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Kyoto Kitano Tenman-gu Flea Market
Antiques, kimono fabrics, jewelry, ceramics and more
This flea market has a variety of traditional goods perfect for gifts, souvenirs or household use.

Abeno Harukas Viewing Deck
Breathtaking views atop Japan’s tallest building
Nestled within the vibrant towns of Abeno and Tennoji, Abeno Harukas is Japan’s tallest building at a height of 300m. Besides boosting magnificent view at its observatory, this mixed-use development also includes a department store, offices, hotel, museum and even the subway! 

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Akihabara, an Anime Fairyland
An electronics, anime and manga paradise
Akihabara is an anime and manga fairyland, an electronic heaven. The streets are lined with anime and manga stores, overflowing with floors upon floors of electronics. It is a special place to experience the heart of anime culture in Japan. The flamboyant streets are filled with "otakus" and people from all over the world, all embarking on an anime pilgrimage and circulating the stores as if to be cleansed by the manga spirits. This is a place you simply have to visit when in Tokyo; soak up and immerse yourself in this special culture of Japan. 

La Collina Omi-Hachiman
Club Harie Baumkuchen Factory
La Collina means hill in Italian, giving a clue to the architect’s intentions, with its hill like roof covered by a lush lawn and surrounded by forested mountains.

Yodobashi Sushi Sticks in Akihabara
The wonderful world of gadgets at Yodobashi Camera
Exploring Yodobashi Camera's variety of technological devices and gadgets.

Uniqlo Ginza – Flagship Store
The best Uniqlo store in the world
With a floor space of 5,000 square meters and standing 12 stories high, Uniqlo Ginza is the brand's flagship store in Japan, and also the second largest Uniqlo outlet in the world.

A manga and anime lover's dream store in Akihabara
Animate is a store located in Akihabara that has multiple floors of manga and anime merchandise 

Funahashiya Traditional Snacks
Nuts about rice crackers on the Kamogawa
Established in 1885, Funashiya's family store has stood over the banks of the Kamogawa in the same wooden machiya shophouse for over a century. While overshadowed by surrounding buildings, including a Starbucks cafe which has now grabbed the waterfront position, little has changed inside the family run store. Besides the ubiquitous tanuki statues at the entrance, you can see rows and rows of rice snacks of all shapes and descriptions, neatly displayed in glass cases or round bamboo basket.

Cat Road, Sendai
The cat's meow for feline fans?
Just a 3 minute walk from Kotodai Koen Station in Sendai is "Cat Road". With shops and events catering to cat lovers', it is a lesser known area of the city which offers a fun outing. The Cat Road is more an in-the-making concept than full fledged reality...for now.   

Tour of Manns Wines in Katsunuma
Free tour including wine tasting
Take a tour of Manns Wines in Katsunuma, Yamanashi. See their wine making process and enjoy a free tasting of their wines.

Muji Yurakucho – Flagship Store
Even in stylish Yurakucho, Muji sticks to its principles
Written 無印良品 in Japanese, MUJI literally means 'no-logo', pointedly referencing the company's philosophy of design minimalism and emphasis on waste reduction and recycling. MUJI maintains its flagship store in Yurakucho, Tokyo. With over 3500 square meters of floor space, MUJI Yurakucho is the largest MUJI store in the world.

Yamaha Ginza Flagship Store
The crown jewel of Yamaha's music empire
The Yamaha Ginza flagship store has been face of Yamaha in Japan, and the world, since the building's establishment in the 1950s. An unparalleled range of instruments and selection of musical paraphernalia, many limited edition and available only here in Ginza, has made the flagship store a favorite stop for musicians visiting the country.