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Having lived in Toyama for over 10 years, I have come to cherish this place. I want to share Toyama's cultural and sightseeing treasures with as many as I can. I am an American born hiker, photographer, mother, English teacher, environmentalist, and cross-cultural communicator. From the magnificent Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to the delicious seafood from Toyama Bay, there are so many things you should come here to experience. The quiet vast rice fields with traditional homes and residents following traditional ways of living, may also intrigue you.

Comments by Christina

On June 17:
A friend said they went to Shoumyo Falls today (June 17th). Shoumyo is the highest waterfall in Japan, and it is also part of the Tateyama- Kurobe Alpine Route. Since there was so much snow this year, it is a great time to see the waterfall. The snow is rapidly melting, but there is still some snow for you to enjoy around Murodo. Each year the chance to see the snow depends on the amount of snow fall for that year, as well as the weather.
Tateyama's Snow Walls

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