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Ebino Ikemeguri Nature Trail
A hike through forests and past volcanic lakes
Hike through mountainside forests and around volcanic crater lakes in Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park.

Chiba Zoological Park
Red pandas, giraffes and sloths! Oh my!
Chiba Zoological Park is comprised of five distinct zones that are well organized, large enough to recreate natural habitats, yet small enough to see everything on the same visit. Get up close and observe animals like the red pandas, giraffes, monkeys, sloths, and the exotic Hashibirokou, a Shoe-billed Stork. Access Chiba Zoo by exiting Dobutsukoen Sta from the Chiba Monorail.

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Exploring around the Toyosawa dam
Submerged village of Toyosawa
Exploring around the Toyosawa dam

Going Up Mt. Takao by Chair Lift
A pretty and fun way to ascend Tokyo's famous mountain
The Chair Lift is a fun way to get up Mt. Takao without having to do all that climbing

Hiking Mt Ono with Views of Mt Fuji
Kanagawa`s far western retreat
Located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Mount Ono offers an easy and convenient escape with excellent views of Mount Fuji

Toga Village, Toyama
Japanese mountain culture
Toga village in Toyama Prefecture is the perfect rural mountain getaway. Experience true Japanese mountain culture including traditional mountain foods, wildlife and sake breweries.  

Lake Okushima
An escape from the world in Gunma’s high country
An escape from the world’s troubles to Gunma’s high country

Sano's Mikamoyama Park
A secret oasis amidst Sano's shopping mecca
Mikamoyama Park

Shiraito & Otodome Falls Fujinomiya
Waterfall duo ranked among "Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls"
Shiraito no Taki Waterfalls & Otodome no Taki Waterfalls are a striking pair of falls located in the southwest foothills of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. Ranked among "Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls," the duo is a much loved tourist attraction and one you won't want to miss out on. 

Oku-nikko Yumoto Onsen
Beautiful hot spring town near Nikko
Yumoto Onsen is a beautiful hot spring town near Nikko, featuring majestic mountains, lakes, skiing, hiking trails, and plenty of soothing natural hot spring baths.

Okutama's Ootama Walking Course
Tokyo's great western oasis
Experience a more natural side to the huge metropolis we call Tokyo in the rural district of Okutama. Beautiful  valleys, deep gorges, long flowing rivers.

Utsuno Cave
Hidden attraction in Aisawacho, Sano
Utsuno Cave is a small, hidden-away location in Sano, Tochigi prefecture, that is completely off the beaten path.