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Glass-enclosed Pool Under Dome
Fancy a swim in Utsunomiya? Go to Dream Pool Kawachi!
No matter what the weather, you can refresh at Dream Pool Kawachi. It is under a dome roof, half-encircled by glass. Between the glass and a donut-shaped pool, some deck chairs are set up like at a beach resort.
Kawasemi Boat Ride at Dorokyo Gorge
Riding through the Grand Canyon of the Kumano
Dorokyo Gorge is the collective name given to a 31 kilometer long stretch of ravines along the Kitayama River, a tributary of the Kumano River, that runs through Nara, Mie and Wakayama prefectures.
Cycling and Boating on Lake Tazawa
A meditation on renewal and growth
Cycling and Boating on Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in all of Japan. There is a legend here about a girl called Tatsuko, who thought that by drinking its water, she will reach eternal youth.
Kayaking in Soyo Gorge
Fun and adventure even for beginners
Soyo Gorge is the dividing line between Kumamoto and Miyazaki. All you can hear is the birds' tweeting and your paddling.
A Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port
Views of Navy Fleet & Maritime Self-Defense Force
A Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port. Japan's only cruise that offers up-close views of United States 7th Fleet and Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force. Yokosuka city, ocean views, navy vessels, and more!
Canyoning on the Namekawa
Autumn leaves and a scene from an adventure movie
Canyoning - hiking, repelling, swimming and sliding down waterfalls and mountain rivers
Chill at Keya Beach
Fukuoka's top summer resort
Fukuoka, Japan's top beach resort. Overview with photos of Keya and it's beach houses, clear waters for swimming, and fine scenery.
Shinagawa Kumin Park
Pretty multi-use park in Shinagawa Ward
Shinagawa Kumin Park is a beautiful, open area with plenty to do, such as BBQ, tennis, baseball, a visit to the aquarium, and a peaceful stroll around the pond
Playing in the Yu River
A perfect activity for summertime!
Summer in Japan can be very hot. The Yu river in Karuizawa city is the perfect way to cool down. Bring shorts and waterproof shoes!
Motomachi Swimming Pool, Yokohama
Oasis in humid summer season in Yamate
Motomachi swimming pool is an oasis in Yamate, Yokohama, for the summer season. 
Found: 93 results