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Naoshima is not only famous for its art, but also for its local delicacies. The island is known for salt harvesting, and so you can find multiple stores selling packaged salt collected from Naoshima locally. The brand sold at the port is called Solashio. To market its salt products, Naoshima also has a famous "Shio," or salt, cider. The soda tastes faintly of Ramune and Sprite, with a lick of salt.
Takeshita-dori is a famous street in Harajuku. Feel a great sense of atmosphere through these photos taken of the fashion streetwear found in Tokyo.
Located in a small corner building in Gion, Maiko Antiques is the most interesting shop I've been to in Japan, or maybe even the world.
Just off the beaten path from the main touristy areas of Nihombashi, Sakura Kimono and Hourindou sell authentic Japanese goods targeted for locals and foreigners alike. 5-minute walk from Mitsukoshi-Mae Station, the first floor is dedicated to urushi, or lacquerware, while the upper floor has a bigger focus on second-hand kimono and Japanese clothing.
A visit to Harajuku's sneaker district. Check out Kicks Lab and their amazing collection of vintage Jordans.
A visit to Village Vanguard bookstore in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Take a look at the wonderful and quirky manga shop that sells just about everything.
Tokyo is known for its out-of-this-world street fashion. Harajuku is the place where you can surely find the most different styles and the weirdest outfits.
Resort Outlet Yatsugatake shopping mall in Yamanashi Prefecture combines shopping and nature for a wonderful experience.