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Akan National Park is truly a wonder in all seasons. In winter the lake shines as the water freezes over and the ice-covered crater lake can be traversed in numerous ways.
The wisteria tunnels and surrounding gardens of Kawachi Fuji-en draw flower enthusiasts from around the world each spring to Kitakyushu in the south of Japan.
Kyoto Gion Shirakawa Street in Spring: Charming cherry tree walkway along a stream
Ouchi-juku is an Edo-Period post station located in Shimogo Town, Aizu County, Fukushima Prefecture.
4 kilometer photo walk between Enzan JR Station and Erinji Temple
During my first visit to Tokyo I was lucky to arrive in March and stay right through April, the cherry blossom season. I visited the Indian embassy in Kudanshita, and that was when I saw the blossoms in its full glory at the Chidorigafuchi Gardens just outside the premises.
Gion Shirakawa’s spring illumination: Viewing cherry blossoms at night! Enjoy the pink petals and magic of the night atmosphere along one of Kyoto's most famous streets.
Toyama’s Yuki-no-Otani is open from around mid-April until early June. The walkway closed June 10th for 2012, but you can stilll enjoy snow there in June around Murodo.