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Fuefukigawa Fruit Park in Yamanashi
Fruit trees, Fuji views and kid-friendly facilities
Spacious park with fruit trees, a fruit museum and many other features, is a great place for family outings, picnics, and even romantic dates.

Double Blossom in 40 Minutes
Direct local train takes you to Hanamiyama and Ogawara
Hanamiyama and Ogawara, in Fukushima and Miyagi respectively, are two locations with beautiful cherry blossoms. They are just a 40 minute local train ride apart. 

Tōshi Island, Miketsu-Kuni
Food from the sea since ancient times
Tōshi Island in Ise-Shima National Park has a relaxed island atmosphere and delicious seafood.

Visiting Mikimoto Pearl Island
Pearls to adorn the neck of every woman in the world
On Mikimoto Pearl Island in Toba you can learn all about cultured pearls and Kokichi Mikimoto, the 'Pearl King'. You can also watch a diving display by Ama divers.

Go Souvenir Shopping in Old Japan
Nostalgic Okage Yokocho in Oharai Town near Ise Shrine
The area of Okage Yokocho is a nostalgic street leading to Ise Naiku Shrine. It is lined with Edo and Meiji Era style buildings housing restaurants, tea shops and souvenir stores.

Toba Aquarium
Largest collection of species of any aquarium in Japan
Toba Aquarium is the only place you can see dugong in Japan. It has the greatest number of different species of any aquarium in Japan.

Visiting an Ama Diver Hut in Toba
Fresh seafood, sea views and cosplay
Meeting Japan's female Ama divers over a delicious seafood lunch with spiny lobster at Hachiman-Kamado, an Ama diver hut in Toba, Mie Prefecture.

Carp Streamers at Tsuetate Onsen
Colorful koinobori in rural Kumamoto
Hundreds of carp streamers are strung over the swift-flowing river at Kumamoto Prefecture's Tsuetate Onsen every year from April to early May.

Iwate Park in Full Bloom
Best place for cherry blossom viewing in Morioka
Iwate Park in Full Bloom, the best place to see cherry blossoms in Morioka

Hiking the Kuju Mountain Range
Scaling Kyushu's highest peaks
Scale some of Kyushu's highest peaks during a hike of the Kuju Mountain Range.