Nohara by Mizuno - Shop, Cafe & Kitchen, Run & Fitness Station
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Tokyo at Night
Enjoy Tokyo with tons of people watching and lights
A view from Odaiba Island
Category: Culture, Sight seeing, Night life
Tokyo at night is the city of lights. Around every corner is a new street or alleyway where the hustle bustle never stops.

Yukata Shopping for Hanabi Season
A guide on where to buy & how to wear a summer kimono
A Yukata is a summer kimono traditionally worn to enjoy Hanabi (Fireworks) in major cities like the Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Asakusa, Tokyo. Photo taken at Marui City Shibuya.
Category: Culture, Festivals, Shopping, Sight seeing, Night life
A guide on where to buy and how to wear a yukata, a summer kimono, for hanabi season. Enjoy wearing a light, cotton kimono to the next fireworks display in one of Japan's major cities.

Blue Moon at Isshiki Beach Hayama
Popular beach house at one of World's 100 Best Beaches
Blue Moon beach house is constructed with bamboo selected from the annual forest clearance in Hayama.
Category: Trekking, Sight seeing, Water sports, Night life, Food
Blue Moon beach house at Isshiki Beach in Hayama (No. 65 of "World's 100 Best Beaches" by CNN in 2014) is positioned in the center of the crescent overlooking the soft silky sands and into the deep blue horizon. Their dining, music, drinks, rentals, and spa services will take your beach going experience to a whole other level in Japan.

Beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base
Summer fun in Shonan (Miura Peninsula)
Watch the waves crash along the natural rock formations on the north end of Kannonzaki Beach in Yokosuka
Category: Sports, Trekking, Sight seeing, Water sports, Night life, Food
A list of 12 beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base. All are located within one hour or less from base, situated on the Shonan coast of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture.

LaLaport Tokyo Bay Shopping Center
One of Japan's largest retail centers boasts 540 shops!
LaLaport Tokyo Bay is the largest of six shopping parks operated by Mitsui Fudosan. 
Category: Shopping, Night life, Food
Mitsui’s shopping park, LaLaport Tokyo Bay, boasts 540 stores and can accommodate 8,200 vehicles in its parking structures. Sectioned into three zones, pet-friendly LaLaport combines fashion, dining, and entertainment to a whole new level.

Awara Geigi at Fukui Awara Onsen
Appreciating the art of the geigi at Sentopia Awara
Category: Culture, Sight seeing, Hot springs, Night life
Travelers coming from the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area enter into the Awara Onsen ryokan and pass through a room with a view of the beautiful garden. The hot springs of Yaora have wonderful spring quality water for bathing.

GODZ Bar in Shinjuku
Stay Heavy! Stay Metal!
The kind of visiting card you cannot miss!
Category: Night life
The bar in Tokyo to go for some good Metal and Hard rock music.

Things to do in Irago and Tahara
An idyllic place by the sea, with lots to experience
A large kimono stand
Category: Culture, Museums, Historic sites, Shopping, Sight seeing, Night life, Food
Whilst Irago feels remote, with its closeness to the sea, there are a lot of unique experiences to try in the surrounding area. 

Sendai Oktoberfest
The much anticipated biannual German beer festival
The closer to the stage you go, the crazier the crowd becomes
Category: Festivals, Night life, Food
Sendai Oktoberfest is a German beer festival that comes to Sendai every June and September. Grab a drink and find your way to the beer hall for the real experience! 

Arcade Addiction
Your guide to Japanese arcade games
Ever tried arcade games? If not, you should definitely put it onto your to-do list.
Category: Culture, Night life, Anime
Your guide to Japanese arcade games, full of online video games, music games, pachinko slots and happy prizes. 

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