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Kyushu, located Southwest of the main island Honshu, is Japan’s third largest island with Fukuoka as its capital.
Kyushu's Mt. Aso boasts one of the largest calderas in the world. Come explore the beautiful area surrounding this active volcano.
Missing Christmas? Head to the Saishunkan Hilltop campus in Kumamoto for a massive display of holiday illuminations
Nabegataki Falls in Oguni is a striking waterfall not too far from Kurokawa Onsen.
Escape the heat of a Kyushu summer with a trip to Kikuchi Gorge in Kumamoto prefecture
Cuddly Dominion, an animal park on the lower slopes of Mt Aso, allows visitors to meet and interact with animals ranging from bears to dogs to cats to farm animals. 
Old Town Yamaga's main street - the Buzen Way - retains the feel of the Edo Period with its whitewashed rice storehouses and restored bathhouse.
Driving the Milk Road to Daikanbo lookout is one of Kumamoto prefecture's most scenic experiences.