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Sun to Moon Mishima
Shop for food, fashion, home and more
In Mishima on the Izu Peninsula in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Sun to Moon is a big shopping centre with stores selling fashion, food, electronics and much, much more.

Tokyo Toritsu Oyamadairi Park
Rather a hike than a walk through great nature
Tokyo Toritsu Oyamadairi Park is a large forested recreation area in Machida, Tokyo. Explore lakes and local wildlife along cycling and running paths.

Date Bike Rental Service in Sendai
An excellent way to explore an excellent city
Date Bike is a bike rental service in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Bikes are equipped with an electric pedal-assist motor and can be picked up or dropped off at a number of areas across the city center. 

Ōtaki Forest
Get a cabin, some chestnuts and hike trails in Chiba
What's a wild chestnut look like? Find out while hiking Ōtaki Forest!

Cycling in Kakunodate
The samurai and the monkey handler
Part of the charm of visiting an old town like Kakunodate is to slow down to the pace of life here. When you put off the stresses of urban life and breathe in the mountain air, you can sense the peace and tranquility of the old houses and gardens that dot this town.

Keitakuen Garden in Osaka
An inviting garden with a beautiful Japanese landscape
Keitakuen Garden in Osaka is located on the grounds of Tennoji Park, close to Shitennoji. This garden is an ideal place to be alone with yourself.

Kawasemi Boat Ride at Dorokyo Gorge
Riding through the Grand Canyon of the Kumano
Dorokyo Gorge is the collective name given to a 31 kilometer long stretch of ravines along the Kitayama River, a tributary of the Kumano River, that runs through Nara, Mie and Wakayama prefectures.

90,000 gather for world-class DJ performances

Cooking Classes at Chagohan
A hands-on experience of Japanese cuisine
A really fun and interactive cooking class, and a really delicious Japanese bento dinner after. 

Free Tour of the Imperial Gardens
Get acquainted with Japanese history
The most affordable way to spend an afternoon learning about Japan’s imperial history.