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Popin’ Cookin Candy Kits by Kracie
DIY: Looks like the real thing but it’s candy!
Popin' Cookin candy kits made by Kracie are so much fun to make. They make perfect souvenirs or stocking stuffers at Christmastime for children of all ages. A great learning activity and a reward within itself. The Popin’ Cookin Sushi kit is a must buy from Japan. It’s like magic! Once the various powders are mixed with water, the colors are so vibrant and produce shapes and designs that look so realistic and the taste is fantastic.

Don Quijote Store in Yokosuka
Discount chain store selling hodgepodge of goods
Don Quijote is a popular discount chain store in Japan that sells a hodgepodge of goods. Find unique gifts to bring back home and take advantage of the tax-free shopping! Also known as "Donki" for short, most shops are open 24 hours, including Don Quijote Yokosuka.

Sun Mall
Over a hundred shops and restaurants
Due north of the station, Sun Mall is a long, glass-covered arcade running for several blocks and filled with over a hundred shops and restaurants on either side of the walkway.

Nakano Broadway
A brightly lit behemoth where bargains abound
Nakano Broadway is a brightly lit behemoth pulsing with action.

Ai Road
Tasteful shops and Tokyo’s own onsen
Road is lined with tasteful shops and pretty lanterns whose theme changes according to the season.

Masters of time in Nakano Broadway
Mandarake is a chain of stores that specializes in buying and reselling Japanese pop culture merchandise.

Welcome to Nakano
Shop the block at the heart of subculture
Nakano is a study in contrasts: here, octogenarian grannies haul shopping carts toe-to-toe with quirkily dressed young fashionistas, each vying for a bargain.

Black Diamond Freeski Shop, Kagura
Great gear shop in the middle of the Mitsumata car park
Black Diamond Freeski Pro-Shop at Mitsumata/Kagura. One of the best places in the area to buy/rent high-end ski equipment. They specialize in backcountry gear.

Christmas Illumination in Harajuku
Great date spot in Tokyo’s fashion hot spot, Omotesando
Beautiful Christmas Illumination at Tokyu Plaza's Harajuku Omotesando rooftop: Christmas Preparations at Tokyo’s Fashion hot spot

A fun-filled, toy-packed Akihabara hobby shop
Explore Kotobukiya in Tokyo's Akihabara district, the flagship store of the famous toy and figure-maker, Kotobukiya.