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Indoor Rockclimbing in Sendai
Make friends, get a workout, and conquer your fears
Rock climbing is a bit more challenging, but you can rest part of the way up
Category: Sports
B'Nuts is a climbing gym in downtown Sendai. Located on Jozenji Avenue, the bouldering and rock climbing shop and gym is a five minute walk from Kotodai Koen subway station. 

Shinagawa Kumin Park
Pretty multi-use park in Shinagawa Ward
A look at the beautifully landscaped pond
Category: Sports, Water sports
Shinagawa Kumin Park is a beautiful, open area with plenty to do, such as BBQ, tennis, baseball, a visit to the aquarium, and a peaceful stroll around the pond

Playing in the Yu river
A perfect activity for summertime!
The refreshing waters of the Yu river
Category: Sports, Trekking, Water sports
Summer in Japan can be very hot. The Yu river in Karuizawa city is the perfect way to cool down. Bring shorts and waterproof shoes!

Motomachi Swimming Pool, Yokohama
Oasis in humid summer season in Yamate
Motomachi Swimming Pool in Motomachi Park
Category: Sports, Water sports
Motomachi swimming pool is an oasis in Yamate, Yokohama, for the summer season. 

Hattyohama Beach
Surfing and Solitude on the North Shore of Kyoto
Surfing at Hattyohama Beach in Kyoto Prefecture
Category: Sports, Sight seeing, Water sports, Hot springs
Like the north shore of Hawaii, the north shore of Kyoto Prefecture is one little known to tourists and locals alike. Its quiet alternative lifestyle attracts those marching to a different drum. Like its namesake in Hawaii, its deserted beaches are calm in summer, yet in winter surfers come out to try out some of the best surfing beaches in the area.

Beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base
Summer fun in Shonan (Miura Peninsula)
Watch the waves crash along the natural rock formations on the north end of Kannonzaki Beach in Yokosuka
Category: Sports, Trekking, Sight seeing, Water sports, Night life, Food
A list of 12 beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base. All are located within one hour or less from base, situated on the Shonan coast of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture.

Hyogo Top 10
Ten essential experiences in Hyogo
Kobe Port Tower
Category: Sports, Culture, Trekking, Historic sites, Sight seeing, Hot springs, Food
Hyogo prefecture, often described as Japan in miniature, has a little bit of everything to offer. From food and view points, to onsen and castles - this is one prefecture not to miss.

5 Pro Baseball Teams Around Tokyo
The five Kanto area teams rock all summer long
The Saitama Seibu Lions do battle in the Pacific League
Category: Sports
The Tokyo area has 5 teams in Japan's professional circuit, each with its own personality and style. Here is a preview of all the teams in the Kanto region.

American Day in Misawa
A day dedicated to American Culture in rural Japan
welcome to America land
Category: Sports, Culture, Festivals, Shopping, Food
American Day in Misawa offers a unique experience of how a foreign community chooses to celebrate it's culture out in rural Japan. 

Nohara by Mizuno Fitness Studio
For a customized one-off or regular workout in Tokyo
Nohara by Mizuno's fitness studio is bright and airy
Category: Sports
Looking for a cool place to workout in Tokyo? Nohara by Mizuno has a great variety of classes run by friendly personal trainers. No membership required! 

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