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JapanTravel compares the top five Kimono and Yukata hire shops in Kyoto, all close to the major attractions
Art Festival held in Tokushima at the end of April, LED lights combines with the city to create a new concept
Kakunodate is known as the Samurai District for good reason. Scattered throughout the town are remnants of the Satake clan’s great empire. Today, the heirs of the wealthiest samurai families preserve and proudly display their houses that survived the test of time.
The moss garden of the Hakone Museum of Art becomes a hidden paradise in mid-November. 130 kinds of moss cover the garden, showing off their brilliant, bright greens.
Hokkaido Port City with Canal Zone, World Famous Sushi, Glassware, Breweries, Museums, Mt Tengu View, and shopping.
Made in Nakazakicho, Maeda Craft celebrates three generations of Japanese wood-working skills and innovation.  Maeda Craft has range of products available: boxes, wagons, counters, shelving, display stands, sandwich boards, signs, and one of the greatest collections of classic American memorabillia.
Echizen city in Fukui Prefecture is well-known in Japan for their tansu, and antique tansu are worth a fortune.