Explore Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture
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Chill at Keya Beach
Fukuoka's top summer resort
The beach houses provide large parasols and seating on the beach
Category: Sports, Sightseeing, Water sports, Night life, Food
Fukuoka, Japan's top beach resort. Overview with photos of Keya and it's beach houses, clear waters for swimming, and fine scenery.

Shinagawa Kumin Park
Pretty multi-use park in Shinagawa Ward
A look at the beautifully landscaped pond
Category: Sports, Water sports
Shinagawa Kumin Park is a beautiful, open area with plenty to do, such as BBQ, tennis, baseball, a visit to the aquarium, and a peaceful stroll around the pond

Playing in the Yu River
A perfect activity for summertime!
The refreshing waters of the Yu river
Category: Sports, Trekking, Water sports
Summer in Japan can be very hot. The Yu river in Karuizawa city is the perfect way to cool down. Bring shorts and waterproof shoes!

Motomachi Swimming Pool, Yokohama
Oasis in humid summer season in Yamate
Motomachi Swimming Pool in Motomachi Park
Category: Sports, Water sports
Motomachi swimming pool is an oasis in Yamate, Yokohama, for the summer season. 

Blue Moon at Isshiki Beach Hayama
Popular beach house at one of World's 100 Best Beaches
Blue Moon beach house is constructed with bamboo selected from the annual forest clearance in Hayama.
Category: Trekking, Sightseeing, Water sports, Night life, Food
Blue Moon beach house at Isshiki Beach in Hayama (No. 65 of "World's 100 Best Beaches" by CNN in 2014) is positioned in the center of the crescent overlooking the soft silky sands and into the deep blue horizon. Their dining, music, drinks, rentals, and spa services will take your beach going experience to a whole other level in Japan.

Hattyohama Beach
Surfing and Solitude on the North Shore of Kyoto
Surfing at Hattyohama Beach in Kyoto Prefecture
Category: Sports, Sightseeing, Water sports, Hot springs
Like the north shore of Hawaii, the north shore of Kyoto Prefecture is one little known to tourists and locals alike. Its quiet alternative lifestyle attracts those marching to a different drum. Like its namesake in Hawaii, its deserted beaches are calm in summer, yet in winter surfers come out to try out some of the best surfing beaches in the area.

Beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base
Summer fun in Shonan (Miura Peninsula)
Watch the waves crash along the natural rock formations on the north end of Kannonzaki Beach in Yokosuka
Category: Sports, Trekking, Sightseeing, Water sports, Night life, Food
A list of 12 beaches near Yokosuka Naval Base. All are located within one hour or less from base, situated on the Shonan coast of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture.

Omimaiko Beach at Lake Biwa
A beautiful quiet beach 45 minutes from Kyoto
The view from the beach.
Category: Sports, Sightseeing, Water sports
Are you looking for a way to take advantage of the warm weather of Kansai? Try Omimaiko beach on lake Biwa, a clear-water peaceful beach located only 45 minutes from Kyoto on the JR Biwa line. 

Shingu-ya Beach House
Summer life at the edge of Fukuoka City
Shingu Beach has lifeguards, something of a rarity here
Category: Sports, Water sports, Food
Beach house on the broad, beautiful, scenic, and sandy Shingu Beach at the edge of Fukuoka City. Rentals, shelter, food, and more.

Shingu Beach
Vast sandy stretch on the edge of Fukuoka City
A Shingu Beach sunset
Category: Water sports
Large beach on the edge of Fukuoka City with natural surroundings, island views,  lifeguarded swimming, and a beach house.

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