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Hiking Mount Iwate
Iwate's highest peak
Mount Iwate is 2,038 meters tall and can be accessed from 6 different trails. I have always hiked it from the East side via a trail called "umagaeshi", which means "where horses turn around".

Canyoning on the Namekawa
Autumn leaves and a scene from an adventure movie
Canyoning - hiking, repelling, swimming and sliding down waterfalls and mountain rivers

The Sports Shrine and one lucky god
Pray for victory at Kameito, Tokyo
A shrine known as the "Sports Shrine" is a shrine in Kameito, Tokyo. It is also part of a seven lucky gods pilgrimage. 

Lucky Oldies Show Skatepark
Indoor inline skating and skateboarding in Sendai
Lucky Oldies Show is in indoor skate park in the Taihaku ward of Sendai. It features mini ramps and also sells skater fashion clothes and accessories. 

Yuzawa Fishing Park
Fishing, but not as you know it
Yuzawa Fishing Park offers the chance to pull trout out of shallow pools with a bamboo rod and line. A very basic fishing experience, and you get to eat your catch when you have finished.

Kayaking Adventure in Gokase
Beautiful waterfalls and landscapes around every corner
Kayaking Adventure in Gokase, a town located on Kyushu Island in the Miyazaki Prefecture. During the summer it is an unexplored land. This peaceful area is set between Iiboshi Mountain pass. The luscious green landscape encompasses every portion of the area with waterfalls around every corner.

Misawa Air Show
Jets dance in the sky over the US Air Force base
View fighter jets in elegant aerial displays from the American Air Force base in Northern Japan.

Blue Water Explorations, Okinawa
Okinawa: Fishing charters & marine exploration
Fishing charter on Okinawa: Try fishing in Okinawa Islands with Blue Water Explorations.

Climbing Mount Yufu, Kyushu
One mountain, two peaks. The choice is yours.
When the trail is getting a little steeper and a bit rocky, you will have almost reached the saddle between the two peaks. Now there is a choice to make.

Meiji Jingu Gaien Park
Large central Tokyo park for sports and culture
Meiji Jingu Gaien Park in central Tokyo has facilities for various activities, from a golf range and tennis courts to Jingu Stadium, home of the Yakult Swallows professional baseball team. If sports aren't your thing, check out the museums and culture centers.