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On Koshien Stadium: Field of Dreams 3 months ago
Hello sports fans, baseball lovers and Koshien enthusiasts! It’s that time of year: The National High School Baseball Championship has begun.

Things are in full swing in the scorching heat of summer. As an extra special bonus, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the tournament. 1915-2015. Wow! Congratulations to everyone involved, past, present and future.

Two teams in particular stand out.

First, Miyagi Prefecture’s Sendai Ikuei looks very strong, with solid pitching from their ace and devastating batting from the entire team: they hit a combined .423 in the prefectural tourney, scoring 68 runs in 6 games. Yowza!! And, it’s about time for a Tohoku team to win this whole shebang.

The other is Kyoto’s Toba, a team that has not been to Koshien in 15 years, but was the first team to win the tournament back in 1915. Add to that: Every kid on the squad is from the same prefecture -- a rarity in today’s game. If that does not grab your love for tradition, then how about your heartstrings?

Toba’s captain, Seigo Umetani, gave the opening ceremony speech, and he is playing for the spirit of not only his team, school and prefecture, heck, the whole Koshien tournament, but his father, who passed away 3 months ago and predicted that his son would go to Koshien this year. Words fail in the face of such emotion.

Talk about exciting, nostalgic, amazing: This is Koshien, in all its glory.
On Koshien Stadium: Field of Dreams a year ago
HaruNoHana – Koshien rolls around every August. Just make a plan, and prepare for the heat!

Also, remember that there are prefectural tournaments to determine which team will go to Koshien from each prefecture. Find out where these games are played, and go to a local game in July. The tickets are cheap and the seating is usually open, ensuring a great day of baseball.
On Koshien Stadium: Field of Dreams 2 years ago
Predictions Larry? That’s too hard, as just about anything happens in this tournament.

There are some favorites though. Powerhouse Osaka Toin (7 appearances) is back again this year after winning the tournament in 2012. Last year’s ace pitcher, Shintaro Fujinami, is currently in the starting rotation for the Hanshin Tigers.

Ichiro’s old school, Aikodai Meiden (11 appearances, including 2 with Ichiro) from Aichi Prefecture, is making another run at it this year.

And Seiryou, Hideki Matsui’s alma mater, is back for its 16th appearance representing Ishikawa Prefecture. Matsui played at Koshien all 3 summers in high school. He was so good that opposing teams just intentionally walked him, including a whopping 5 times in a single game.