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A cool experience in Kamakura with owls that I will never forget.
Come and experience the best of Japan’s colorful Hydrangea season in Nogeyama Park, one of Yokohama’s most convenient and perhaps best free attractions!
If you want something different than your average cat, owl, bunny or goat-themed cafe you are in luck. HARRY the hedgehog cafe is the latest addition to Tokyo's animal-themed cafe's.
On a crest at the top of a mountain, overlooking the Choshikei gorge, tourists can visit a one-of-a-kind "natural zoo" where they can watch, photograph, and even arrange to feed wild monkeys. This monkey group have become accustomed to humans within the bounds of the 'osaru no kuni' (Monkey Land). After paying a nominal entrance fee, you can walk around the mountainside surrounded by wildlife.
Nakagawa Aqua ParkHighlight and its hands-on observation pool.
Hamura Zoo in suburban Tokyo welcomes Momo the hawk to their small animal kingdom.
Aqua Park Shinagawa, also called Shinagawa Aquarium, is a well established aquarium close to Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, Japan.