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Climbing Mount Fuji to the Seventh Station on the Fujinomiya Trail, where strong winds made us decide to turn back.
Climbing Mount Fuji via the Yoshida Trail from Kawaguchiko 5th Station, watching the sunrise from the summit and descending the Gotemba Trail.
Climbing Mt Fuji did not always go smoothly. Here are the mistakes I made so that you can learn from them.
Climbing Mount Fuji was one of my most inspiring experiences.
Climbing Mount Ontake during the snowy season. It is a beautiful, holy mountain. Part 2.
Climbing Mt. Daisen, the Fuji of west Japan
Fuji-Q Highland Ice skating is open in Winter until the first weekend of April. You can skate under open skies with close up views of the magnificent Mount Fuji.
Visit the area around Japan's Mount Fuji and you'll discover it is more than just a beautiful mountain.