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Kobe Earthquake Memorial Museum
Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution
Be impressed by the exhibits and learn how Japan recovered from the great Kobe earthquake in 1995.

Hikone Buddhist Altar Festival
When religion and arts come together
The Hikone Buddhist Altar Festival showcases each step of the process of creating the handicraft that has made this city famous.

Asahikawa-Surprise City of Hokkaido
No longer just a stopover to the mountains
Asahikawa: Modern and historic with many things to see.  Great museums, a first class zoo and a special soy based ramen.

Tokyo-Kyoto: Train Stops on the Way
Interesting places to get off the train and explore
In between Japan's two main tourist destinations of Tokyo and Kyoto, there are plenty of interesting places to get off the train and explore.

Zushi Yabusame and Yokohama Jazz
#Yabusame, #Jazz, and #Noodles
Zushi and Yokohama - Archery, Jazz and Good Food.  What to do on a chilly cloudy fall day.

Any-Fi Pocket Wi-Fi Rental
Stay connected during your travels
AnyFi Pocket WiFi is an affordable and convenient service that allows visitors to stay connected while traveling in Japan.

Okutama's Mukashi-Michi
A wonderful walk through time
Experience the best of Japanese history and many other great sights along this 10 kilometer stretch of mountainous road

Decontamination Information Center
A record of the long road to recovery in Tohoku
The Decontamination Information Center helps viitors to understand how Fukushima has dedicated its effort to rebuilding itself after the Great East Japan earthquake of 2011.

Jakko-in Temple in Kyoto
Red leaves and nature walk
Beautiful red leaves and nature walk at Jakko-in Temple in Ohara, Kyoto Prefecture, in mid November.

Night Trip to Shinsekai in Osaka
Tips on direction and food
Night trip to Shinsekai in Osaka with lots of good food and interesting decoration–like from an anime.