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A two day festival held every year. The local train station is also only open during the festival, Tsushima no Miya Station. The festival centers around a shrine on a tiny island connected to the mainland by a 250m bridge that is also opened only for the festival (the boards of the bridge are actually removed for most of the year).
The temple of 33 intervals gives an undescribeable impression at Sanjusangendo in Kyoto
Exploring the surrounding area of Osaka in Ikeda City and getting off the beaten track
Nada no Kenka is celebrated in Himeji on October 14 and 15. A festival where floats carried by more than fifty men appear to fight is a magical celebration full of color, energy and tradition.
The first day of Nada no Kenka is one of preparation. Watching the blessing ceremony for the floats and the after event are very rewarding experiences.
Off the beaten track and off the shinkansen line. Welcome to an unknown frontier, welcome to Okayama prefecture.
Engyoji is located at Mount Shosha in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. It is a special temple known for its architecture, autumn leaves, and history, the complex will take you to a deep spiritual journey.
A lot of hard work goes into the Takayama Autumn Festival, from the costumes, to music, to choreography to the props. Grab your headphones and experience the detailed sights and sounds.