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Stationery Heaven at Itoya
All the stationery you’ll ever need, and more
If you're a big fan of all things stationery then the Itoya buildings will blow your mind with the sheer amount of stationery they have available.
American Village
Experience 1950's America in Okinawa
American Village located in Okinawais a fun and quirky place to go to if you are looking to spend some time in a place that seems to be a mix of Santa Monica, Disneyland and a Japanese megastore.
Graf Studio
Design studio, shop and cafe in Osaka
Graf Studio, design studio, shop and cafe in Osaka
Sakuda Gold & Silver Leaf Company
A craft maker of Kanazawa gold leaf
After first opening in 1919, Sakuda flourished at the time when golden Buddhist statues and figurines for putting up on altars picked up in demand. Its business has developed from the sole production of gold-leaf production to selling its own gold-leaf accessories.
Vintage Treasures at Toyo Hyakkaten
Cause you’ll be poppin’ those tags
Toyo Hyakkaten will probably have everything you can expect to find in a thrift/handmade/zakka store. Head on down there if you're looking for a good bargain or quirky jewellery!
D&Department Osaka
Design-led shop and cafe
Design buffs should head to D&Department Osaka, a design-led space in Horie district, close to the famous Orange Street. Designer Kenmei Nagaoka launched the project D&Department as a means of creating, sharing and appreciating enduring designs, and is especially celebratory of timeless Japanese designs and traditions.
A walk along Ise Shrine's old shopping street
A walk along Oharaimachi, Ise Shrine's old shopping street
Truck Furniture
Beautiful hand-crafted furniture from Osaka
Truck Furniture, beautiful hand-crafted furniture from Osaka
Maruzen and Junkudo Bookstore Osaka
Find brand new and updated publications
Find brand new and updated publications at Junkudo and Maruzen, the latter being a reputable book seller of imported books in Osaka
Crafts & Permaculture Country Mall
A concept store in Meiji Dori
Crafts and Permaculture Country Mall
Found: 511 results