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Cavorting at Kyotango
A day trip of kayaking and swimming from Kyoto
The glimmering cerulean sea framed by dramatic wooded cliffs makes your heart sing.
The north shore of Kyoto prefecture revolves around Wakasa Bay, looking like a shining pearl necklace that stretches beyond the horizon from Hyogo to Fukui. This realm is blessed with pristine beaches and majestic peninsulas, whose forested hills kiss the sea. You can go swimming, surfing, fishing, or kayaking, in any combination you please. In Maizuru as well as Kyotango, you may come across kayakers doing a bit of squid or sea bream fishing on the side. Keep an eye for the sea eagles as they know where the richest fishing spots are.

Creating Soba in Iiyama
Noodles and more in Nagano
Yellow oilseed rape blossoms in Iiyama
Combine a soba-making experience with the comfort and hospitality of an overnight stay at a family-run Japanese hot spring inn

Kayaking Adventure in Gokase
Beautiful waterfalls and landscapes around every corner
Multiple colors of the Gokase Mountains
Kayaking Adventure in Gokase, a town located on Kyushu Island in the Miyazaki Prefecture. During the summer it is an unexplored land. This peaceful area is set between Iiboshi Mountain pass. The luscious green landscape encompasses every portion of the area with waterfalls around every corner.

Tokyo's Sake Brewery Sawanoi
A blessed location— wonderful nature and good sake
The entrance of the brewery Sawanoi
Just 90 minutes by train from Tokyo, you can experience the make of Japanese sake surrounded by traditions and wonderful nature. 

Shiretoko Peninsula in Spring
Boat trip uncovering this natural habitat
Mother and Cub
Exploring Hokkaido and it's numerous National Parks. Shiretoko Peninsula in spring is a full of new born animal and blooming flowers.

Hotokeguara, the Buddha Rock
A spectacular natural sight in Northern Japan
Boardwalk along the ocean
Hotokeguara, a hidden gem of coastline comprised of Buddha like rocks and cliffs, found out in the Western wilds of Shimokita Peninsula. 

Tohoku Charity Walk
See the affected areas while walking for charity
A goddess of mercy statue was constructed as a place to pray and reflect
Charity Walk is an annual charity walk along the tsunami affected areas outside Sendai. Walking along the coast, participants will see the destruction and reconstruction of where the disaster happened. The event also raises money and awareness of the continuing situation. 

Saitama’s Rural Heart; Ogose City
Beautiful villages, long rivers and large waterfalls
The start of the course, several minutes away from Ogose Station
With three waterfalls, beautiful little villages, hilly forests, long winding rivers and picturesque temples, rural Ogose City in Saitama Prefecture has something to offer everyone.

Sendai WWII: Operation Tomodachi
Reconstruction of Sendai after calamity in 1945
'Memories of Summer', bronze sculpture by Emilio Greco on Jozenji street 
Many US military personals contributed to the recovery of the Tohoku Area through Otomodachi Sakusen or Operation Tomodachi (Friend) following 3/11/2011. In 1945, many US military personal were also stationed in Sendai City. Some of them contributed to rebuilding the city particularly by designing and constructing the three major boulevards in the downtown area, though ironically after their ferocious bombing on 7/10/1945.

Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival
Hiking at the Foot of Fujisan
Seas of lavender at the Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival
There's a multitude of things to see around Lake Kawaguchiko, including the annual summer herb festival, the Music Forest Museum and the Kachikachi-yama Ropeway.