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La Kagu
Lifestyle store La Kagu is a temple of cool.
La Kagu is a lifestyle store featuring a cafe, a boutique and a lecture space.
Get Connected with a JAPAN WiFi Mobile Hotspot
How to rent a JAPAN WiFi mobile hotspot
A guide to renting a mobile JAPAN WiFi hotspot through XCom
Shopping at Loft
A range of products that appeal to foreign visitors
Loft is the perfect place for foreign tourists to find unique and affordable souvenirs.
A Ninjutsu Experience in Kyoto
Try a lesson or buy Iga-ryu Ninjutsu goods
Stumbling upon a Ninja Dojo and Store in Kyoto.
Kuromon Market
A dream come true for all foodies
The Kuromon Markets in Osaka offer an impressive variety of food, a dream for foodies from around the world. The word market is called ichiba in Japanese, so this place is often called the Kuromon Ichiba.
Japanese Beer
All you need to know to choose the best beer
Everyting you need to know about beer in Japan.
Mandarake, Akihabara
A haven for animation and manga fandom
Indulge in your animation and manga fandom at Mandarake, a one-stop chain hobby shop spread all over Akihabara.
Osu Kannon Shopping District
Hustle and bustle that twists modern and traditional
Connected to the temple of the same name, the Osu Kannon Shopping District is a fun and stylish commercial center in Nagoya
A Stroll through Kuroe
Exploring Kainan's lacquerware town
Antenna Shops in Tokyo
Explore Japan's prefectures without leaving the capital
Antenna shops offer food and goods from Japan's various prefectures, providing a chance to travel the country without leaving the capital.
Found: 498 results