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Hidden Kamakura 1
The Daibutsu Hiking Course
Situated along Kamakura’s western hills, the Daibutsu Hiking Course offers a more leisurely way to explore this great city, escaping many of the bustling crowds.

Godzilla at Kurihama Flower World
Fun and Flowers in the Fall
Must see Godzilla at Kurihama Flower World in Yokosuka! Kurihama Hana no Kuni is home to the 9-meter Godzilla slide and is ready to fight alongside humanity against common threats in the section of the flower park called Adventure Land. Let your adventure begin in this beautiful seasonal flower setting!

A Day in Tsukuba-mirai
Exploring this small city in Ibaraki
Tsukuba-mirai in south-west Ibaraki has lots of things to see and do

Umeki Motorcycle Shop
Get your motor running!
Umeki motorcycle shop has a long history of providing quality motorbikes and service in Okayama City. If you look at the back of a motorcycle in Okayama, chances are that it has an Umeki sticker.

Yuiichi Festival in Yuki
Weaving together local crafts, people and culture
Bringing together the local people and crafts to celebrate Yūki's history and culture

Ohasama and surroundings: My favorite way to get there is by bicycle, from Hanamaki is is about 35 kilometers. While riding on the country roads in fall the sights and smells are absolutely incredible.

The Exquisite Kibitsu Shrine
Visit this gem of the Kibi plain in Okayama
The Kibitsu Shrine is a gem of the Kibi plain, loaded with beautiful and tranquil structures, gardens and trees, history, culture and mythology.

Higashi Shiiya Waterfall
An impressive cascade in rural Oita prefecture
The Kegon Falls of Kyushu is hidden away in rural Oita and is the perfect spot for catching the autumn foliage without the crowds.

Warp Station Edo
Step back in time in this Edo-period setting
Edo-period reconstruction for a tranquil step into the past

Tokyo International Film Festival
The film festival for everyone
On the 23rd of October the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival officially started, which means it is now time for us to go see amazing movies from all over the world at Japan's biggest and most important film festival. Here is why this event is so great.