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Beloved writer, teacher, vegetarian, and social activist, Kenji Miyazawa lived a colorful life. His second grave recalls the beauty of his scenes from his literature.
Adventures using public transport on the Shikoku Henro.
A two day festival held every year. The local train station is also only open during the festival, Tsushima no Miya Station. The festival centers around a shrine on a tiny island connected to the mainland by a 250m bridge that is also opened only for the festival (the boards of the bridge are actually removed for most of the year).
Miyajima is famous for its o-torii but the island has a long history tied to Japan and is a deep part of Japanese culture and history
Kawaii is everywhere and with everyone in Japan. Understanding the roots, history, and impact of it makes it even more rewarding to observe it.
Going inside one of Osaka's most underrated and under visited museums - the Japan Mint.
Yokohama's Landmark Tower and Nippon Maru, a unique collaboration of 20th & 21st technology.
The temple of 33 intervals gives an undescribeable impression at Sanjusangendo in Kyoto