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Oishi Jinja: Honoring 47 Samurai
A shrine dedicated to the famous ronin of Ako
Ako's Oishi Shrine is dedicated to the 47 loyal samurai of the Asano feudal lord.  Led by Kuranosuke Oishi, for whom the shrine is named, their story of revenge is one of Japan's most famous.
Ako: Castle of the 47 Samurai
Impressive ruins in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture
Ako Castle, completed in 1648, is known for its association with the feudal lord, Naganori Asano, whose death was avenged by 47 of his samurai - one of Japan's most famous stories.
'Early Ukiyo-e' Exhibit In Chiba
17th-century traditional artwork show until Feb. 25

Early Ukiyo-e exhibit through Feb. 28 at the Chiba City Museum of Art

Kumano Kodo World Heritage Center
An information center for the Kumano region
The rich history of Kumano Kodo and its vital position as a religious hub is clearly described in this information center.
Myokeiji and Roppongi Hills
Sun down, lights up, and the hidden beauty is revealed
Myokeiji is run by the 24th generation priest, a blessing in disguise with its down-to-earth atmosphere permeating the neighbourhood.
Yamazoe-mura in Nara
A full on countryside experience
Yamazoe-mura in Nara, a complete countryside experience
Musashi Imperial Graveyard, Takao
An impressive graveyard of two emperors
In the western suburbs of Tokyo you can find Musashi Imperial Graveyard, an impressive graveyard of two emperors and their empress wives.
Imai-cho, the Nail that Sticks Up
Art, innovation, contrast and history in Nara
Imai-cho, the Nail that Sticks Up
Russian Orthodox Church Hakodate
Come face to face with a 19th century icon in Motomachi
When the Russian government established a consulate here, they bought their state religion with them, and the Russian Orthodox Church was consecrated as a chapel in 1859.
A Mix of Culture at Take-Sho Zhuang
A tranquil villa in Tsurukawa
Take-Sho Zhuang (武相莊) is a villa owned by Jiro Shirusu and his wife Masako. Born in Japan but later received education in Cambridge, he returned to Japan to take care of his family business, and later as the president of Tohoku Electric Power. His experience and inclination to the west is reflected in many exhibits from the Western world.
Found: 831 results