Explore Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture
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Saitama’s Rural Heart; Ogose City
Beautiful villages, long rivers and large waterfalls
The start of the course, several minutes away from Ogose Station
Category: Culture, Trekking, Historic sites, Sightseeing
With three waterfalls, beautiful little villages, hilly forests, long winding rivers and picturesque temples, rural Ogose City in Saitama Prefecture has something to offer everyone.

Sendai WWII: Operation Tomodachi
Reconstruction of Sendai after calamity in 1945
'Memories of Summer', bronze sculpture by Emilio Greco on Jozenji street 
Category: Trekking, Sightseeing
Many US military personals contributed to the recovery of the Tohoku Area through Otomodachi Sakusen or Operation Tomodachi (Friend) following 3/11/2011. In 1945, many US military personal were also stationed in Sendai City. Some of them contributed to rebuilding the city particularly by designing and constructing the three major boulevards in the downtown area, though ironically after their ferocious bombing on 7/10/1945.

Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival
Hiking at the Foot of Fujisan
Seas of lavender at the Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival
Category: Culture, Museums, Trekking, Historic sites, Festivals, Sightseeing
There's a multitude of things to see around Lake Kawaguchiko, including the annual summer herb festival, the Music Forest Museum and the Kachikachi-yama Ropeway.

Climbing Mount Yufu, Kyushu
One mountain, two peaks. The choice is yours.
The view from the top, simply stunning!
Category: Sports, Trekking, Hot springs
When the trail is getting a little steeper and a bit rocky, you will have almost reached the saddle between the two peaks. Now there is a choice to make.

Rent-a-Dog at Yokohama Trimming
Spend an hour, day, or month with man's best friend!
Momo-chan, a female Chihuahua, was so excited to spend time with us she jumped up onto the wall and smiled!
Category: Sports, Culture, Trekking, Sightseeing
Yokohama Trimming School primarily nurtures the professional dog groomer, but also provides dogs for rental. Dog rentals are per hour, by day, or by month. Enjoy spending time with "Man's best friend" right here in Japan!

Tokyo: A Girly Girl’s Itinerary
Afternoon sightseeing, sweets and shopping in Harajuku!
This girl is loving the sample treatment of the luxurious body scrub at Laline, Harajuku.
Category: Trekking, Shopping, Sightseeing, Night life, Food
A girly girl's afternoon itinerary in Tokyo. We visit Etude House Harajuku for playful cosmetics, Magnolia Bakery for American cupcakes, Pizzeria Sole & Luna Hiroo for lunch, Boulangerie Burdigala Hiroo for French breads, Takeshita Street for a photo opportunity, Laline for body scrubs, Ben & Jerry's for homemade American ice cream, and clothes shopping at Top Shop, H&M, and Forever 21 in Harajuku!

Photographer's Lotus Heaven, Fukui
Let's go crazy at Lotus park/field in Echizen, Fukui!
Lotus flowers in different life stages
Category: Culture, Trekking, Historic sites, Festivals, Sightseeing, Hot springs
The lotus park/field in Minami Echizen, Fukui, is a heaven for tourists, nature lovers, and photographers. You can enjoy these vast lotus fields!

Picnic at Mount Wakakusa
A unique experience in Nara
Picnic with a view at Mount Wakakusa
Category: Trekking, Sightseeing
Located in the ancient capital, Nara, Mount Wakakusa used to be a volcano. Access is limited at different times of the year, but this beautiful hill promises magnificent scenery and is great for picnics! It is also ideal as a romantic date venue. 

Mt. Iwate Yakehashiri Lava Flow
Trekking through the desert of black rocks
Mt. Iwate in the distance erupted nearly 300 years ago to create this sea of black
Category: Trekking, Sightseeing
Located a 15 minute taxi ride from JR Obuke Station is the Mt. Iwate Yakeshiri Lava Flow in Hachimantai City. Created from a 1732 explosion, today the cooled volcanic rock makes a unique trekking experience.  

Summer at Minoh Park
Soft-trekking amidst beautiful greenery
Minoh National Park
Category: Museums, Trekking, Sightseeing
Minoh National Park – a nature reserve that offers a breath of fresh air from Japan’s second busiest city, Osaka. Located about 30 minutes away from the city centre, it boosts different trails and several sightseeing spots that include an insect museum, temples, hotspring facilities and a waterfall.

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