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The Yumoto Onsen Snow Festival features amazing ice sculptures tucked into hollowed-out snow domes called kamakura. The nighttime LED light and music display are fantastic.
The Nasu Alpaca Farm in Tochigi Prefecture is the largest farm of its kind in Japan, with 400 alpaca.
Akechi-daira (明智平) is the best viewpoint of the nature of Nikko. Here, you can hold all of Mt. Nantai, Kegon-no-taki Falls, and Chuzen-ji Lake in one extraordinary frame.
Kegon-no-taki Falls (華厳の滝) are spectacular falls that show us their mystic beauty throughout the year.
Mount Oku-Shirane, also called Nikko Shirane is the highest peak in the area, but it feels like the highest point on earth!
Follow the footsteps of Priest Shodo to Takino'o Shrine through Nikko's ancient cedar forests. Full of history and nature, it's a great escape from city life.
Enjoy all-you-can-eat strawberry picking at Ichigo No Sato Farm for 30 minutes. Located in Tochigi Prefecture, delight your tastebuds in the freshly picked strawberries or strawberry desserts available at the Ichigonosato gift shop on the premises.
Located in the Kanmangafuchi area of Nikko, these stone Jizo statues are lined up in front of a wall and stretch a hundred meters or so, looking down upon a river.