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Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum
Why tobacco pouches are like iPhone cases
Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum is a small museum dedicated to centuries-old pipes and tobacco pouches, everyday objects that clearly reflect the lives of their owners

Mount Haruna, Gunma
A driver's experience
Driving in Japan: A driver's experience of Mount Haruna (榛名山) in Gunma Prefecture. The real-life Mount Akina from Initial D.

Charmant Hiuchi Ski Area
The best powder on Honshu?
Charmant Hiuchi Ski Area: a small mountain with big powder from first run till last. Remote enough to keep away the crowds

Zazen at Mampukuji Temple
Zen meditation at a temple built in 1661
Zazen is a style of Zen meditation, which is said to have begun in Japan in the 6th century. You can participate in this mediation at Mampokuji

My Cat Neko Cafe in Osu, Nagoya
A neko cafe near the famous beckoning cat statue
My Cat Neko Cafe in Osu, Nagoya

Godzilla and Oga Peninsula
Where you can find the origin of Godzilla
Every time that I go to Akita Prefecture, I think it is full of mysteries, but it has stunning coastline too!

Horai-bashi: Longest Wooden Bridge
Located over the Oh-i River near Shimada
Horai-bashi, the world's longest wooden pedestrian bridge, spans the Oh-i River in Shizuoka Prefecture and was constructed in 1879.

Hiking in Beautiful Kaeda Valley
A hike full of pristine beauty and rushing waters
Hiking in beautiful Kaeda Valley in Miyazaki, where you will find rushing waters, giant rocks and cheeky monkeys.

Tautasya Farm in Miyama, Kyoto
Exploring an authentic rural Japanese lifestyle
Tautasya farm, lodge and slow food restaurant, located a short distance from the traditional Kayabuki (thatched roof) village in the Miyama hills, offers a unique, diverse and authentic experience of rural Japanese life.

The Seven Waterfalls of Yude
Trekking off the beaten path in Southern Kumamoto
Minamata's mountainside onsen resort, Yunotsuru, is surrounded by hiking trails that give nature enthusiasts a chance to see up to seven waterfalls before they head back for a relaxing bath.