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Pod Snowsports School, Yuzawa
Fun instructors who make arranging a ski trip so easy
Pod Snow Sports School are based in Yuzawa and give ski and snowboard lessons to all levels and ages. Their service includes helping you negotiate all the logistics of your ski trip and making sure you make the best choices. Fun, charming instructors who share their experience and passion with a smile.

Hokkaido's Amazing Flower Fields
The Shikisai-no-Oka Garden in Biei
Located in the heart of Hokkaido are lovely panoramic flower fields. One of the most stunning is the garden, Shikisai-no-oka, or 'colors of four seasons hill'.

Swan Boat Rental, Lake Kawaguchiko
In the middle of a lake with a grand view of Mt Fuji
Too late for climbing season? Make your trip to see the iconic Mt. Fuji an unforgettable one by renting a swan boat at Lake Kawaguchiko. Stop by Tozawa Center located at the northern coast of the lake for an adventure you won't forget!

Black Diamond Freeski Shop, Kagura
Great gear shop in the middle of the Mitsumata car park
Black Diamond Freeski Pro-Shop at Mitsumata/Kagura. One of the best places in the area to buy/rent high-end ski equipment. They specialize in backcountry gear.

Early Season Skiing at Kagura
How's the Skiing and Snowboarding in November?
Ski Season in Yuzawa kicks off when Kagura opens at the end of November each year. How much early snow has fallen plays a big part on how good it is. Ski and snowboard fans will love it. Others may be better off waiting for winter proper.

Day-trips from Tokyo: Karuizawa
Everything you need to know about this resort town
Karuizawa is a tranquil resort town an hour by train from Tokyo, a good place for a fun day-trip or relaxing two- or three-day break

Cavorting at Kyotango
A day trip of kayaking and swimming from Kyoto
The north shore of Kyoto prefecture revolves around Wakasa Bay, looking like a shining pearl necklace that stretches beyond the horizon from Hyogo to Fukui. This realm is blessed with pristine beaches and majestic peninsulas, whose forested hills kiss the sea. You can go swimming, surfing, fishing, or kayaking, in any combination you please. In Maizuru as well as Kyotango, you may come across kayakers doing a bit of squid or sea bream fishing on the side. Keep an eye for the sea eagles as they know where the richest fishing spots are.

The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival
A glorious exhibition of drunken insanity
The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival, an outrageous combination of flames, kindling and tons of sake is held every year on January 15th in Nozawa Onsen, a hot spring resort and ski village in northern Nagano Prefecture.

Climbing Mount Ontake - 2
Finding peace, spirituality and the odd hardship
Climbing Mount Ontake during the snowy season. It is a beautiful, holy mountain. Part 2.

Climbing Mount Ontake - 1
Finding peace, spirituality and the odd hardship
A hike through snow covered peaks on Mount Ontake, a very holy mountain. Part 1