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Hiking Mount Iwate
Iwate's highest peak
Mount Iwate is 2,038 meters tall and can be accessed from 6 different trails. I have always hiked it from the East side via a trail called "umagaeshi", which means "where horses turn around".

Canyoning on the Namekawa
Autumn leaves and a scene from an adventure movie
Canyoning - hiking, repelling, swimming and sliding down waterfalls and mountain rivers

Hidden Kamakura 1
The Daibutsu Hiking Course
Situated along Kamakura’s western hills, the Daibutsu Hiking Course offers a more leisurely way to explore this great city, escaping many of the bustling crowds.

Godzilla at Kurihama Flower World
Fun and Flowers in the Fall
Must see Godzilla at Kurihama Flower World in Yokosuka! Kurihama Hana no Kuni is home to the 9-meter Godzilla slide and is ready to fight alongside humanity against common threats in the section of the flower park called Adventure Land. Let your adventure begin in this beautiful seasonal flower setting!

Ohasama and surroundings: My favorite way to get there is by bicycle, from Hanamaki is is about 35 kilometers. While riding on the country roads in fall the sights and smells are absolutely incredible.

Ofuna Botanical Garden
Always something beautiful in bloom at this hidden gem
The Kanagawa Prefectural Ofuna Botanical Garden Flower Center, simply known as Ofuna Botanical Garden, is just 5-minutes from Ofuna Station by car. Located on the corner of Route 402 & 302, there is ample parking at just 220yen for the first hour. Entrance fee is 360yen. There’s always something beautiful in bloom at this hidden gem!

Mikan Picking at Tsukuihama Farm
All-you-can-eat Japanese oranges in Miura Peninsula
Enjoy all-you-can-eat mikans, or tangerines, at Tsukuihama Tourist Farm in Yokosuka City. Eat what you harvest on the premises or take them home for a small fee!

Nakasendo Hike & Erupting Mt Ontake
Historic Road and Post Towns, Not Affected by Eruption
Some travelers who plan to visit central Japan are worrying about any trouble by the eruption of Mt. Ontake. Now, however, troubles by the eruption are limited.

Hike Mt. Sankaku Sapporo
A quick and easy hike offering views of the city
Mt. Sankaku (Sankakuyama) in Sapporo offers an easy hike within the city limits. Nearby parks offer an extended walking course and the peak presents great city views.

Mount Tsubakuro via Enzanso
Climb and stay at Japan's oldest mountain lodge
2,763m peak in the Northern Alps, Nagano Prefecture