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The Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama
A tale of sunlight and shadows
The Japanese have a long history with bamboo in their folklore, metaphorically linking a mans' strength with this plant, Various festivals include the use of bamboo in various forms. We can see that from bamboo ice cream cups, buildings and fences. However it is not often we get the chance to see bamboo forests in their natural state that grow thick and line the path like they do here.

Beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base
Summer fun in Shonan (Miura Peninsula)
A list of 12 beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base. All are located within one hour or less from base, situated on the Shonan coast of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture.

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Aotaki Falls
A hidden bonus in Mt Gozaisho
A worthwhile little detour at Mount Gozaisho

Cycling and Boating on Lake Tazawa
A meditation on renewal and growth
Cycling and Boating on Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in all of Japan. There is a legend here about a girl called Tatsuko, who thought that by drinking its water, she will reach eternal youth.

Hidden Kamakura 3
Gionyama Hiking Course
Experience over a 100 years of history packed into this short but interesting hike as you explore Kamakura's peaceful and secluded eastern hills

Practicing Shugendo on Mt. Omine
Ancient traditions thrive on Nara's most sacred summit
Practicing Shugendo on Mt. Omine

Abukuma and Irimizu Limestone Caves
Explore the beautiful limestone caves of Fukushima
Abukuma and Irimizu limestone caves are in Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture. Walking into them is like walking into another world, with strange rock formations everywhere, and plenty of challenges for the more adventurous visitors. 

Hiking Mt. Kaya
Itoshima’s little Mt. Fuji's got views
Hiking guide to Mt. Kaya, the little Mt. Fuji of Fukuoka's Itoshima Peninsula. Short beginner hike with panoramic views of sun, sea, mountains, and more.

Hanayagura Observation Point
The best view of Yoshino?
Hanaragura Observation Point

Hiking Along the Oirase Stream
Stunning forest scenery in Aomori
The Oirase Stream in Aomori Prefecture offers easy day hiking in a pristine forest setting.

Wild Flowers of Iwate and Tohoku
Enjoy more of Tohoku's natural beauty with wild flowers
Wild flowers of Iwate and Tohoku

Rocky Hike up Mt. Shibutsu
Spectacular view of the clouds at the mountain top
The top of Mount Shibutsu in Gunma is a rocky 5-hour trip but it's totally worth the view!