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Fukagawa Edo Museum
A small museum with a beautiful replica Edo town
Fukagawa Edo Museum is a great museum to experience what it was like to live during the Tempo period (1830-43)
Golden Pharaohs and Pyramids Exhibit
Sendai City Museum showcases Egyptian treasures
From April 22 (Fri) to June 26 (Sun), Sendai City Museum is hosting the Golden Pharaohs and Pyramids Exhibit.
Teshima Yokoo House
Traditional house hides contemporary art in its midst
Teshima Yokoo House is a seemingly traditional looking house in Teshima's Ieura district, which has a few contemporary art additions that will make you look twice.
The Inoh Tadataka Museum
Story behind the first ever map of Japan
Follow the story of Inoh Tadataka, the first man to create an accurate map of Japan.
The Historic City of Sawara
Little Edo that is not far from downtown Tokyo
Take a trip in the past, and get a feel of the Edo period.
Folklore Museum, Michinoku Village
A museum exploring country life during Edo period.
A folklore village depicting most aspects of village life during Edo Period. It contains an incredible amount of well preserved artifacts.
Summer in Kumamoto Castle
The Charm of Castle in Southern Japan
Kumamoto Castle, a magnificent castle located in southern Japan and is the pride of Kyushu has never lost its charm in any season. The summer is a good time to see its splendor and enjoy the various festivals in and around it.
Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts
Art, a relaxing cafe, and western-style souvenirs!
Tochigi Prefecture Museum is barrier-free (slopes, elevators, washrooms), open and bright. Even if you are not an art-lover, you may want to visit to pick up Japanese art souvenirs, or for a relaxing lunch, tea, coffee or dessert.
Why Manhole Covers!? Exhibit
Art at your feet now in the gallery
Manhole covers in Japan, more often than not they are elaborate, creative, humorous or insipiring in their design. An art gallery in Miyagi has decided to take the best of their prefectural's manhole cover designs and share them in an upcoming exhibit.
Fukuchiyama Railway Museum
Fun for adults and children at Poppoland
Long before the advent of the first Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train service in 1964, steam locomotives such as the C 58 series ferried passengers and freight across Japan. Today, you can get a feel of how magnificent these 100 tonne plus locomotives are, at the Fukuchiyama Railway Museum Annex (Poppo land No 2). Her sister train, the C58-1, can be found at the Kyoto Railway Museum from May 2016. Also called Tetsudokan Poppo Land in Japanese, the Fukuchiyama Railway Museum is in two locations, within two minute’s walk of each other. 
Found: 476 results