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Hanami at Nishi Park
Enjoy cherry blossoms in downtown Fukuoka
Sagamihara Carp Streamer Festival
Kanagawa's Golden Week celebration for children
ln honor of Children's Day, 1,200 carp-shaped wind socks are displayed over the Sagami River for Sagamihara's Koi-no-bori' festival.
A Romantic Winter Walk
Otaru Snow Light Path Festival 2016
Close to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido is Otaru's Snow Light Path Festival. Here you can enjoy the romantic glow of thousands of candles alongside ice and snow displays next to the canal.
Kodo Celebrates 35 Years
Taiko drumming sensation offers a year of performances
Celebrate 35 years of taiko drumming by Sado-based ensemble Kodo in a series of summer performances.
Bishamondo Naked Man Festival, Urasa
One of Japan's most bizarre winter festivals
The Naked Man Festival at Urasa's Bishamondo is one of the top bizarre festivals in Japan and a wonderful night out each year on March 3rd.
Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival
2014.07.27 Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival
Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival 2014
Gojinjo Taiko
Japanese drumming gone wild
Gojinjo Daiko, a kind of Japanese drumming specific to Ishikawa Prefecture, has a tradition of 400 years.
Setsubun at Kasuga Shrine
Lanterns aglow on a midwinter's eve in Nara
Enjoying the candlelit lanterns at Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara.
Kyoto Cherry Blossom Illuminations
A fairytale wonderland after dark
The Cherry Blossom season in Kyoto starts in late March, and from March 29 to April 14 you can experience its fleeting beauty in many of Kyoto’s parks, temple and castle gardens. Called hanami in Japanese, locals and tourists alike take this time to celebrate spring with a picnic underneath a full bloom of cherry trees. Whether you are eating, drinking, dancing or relaxing, look up and see a sea of flowers above you. At night, many places are lit up, with the blossoms taking on a magical glow. Here are Kyoto’s magnificent seven after dark.
Hina Festival of Inatori Onsen
A beautiful display in Shizuoka's Izu Peninsula
From January 20th to March 31st, the tiny seaside town of Inatori, in the Izu Peninsula, hosts its annual 'Hina-no-tsurushikazari Matsuri', a lovely festival combining hina dolls and handmade hanging ornaments.
Found: 247 results