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Short Sleeve Snowboarding
Final Runs at Ohara Ski Area
Snowboarding in short sleeves and the last run of the season at Ohara, a tiny and beautiful ski area in Niigata
Sakura and Spring Skiing
Cherry blossoms and snow combined in early spring
Spring in Japan is cherry blossom or sakura season. The glorious pink and white flowers bloom up and down the length of the country for a month long period.
Takayama Travel Tips
Tour the mountains of Gifu Prefecture
Takayama ranks highly for travelers looking to add rural tourism to their list and has attractions that can not be found anywhere else in Japan. From Tokyo, the ride is beautiful and escaping into the mountain air is a refreshing experience. 
Ice Fishing on the Barato River
A unique way to experience Hokkaido in winter
Located just half an hour from Sapporo on the border between Sapporo and Ishikari, the Barato River is a picturesque escape from the bustle of Sapporo. The river, which is a recreation spot during the warmer months, is partially frozen during winter and is a popular location for ice fishing. Ice Fishing on the Barato River is a great way to experience the nature of Hokkaido in winter in a limited timeframe.
Lake Towada's Winter Story
The biggest winter festival in the Tohoku region
Lake Towada's Winter Story is the Tohoku region's largest winter festival, find out what goes on and how to get there.
Shigakogen Yakebitaiyama Ski Area
Japan's highest quality snow
Shigakogen Yakebitaiyama Ski Area, fluffy Colorado-quality snow at the host resort of 1998 Nagano Olympics
Charmant Hiuchi Snow Resort
The best powder on Honshu?
Charmant Hiuchi Snow Resort: a small mountain with big powder from first run till last. Remote enough to keep away the crowds
Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort
Ski resort at Tenei in southern Fukushima
Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort in southern Fukushima prefecture.
Snow Country Instructors, Yuzawa
Fun instructors who make arranging a ski trip so easy
Snow Country Instructors are based in Yuzawa and give ski and snowboard lessons to all levels and ages. Their service includes helping you negotiate all the logistics of your ski trip and making sure you make the best choices. Fun, charming instructors who share their experience and passion with a smile.
Hokkaido's Amazing Flower Fields
The Shikisai-no-Oka Garden in Biei
Located in the heart of Hokkaido are lovely panoramic flower fields. One of the most stunning is the garden, Shikisai-no-oka, or 'colors of four seasons hill'.
Found: 44 results