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IKEA Sendai
Tohoku residents submit to the Swedish invasion
Steps away from the Nagamachi subway and JR stations is the Swedish self assembly furniture giant IKEA. Great for anyone looking to furnish a home or sample some tasty meatballs from the restaurant. 

Shark Attack Nakazaki Antiques
Osaka's greatest antiques warehouse
Shark Attack Antiques is located in one of the most trendy parts of Osaka, half way between Umeda and Nakazakicho stations. They stock a variety of antique goods imported from the Americas and England, with gifts and treasures to suit everyone. 

Maeda Craft Factory Shop
Goods made from wood with style and quality
Made in Nakazakicho, Maeda Craft celebrates three generations of Japanese wood-working skills and innovation.  Maeda Craft has range of products available: boxes, wagons, counters, shelving, display stands, sandwich boards, signs, and one of the greatest collections of classic American memorabillia.

Day-trips from Tokyo: Karuizawa
Everything you need to know about this resort town
Karuizawa is a tranquil resort town an hour by train from Tokyo, a good place for a fun day-trip or relaxing two- or three-day break

Wandering Nakazakicho
Exploring the underbelly of Osaka's youth culture
Abound in an assortment of hip cafes, gift stores, and hairdressers, the Nakazakicho reveals the underbelly of Osaka's youth culture.

Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine
A lover's sanctuary in central Osaka
A lover's sanctuary in the Osaka Kita and Umeda area, Ohatsu Tenjin (officially Tsuyuno Tenjinsha), beholds one of Japan's greatest love stories. Japan's 'Romeo and Juliet', the story of Ohatsu and Tokubei has kept lovers flocking to the shrine for generations. 

Shambles Handmade Accessories
The mastery of artist and jeweler Hiroyuki Ohara
Master jeweler and craftsman, Hiroyuki Ohara creates contemporary accessories and jewelery. His shop, Shambles (シャンブルズ), which doubles as his working studio, is open to the public all days of the week except Wednesday. The accessories, all of which are all made by Ohara-san, are on display, with a range and prices able to suit most budgets and preferences. A resizing service is also available.

Lapis Design & Art Supply
Art supplies in central Roppongi
Lapis Design & Art Supply is an art supply store conveniently located only 2 minutes walk from Roppongi station, Tokyo. During the day, Roppongi is a wealthy business district, and the central location for many big-name companies. There is a strong sense of a global art scene in Roppongi, especially in Roppongi Hills where you can find the Mori Art Museum - a must see for any art aficionado visiting Tokyo. This means that they have an extended stock of stationery, from the regular pens, pencils, to more specialized supplies such as letter templates, cutting boards, and specialty papers. You can also find sets of black postcards near the notebooks and journals section, to create your own postcard design.

Necodan Cat-themed Gift Store
Cat lovers rejoice! Your haven has arrived
Necodan is gift store specialising in only cat-themed items moments from Kita Senju Station just north of Tokyo. It is a joy for any cat lover with gifts starting from a few hundred yen. With two stories of cat goodness, even the least avid of cat lovers could spend hours amused by browsing the store's unique specialties.

Misawa Air Show
Jets dance in the sky over the US Air Force base
View fighter jets in elegant aerial displays from the American Air Force base in Northern Japan.