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Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park
Guide to Japan's most thrilling amusement park
With a pristine location near the base of Mt. Fuji, Fuji-Q Highland theme park offers fantastic views from towering rides that will please even the most extreme thrill seekers.

Shinrin Park
The definitive public park
Massive, diverse, and rife with gorgeous scenery, Shinrin Koen is the definitive public park.

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NPCJ North Japan Sendai Open
Pumping up for the National Physique Committee Japan
NPCJ North Japan Sendai Open is one of a series of body building competitions. Open to native and foreign competitors, and any audience looking for some eye candy, it is a fun event all around.

Sumo Roadshows in Nagano
Nagano-born hero steps into the ring
Sumo roadshows were held on Matsumoto and Nagano on October 14th and 16th.

Are You Ready for Some Football?
That is, Japan American Football...
American Football in Japan.  Corporate/Club and College Football. History, structure, and games.

Tokyo Toritsu Oyamadairi Park
Rather a hike than a walk through great nature
Tokyo Toritsu Oyamadairi Park is a large forested recreation area in Machida, Tokyo. Explore lakes and local wildlife along cycling and running paths.

Cycling in Kakunodate
The samurai and the monkey handler
Part of the charm of visiting an old town like Kakunodate is to slow down to the pace of life here. When you put off the stresses of urban life and breathe in the mountain air, you can sense the peace and tranquility of the old houses and gardens that dot this town.

Winter trekking in Kamikochi
Seeing the Northern Alps by snowshoe
Winter trekking in Kamikochi

Cycling and Boating on Lake Tazawa
A meditation on renewal and growth
Cycling and Boating on Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in all of Japan. There is a legend here about a girl called Tatsuko, who thought that by drinking its water, she will reach eternal youth.

The Odaigahara Hill Climb
Big mountain, greater reward
The Odaigahara Hill Climb

Disc Golf at Maiko Kogen Resort
Great setting for a round of frisbee golf
Disc Golf at Maiko Kogen Resort. Frisbee golf around a picturesque course during green season at Maiko Kogen Resort.

Tour of Nara Mahoroba Cycling Tour
Winning Means Enjoying Oneself
Tour of Nara Mahoroba Cycling Tour