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Think you know Kobe? takes you behind the scenes with a faceless ordinary square building that is has connected and transformed lives from around the world. There are Japanese services at 9:00am, 10:45 am and 7:00pm.
Learn all about trains and their history with this awesome new railway museum in Kyoto
Sagawa Shoyu was founded in 1830 and is located in Yanai City's white-walled historic district in Yamaguchi Prefecture. See soy sauce being brewed in a traditional manner, try some samples, and purchase your favorite.
Visitors to Yamaguchi in autumn should be sure to visit Kozan Park's Rurikoji & Toshunji Temples. A historic five story pagoda, one of Japan's 'Top 3' is especially beautiful when framed by vibrant red and yellow leaves.
An Imabari towel is forever: Japan's softest, most absorbent, most durable towels come from Imabari in Ehime.
Shomyoji Temple in Kanazawa Bunko: a hidden gem in a suburb of Kamakura, an ancient samurai capital
Gohyaku Rakan, Buddha's 540 stone disciples at Kitain Temple in Kawagoe.
Beloved writer, teacher, vegetarian, and social activist, Kenji Miyazawa lived a colorful life. His second grave recalls the beauty of his scenes from his literature.