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Sado's Dramatic Sotokaifu Coastline
Find natural beauty and solitude in this remote region
Explore the jagged cliffs and breathtaking views of Sado's dramatic Sotokaifu coastline, and find true solitude in the small village of Iwayaguchi.

Climbing Mount Kinpu
Colorful flowers, big rocks and sensational views
Mount Kinpu: With its lush forests, rocky paths, even bigger boulders and spectacular views, this is a great place to experience nature at its best.

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Hidden Kamakura 2
The Tenen Hiking Course
Experience a longer and more challenging hiking course located in Kamakura`s rugged northern hills

Tadewara Wetlands
A fascinating ecosystem tucked into the Kuju Mountains
The Tadewara Wetlands, tucked away at the base of the imposing Kuju Mountain range in Oita Prefecture, is a diverse environment that boasts many endangered native plants.

Monkey Park Iwatayama in Kyoto
Feed, walk with snow monkeys year round
Hike up a mountainside, feed wild monkeys and enjoy the view at Kyoto’s Iwatayama Monkey Park.

Tochikubo Village
More than sake and snow
Tochikubo Village - little-discussed facets of Japanese life

View Mt Fuji from Fujisan Express
Train features observation car, cute characters
Take a ride on the Fujisan Express and enjoy the view of Mount Fuji from this unique train experience in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Rice Planting at Watashi-No-Inaka
Experience nature-filled "Satoyama" in Chiba City!
Experience rice planting at "Watashi-No-Inaka" Yato Workshop located in Yato Country Hills of Wakaba Ward, Chiba City.

Short Sleeve Snowboarding
Final Runs at Ohara Ski Area
Snowboarding in short sleeves and the last run of the season at Ohara, a tiny and beautiful ski area in Niigata

Tiny onsen at the source of Nikko's hot spring water
Hidden in a Buddhist temple in the Okunikko area is a tiny, public onsen. A great alternative to the bustle of Onsen resorts and ryokans.

Pilgrimage to Yoshimine-dera
A secret mountainside retreat
Yoshimine Temple is number 20 of the 33 temples in the Saigoku or Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage. Founded in 1029, it remains a haven of tranquility in the hills between Kyoto and Osaka.

Double Blossom in 40 Minutes
Direct local train takes you to Hanamiyama and Ogawara
Hanamiyama and Ogawara, in Fukushima and Miyagi respectively, are two locations with beautiful cherry blossoms. They are just a 40 minute local train ride apart.