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Japan Nail Salon, Nail Quick
Glitz, glamour, and gel nail grooming
Glitz, glamour, and gel nail grooming in Japan! Experience the unique gel nail style and friendly environment at one of Nail Quick's 70 locations across Japan. 

Abeno Harukas Viewing Deck
Breathtaking views atop Japan’s tallest building
Nestled within the vibrant towns of Abeno and Tennoji, Abeno Harukas is Japan’s tallest building at a height of 300m. Besides boosting magnificent view at its observatory, this mixed-use development also includes a department store, offices, hotel, museum and even the subway! 

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Have Fun and Customize Your T-Shirt
myT factory stores let you make your own T-shirt
Have fun and customize your T-shirt in Harajuku, Ueno or Shibuya.

A Perfect Day in Shinjuku East
Tokyo girl meets French rose
A Tokyo girl's tips for exploring Shinjuku, home to anime heaven and hole in the wall izakaya eateries.

Budo-Kobo Wineglass Hall
Wine-themed museum and store in Katsunuma
A wine-themed museum, wineglass store, cafe with famous raisin bread and a glass-craft studio in Katsunuma.

Go Souvenir Shopping in Old Japan
Nostalgic Okage Yokocho in Oharai Town near Ise Shrine
The area of Okage Yokocho is a nostalgic street leading to Ise Naiku Shrine. It is lined with Edo and Meiji Era style buildings housing restaurants, tea shops and souvenir stores.

Caricature Japan in Harajuku
A personalized souvenir to keep you laughing for years
Caricature Japan in Harajuku Omotesando is a great place to relax and then leave with a unique souvenir. It'll keep you laughing for years to come. With 15 locations nationwide including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Kyoto, visitors are likely to find a shop before it is time to leave Japan.

Maru-K Kobayashi in Asakusabashi
Find artificial or fake flowers at a local craft store
Asakusa-bashi, which is well known for its wholesale stores and markets, is located one stop after Akihabara station on the JR Soubu Line. Craft materials such as beads, stationery, Japanese dolls, party items, as well as bag and dress shops are lined along on the main street.

The Little Indigo Museum
An alchemy of color and music
The Little Indigo Museum is Hiroyuki Shindo's collection of textiles from Japan & around the world. Housed in a village elder's thatched house, it has a working set of dye vats. It is open from Spring to Autumn each year in the village of Miyama.

Harajuku Streetwear Brand Fashion
A Bathing Ape, BBC, Stussy, Supreme, X-Large, & more!
Harajuku Streetwear Brand Fashion includes A Bathing Ape (Bape), Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) and Ice Cream, Stussy, Supreme, X-Large, and more! Other shops that might interest consumers are resale shops like Brand Collect and a Store by Nigo coming this Spring.

Tatsumiya Bento Boxes
The perfect Japanese souvenir from Ishikawa prefecture
Enjoy the professional works of the Ishikawa craftsmen while eating lunch! The kokeshi style lunch box would be a perfect souvenir for your friends, families and even for yourself.

Tokyo Metropolitan Building
Enjoy Tokyo views from a 202 m high deck free of charge
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building with free of charge observation decks.