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Christmas Illumination in Harajuku
Great date spot in Tokyo’s fashion hot spot, Omotesando
Beautiful Christmas Illumination at Tokyu Plaza's Harajuku Omotesando rooftop: Christmas Preparations at Tokyo’s Fashion hot spot

A fun-filled, toy-packed Akihabara hobby shop
Explore Kotobukiya in Tokyo's Akihabara district, the flagship store of the famous toy and figure-maker, Kotobukiya.

Uonuma no Sato
All things sake from the famous Hakkai-san brewery
Uonuma no Sato is a sake themed destination showcasing the Hakkai-san brand. Delicious food, cakes, and sake on offer in a beautiful setting.

History of Kyoto's Gion 2
Entertainment, tea, and the performance
A look at how Gion 's entertainment district is divided into three major organizations: catering (仕出屋), the geisha house (屋形 or 置屋​), and the teahouse (茶屋).

Kuromon Market Place
Satisfy your hunger in Osaka's Kitchen.
Kuromon market has a lively atmosphere and diverse choices of things to buy that people say, “If you go to Kuromon Market, you can get everything you need!”

History of Kyoto's Gion 1
The creation of Gion
Impressions of the ancient capital of Kyoto stir up an overwhelming image. The silhouettes you may glimpse around Tō-ji Temple during the early evening may in fact be the elusive figures of maiko and geigi. These ladies of grace perform their professional dances to entertain. Their skill and charm have been passed down for centuries, becoming a part of Kyoto culture. 

A Walk Through Koenji
Hip neighborhood beaming with contemporary history
Right on the west of the busy luminous core that is Shinjuku is an area beaming with contemporary history and clear-cut attitude called Koenji.

Mashiko Pottery Fair 2014
Where pottery and giant "Tanuki" meet
The November Pottery Fair in Mashiko is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy the works of hundreds of local artists.

Cenova Shopping Centre, Shizuoka
Over 100 stores on six floors of shopping goodness
Cenova is a shopping centre in Shizuoka City with over a hundred stores, several restaurants and cafes, a cinema, and bus and train stations!

Japanese Photo Booth “Purikura”
Step-by-step on the ultimate “selfie” experience!
The Japanese photo booth, Purikura, is the ultimate "selfie" experience! Take self-portraits and group photos to a whole new level. Modify your skin tone, enhance your eyelashes, apply cute heart stamps, and more!