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The Kurayami Festival in Fuuchu, Tokyo is Japan's most beautiful festival. It happens once a year during the first week of May at the Okunitama Shrine
Named after the traditional 'waraij' straw sandals, Fukushima's annual festival to mark the summer kicks off in early August.
Sendai Tanabata Festival held August 6th-8th always delights visitors. The largest Tanabata event in Japan continues to grow in 2016.
Centering around an impressive array of almost a hundred lanterns, this is a festival worth a trek to attend. If traditional Japanese entertainment isn't your thing, try your hand at festival games or eat some street food.
I ended the day of Tanabata by going to Enoshima, and was not disappointed.
The Firefly Festival is one of the less known festivals in Tokyo. It takes place in Boroichi-dori, Setagaya-ku. It is a small local event where Japanese celebrate the summer season.
Summer matsuri in Japan are a joyous way to enjoy Japanese culture. You can wear a traditional yukata robe and experience parades, street food, dancing and games.