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Japan's mountainous areas are best explored on a campervan adventure.
Take to the open roads of Hokkaido on a three-day campervan adventure.
The rural roads of Kyushu are an excellent place to enjoy a campervan adventure.
A weekend ride through the roads of Central Japan with a Harley Davidson, thanks to Rental 819.
Wanting to explore Chiba’s Bōsō Peninsula by motorcycle, we headed for the Odaiba branch of Rental 819 Kizuki, with their large selection of bikes from 125 to 1800cc.
Rental Bike Tokyo is a brilliant company offering a selection of bikes for you to choose from. Explore Tokyo in a way not possible by using the subway. See the real Tokyo.
There’s no doubt that Tokyo can be an expensive place, but there are a number of free activities that will sweeten your trip. One is the free bicycle rental at the Imperial Gardens every Sunday.
Date Bike is a bike rental service in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Bikes are equipped with an electric pedal-assist motor and can be picked up or dropped off at a number of areas across the city center.