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You think the Tohoku region is calm and serene? Think again! From the sunset, Kokubunchô comes to life and animates the city of Sendai for several hours.
Trip to Nakameguro bar Cabin in Tokyo, a chic and cozy whiskey bar with a lovely ambiance and great drinks and food.
Brewdog in Roppongi brings Scottish craft beer to Tokyo.
A trip to Nishi Ogikubo station, a small and thriving neighborhood on JR Chuo Line with tons of restaurants and small bars.
A quick trip to Tokyo's unique Bar Tram and Bar Trench, two absinthe and whiskey liquor bars. Try their famous cocktails
Live music venue at the heart of Shibuya. Living Room by eplus combines art, great food, and music.
Robot Restaurant is truly the most awesome and fascinating Tokyo experience. It was my best birthday ever in my favorite city!