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Healthy Living at NOHARA by Mizuno
Fun fitness station at Harajuku
NOHARA is an excellent one-stop facility for athletes in the heart of Tokyo, run by the acclaimed Japanese sports brand Mizuno. It consists of a studio, run and fitness station, cafe, and a sports shop, welcoming beginner to star athletes as well as tourists who would like to drop by for a short exercise during their stay in Japan.

Tokyo Station Celebrates 100 Years!
From 4,000 passengers to 4,000 trains per day
Tokyo Station Celebrates 100 Years! To commemorate the 1914 opening, a series of festive events will take place and special limited editions of sweets, bento lunch boxes and memorabilia are available for purchase inside the station.

58th Tokyo Traditional Crafts Fair
Exhibit displays 44 different crafts for sale
The 58th Traditional Crafts of Tokyo Exhibition will display 40 different arts and crafts for sale from January 21-26, 2015.

Noritake Garden in Autumn
Enjoy the early Christmas with autumn-colored trees
Enjoy the early Christmas and autumn-colored trees in Noritake Garden.

Minakami Town in Gunma
Discover the natural beauty of Gunma
Minakami in Gunma will make you fall in love with its snow covered mountains, its amazing scenery and its warm hearted residents. Here is a list of activities that I got to do that definitely helped me enjoy Japan’s greenery and culture even more.

Shosenkyo Gorge
Beautiful hike, nice day trip from Tokyo
Shosenkyo Gorge is a beautiful strip along the Arakawa River in Yamanashi Prefecture. Especially beautiful in the autumn, Shosenkyo is filled with waterfalls, rock formations, stone cliffs, and incredible natural sights in all directions.

Pluto comes to life on the stage
First production based on Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy
Ring in the New Year with a trip to Pluto via Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon in Tokyo and Morinomiya Pilati Hall in Osaka. Gesicht and Astro Boy come to the stage in Bunkamura's Pluto.

Holiday Illuminations at Hilltop
Kumamoto's massive light-up event
Missing Christmas? Head to the Saishunkan Hilltop campus in Kumamoto for a massive display of holiday illuminations

Houkou Temple in Saitama
Ancient temple in Hanno City
Houkou Temple in Hanno City, Saitama is a small, local Buddhist temple with beautiful statues and buildings. Visitors can pray to the deities of children and children who have died.

Tea and Tradition at Taneya
Japanese style refreshments beside Omihachiman Canal
Visit a beautiful traditional Japanese sweet shop in Omihachiman Himure Village that has been selling delicious sweets for over 100 years.