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The Takayama Jinya is the only National historical site of its kind in Japan. Beautifully preserved and filled with history, it is an excellent way to get to know the Edo period whilst you are visiting the area.
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP Museum), formerly known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, reopens its doors to the public on 3rd September 2016
MEGA WEB is the car theme park to 'Look', 'Ride' and 'Feel' automobile. There are 3 facilities based on each theme.
The Edo-Tokyo​ Museum brings the history of Japan's modern capital to life.
The Museum of Musical instruments located in Hamamatsu contains a rich collection of musical instruments from various countries and different times. Besides viewing the instruments, visitors can listen to the sounds of and watch videos on how they're played.
Catch the Kimono Fashion show at Nishijin Textile Center, open from 10am to 6pm in northwest Kyoto.
Built in 1964, the Hakkoda-Maru was a transport ship that carried trains from Aomori, in the north of Honshu Island, to Hakodate, in the south of Hokkaido. Hakkoda-Maru provided services from 1966 until 1988, when the opening of the underwater Seikan Tunnel rendered sea transport less desirable and redundant. Today, the vessel has been transformed into a memorial ship permanently docked at Matsu Bay in Aomori City.
Nestled among bamboo and other greenery in the western end of Kyoto, Dream At is quiet and relaxing spot to take a short break and cool down from the heat between visiting crowded attractions nearby.