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Tokyo Anime Center in UDX Akihabara
Be amazed with a maze of amazing anime-related items!
In Tokyo's anime district of Akihabara, Tokyo Anime Center in UDX Akihabara is a place to satisfy your anime-related dreams and fantasies.
Akihabara's Shosen Book Tower
A bookworm and geek's paradise
In Tokyo's otaku district of Akihabara, be fascinated by thousands and thousands of books in one whole building at Shosen Book Tower.
Akihabara's K-Books
The anime bloggers' "best doujinshi store in Tokyo"
In Tokyo's techie Akihabara district, K-Books Akihabara is more than just a mere comic or book shop: it's the best book shop for doujinshi, or amateur self-published manga.
Uniqlo Akihabara
A Japanese brand that suits huge sizes
If you're in Japan and fancy a Japanese touch for your wardrobe, Uniqlo is the best apparel shop for you, a local Japanese brand with international appeal.
Dried Foods in English at Tomizawa
Buy Japanese spices and dried fish in Machida
At Tomizawa in Machida you can buy dried foods, spices and Japanese desserts, and every product is labeled in English as well!
Healthy Living in Shinjuku
Three great natural and eco-friendly shops

Three great shops that make shopping for all natural products much easier right in Shinjuku.

Rilakkuma Store In Tokyo Station
Entire store devoted to bear who just wants to relax

He's the cuddly bear who just wants to relax. Check out the RILAKKUMA STORE in Tokyo Station. #tokyo #rilakkuma

Visit a fantasy forest village near Hamamatsu

Near Hamamatsu in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Nukumori-no-Mori is a cute forest fantasy village, its cottages and mushroom houses home to shops and a cafe.

Arita Cafe & Gallery 'Saredo'
Local pottery, tasty food & more in Saga Prefecture

Located in the town of Arita, Saga Prefecture, Getou-an Saredo is a lovely cafe/gallery that offers a great selection of local pottery & other handmade products, in addition to tasty lunches and drinks. 

Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi
Shopping, dining and art

In Tokyo's bustling Roppongi district, Tokyo Midtown is an upmarket complex of shops, restaurants and art and design museums.

Found: 481 results