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Kayaking Adventure in Gokase
Beautiful waterfalls and landscapes around every corner
Multiple colors of the Gokase Mountains
Kayaking Adventure in Gokase, a town located on Kyushu Island in the Miyazaki Prefecture. During the summer it is an unexplored land. This peaceful area is set between Iiboshi Mountain pass. The luscious green landscape encompasses every portion of the area with waterfalls around every corner.

Misawa Air Show
Jets dance in the sky over the US Air Force base
US jet that you can actually go inside of
View fighter jets in elegant aerial displays from the American Air Force base in Northern Japan.

Blue Water Explorations, Okinawa
#Okinawa: #Fishing charters & marine exploration
Group leader, Papa Keith!  
Fishing charter on Okinawa: Try fishing in Okinawa Islands with Blue Water Explorations.

Climbing Mount Yufu, Kyushu
One mountain, two peaks. The choice is yours.
The view from the top, simply stunning!
When the trail is getting a little steeper and a bit rocky, you will have almost reached the saddle between the two peaks. Now there is a choice to make.

Meiji Jingu Gaien Park
Large central Tokyo park for sports and culture
Enjoying a summer day
Meiji Jingu Gaien Park in central Tokyo has facilities for various activities, from a golf range and tennis courts to Jingu Stadium, home of the Yakult Swallows professional baseball team. If sports aren't your thing, check out the museums and culture centers.

Rent-a-Dog at Yokohama Trimming
Spend an hour, day, or month with man's best friend!
Momo-chan, a female Chihuahua, was so excited to spend time with us she jumped up onto the wall and smiled!
Yokohama Trimming School primarily nurtures the professional dog groomer, but also provides dogs for rental. Dog rentals are per hour, by day, or by month. Enjoy spending time with "Man's best friend" right here in Japan!

Chill at Keya Beach
Fukuoka's top summer resort
The beach houses provide large parasols and seating on the beach
Fukuoka, Japan's top beach resort. Overview with photos of Keya and it's beach houses, clear waters for swimming, and fine scenery.

Tokyo Yakult Swallows - Goods Shop
Official merchandise shop for Tokyo's pro baseball team
Get your official gear here
The Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball team opened an Official Goods shop just a few minutes from the stadium. For gear for hardcore fans and souvenirs and gifts for those just coming for the fun of it, all your Swallows apparel can be found here.

Picchio's Adventure Club
Outdoor activities for children from 4 to 12
Some activities can be enjoyed by the entire family
Let your children have a blast in Karuizawa thanks to one of the many activities organized only for them by Picchio's Adventure Club!

Indoor Rockclimbing in Sendai
Make friends, get a workout, and conquer your fears
Rock climbing is a bit more challenging, but you can rest part of the way up
B'Nuts is a climbing gym in downtown Sendai. Located on Jozenji Avenue, the bouldering and rock climbing shop and gym is a five minute walk from Kotodai Koen subway station.