai were participating locations for wonderful Christmas illuminations and decorations based on Disney(-affiliated) stories, comics and movies. 

Don Quijote Store in Yokosuka
Discount chain store selling hodgepodge of goods
Don Quijote is a popular discount chain store in Japan that sells a hodgepodge of goods. Find unique gifts to bring back home and take advantage of the tax-free shopping! Also known as "Donki" for short, most shops are open 24 hours, including Don Quijote Yokosuka.

History of Kyoto's Gion 3
An evening in the teahouse with maiko and geisha
What should you do if you want to enjoy the teahouses but don't have someone to introduce you? The Okini Kyoto Traditional Arts Foundation (京都伝統技芸振興財団) has you covered.

Kamogawa in November
Take a stroll along Kyoto’s social hangout spot
Kamogawa in November: Take a stroll along Kyoto’s socializing hot spot