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Visiting Kobe's Ikuta-Jinja Shrine
An astounding shrine full of history in central Kobe
In Japan's port city of Kobe, Ikuta-jinja is a captivating shinto shrine, one of the oldest in Japan, built by the Jingu empire in the early 3rd century B.C.
Obi Town - the 'Kyoto of Kyushu'
Two days in this quaint historical town won't disappoint
Obi Town, in Nichinan city, Miyazaki, is often labeled as the ‘Kyoto of Kyushu’ – it is very popular with tourists and domestic travelers, for good reason.
The Historic City of Sawara
Little Edo that is not far from downtown Tokyo
Take a trip in the past, and get a feel of the Edo period.
Doll Warehouse in Shiroishi
Range of Japan dolls and postwar pop in old warehouses
The Doll Warehouse in Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture, are actually two Edo era warehouses stuffed full of traditional dolls and some Japanese postwar pop culture.
Sharp like a Knife
Sakai's traditional blade-making
Knives hand-crafted in Sakai are the perfect omiyake from Japan that will bring the receiver long-lasting satisfaction whenever using it, provided you keep it sharp! The Sakai experts recommend to sharpen your knives once a week by using a whetstone with a fine degree of coarseness.
Big Buddha at Nihon-ji, Chiba
Hand-carved stone Buddha overlooks temple on mountain
31-meter, stone-carved Buddha in Nokogiriyama, Chiba!
Nanki Shirahama's Sandanbeki Cave
Fascinating pirate's lair on Kii Peninsula, Wakayama
Sandanbeki Cave is close to Wakayama's famous Shirahama Beach, at the bottom of a beautiful cliff-side view point. Visitors can explore this impressive cave that was once a hidden pirate's lair.
Obi Castle
The 'Little Kyoto’ of Kyushu
A Week in Miyazaki
Explore at your leisure with these itineraries

Miyazaki promises a wealth of cultural, geological and culinary discoveries for those keen to explore one of Japan's warmest, most tropical prefectures.

Oishi Jinja: Honoring 47 Samurai
A shrine dedicated to the famous ronin of Ako
Ako's Oishi Shrine is dedicated to the 47 loyal samurai of the Asano feudal lord.  Led by Kuranosuke Oishi, for whom the shrine is named, their story of revenge is one of Japan's most famous.
Found: 836 results