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One of the things Japan is most famous for is its wide range of unique accommodation types. Traditional ryokan, space age capsule hotels and, of course, the love hotels.
MEGA WEB is the car theme park to 'Look', 'Ride' and 'Feel' automobile. There are 3 facilities based on each theme.
プリクラのメッカ (Purikura Mecca) Game Las Vegas features the latest in Japanese photo booth machines. Gaggles of girls flock to this arcade to make cute sticker pictures.
The Dotonbori Bridge is great place to enjoy Osaka's outdoor street theater. While the Kabuki playhouses from the 17 th century are long gone, this is a popular meeting spot.
Snippets of video from the streets of Shibuya at Halloween 2016
Participate in all the different fun-filled activities offered in Akihabara at once with Adores 2 Akihabara
Japan is known for its strange restaurants, such as locked up in prison, fishing restaurants and more. The Robot Restaurant, one of its best, puts up a remarkable show for its customers.