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Uniqlo Ginza – Flagship Store
The best Uniqlo store in the world
With a floor space of 5,000 square meters and standing 12 stories high, Uniqlo Ginza is the brand's flagship store in Japan, and also the second largest Uniqlo outlet in the world.

A fun-filled, toy-packed Akihabara hobby shop
Explore Kotobukiya in Tokyo's Akihabara district, the flagship store of the famous toy and figure-maker, Kotobukiya.

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Ohasama Wine Festival
Enjoy good wine, food and a little tradition in Ohasama
Ohasama Wine Festival in Iwate, come and enjoy good wine and good food

10 Most Popular Items at Laox
Shopping at the biggest tax-free store in Japan
10 Most Popular Items at Laox

Visit Hirosaki Apple Park
The largest apple producer in Japan
Visit Hirosaki Apple Park

Bingoya Craft Shop
Authentic Japanese creations
Wonderful Japanese handicrafts near Shinjuku, just a short way away from Shinjuku Station. You can find there a variety of high quality handicrafts sourced from around Japan. Bingoya’s collection is spread over a standalone five storey shop. Inside there is a mix of creations, such as glassware, metal work and pottery.

Dagashi-ya Junk Food, Shiogama City
Snacks, candy, stamps, currency, and more
Dagashi-ya are shops from the Showa period specializing in cheap snacks and toys. The one in Shiogama offers a few surprises.

Quirky Finds at Yodobashi Camera
Games and gadgets for everybody
If you only have time to visit one place in Akihabara, make it Yodabashi Camera.

Making Japanese Sweets in Kanazawa
Where making it is twice as fun as eating it
A lesson in making Japanese sweets at the Ishikawa Prefecure Tourist Museum. We made a total of 3 different kinds of vibrantly colored Japanese sweets. Some of the key points of these lessons is the wide availability of time slots and the reasonable price. The teacher is very professional as he demonstrates how to make the sweets step-by-step. After you finish, you can enjoy the sweets that you made with matcha green tea (separate fee). Instead of the usual coffee break, relax with a tea break!

A Day in Marunouchi
Why you should visit this bustling neighbourhood
Marunouchi has much to offer with lots of boutiques, restaurants, greenery and art spaces. 

Tokyo's Korea Town: 10 Things to Do
Korean BBQ, street food, markets and of course, K-Pop
Tokyo's Korea Town in Shin-Okubo: 10 things to do, eat, drink and see

Kiyosato Moegi-no-Mura
Enchanting European style village in the forest
A European style village filled with charming shops restaurants and cafes st among cottage gardens filled with flowers, Moegi-no-mura in Kiyosato is a great place to visit.