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Hiroshima a city of Peace, Miyajima "Island of Gods" Visiting Peace Memorial Park, a place of horror and hope. Praying for peace at Itsukushima Shrine.
A visit to Hitachi Seaside Park, a beautiful flower park, from a small town of Mito, which is famous for a traditional Japanese garden and house.
Are you planning to visit Kamakura as a side trip from Tokyo? If so, it must mean that you will visit the Daibutsu, or the Great Buddha. The exterior of the enormous Buddha statue is of course, the most impressive part of the site, but what not many people know is that you can actually enter the statue to visit the interior for a very small price.
The tradition of dyeing formal kimonos. A class with step by step instructions from a professional Kimono maker.
A massive annual firework show in the heart of Yokohama's business district, don't miss next year's!
Umeda Sky Building has an interesting design and suggests a grand view of Osaka from its Floating Garden Observatory.
The Umi no Bon Festival is Matsushima's version of the summer time custom to remember ancestors and unite the community. The two day festival features floating lanterns, Bon dancing, fireworks, and a procession of Buddhist priests.
Omikuji are written fortunes offered at shrines and temples in Japan. Usually, omikuji require a small offering ( ¥100 usually), and are chosen randomly from a box. At Senso-ji Temple (Asakusa Kannon Temple), Tokyo's oldest temple, in Asakusa you can pick up an omikuji to try your luck.