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Hina Festival of Inatori Onsen
A beautiful display in Shizuoka's Izu Peninsula
From January 20th to March 31st, the tiny seaside town of Inatori, in the Izu Peninsula, hosts its annual 'Hina-no-tsurushikazari Matsuri', a lovely festival combining hina dolls and handmade hanging ornaments.
A Shimizu temple with a big white dragon
Near Shimizu station in the suburbs of Shizuoka in central Japan, Kojoji is one of a cluster of four Buddhist temples, with a restful atmosphere and some interesting carvings and statues.
The Fine Art of Kamaboko Making
Molding your own fish paste at an Odawara museum
Make your own loaf of kamaboko and chikuwa skewer while learning about the cultural history of fish paste in Odawara, a seaside castle town near Tokyo.
Hanamaki Souminsai
A Shinto purification festival to bring in the new year
The Hanamaki Souminsai is held every year on January 2nd at the Koshio shrine on Mount Koshio.
Tokyo Art: Mind Of An Architecture
Frank Gehry's twisted designs at 'I Have An Idea' show

The 'I Have An Idea" exhibition in Roppongi an inspiration.

Toyama/Gifu Fair at Futako-Tamagawa
Food, products and performances
The Toyama and Gifu food/product fair was held at Futako-Tamagawa's RISE complex back on November 21st–22nd 2015.
A tranquil temple in Shimizu
In Shimizu in the suburbs of Shizuoka in central Japan, Myorenji is a small, appealing Buddhist temple with an assortment of interesting statues.
Fussa City Chuo Library
A public library in Fussa City
In the suburbs of Tokyo, Chuo City Library in Fussa City is just one of the many public libraries around Japan, offering complete and free educational services to locals and foreigners alike. 
'I Have An Idea' Exhibition
Explore the mind of famous architecture until Feb. 7
“So you have an idea. A stupid Idea, but you like it." Frank Gehry exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo.
Takahatafudoson Kongo Temple
Visit a beautiful five-storied pagoda
See a red five-storied pagoda at Takahatafudoson Kongo Temple and come here in the second half of November for the autumn maple festival.
Found: 1702 results