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Learn all about trains and their history with this awesome new railway museum in Kyoto
Visitors to Yamaguchi in autumn should be sure to visit Kozan Park's Rurikoji & Toshunji Temples. A historic five story pagoda, one of Japan's 'Top 3' is especially beautiful when framed by vibrant red and yellow leaves.
Anyone who has used a toilet in Japan will have seen The TOTO sticker but do you know the story behind it? The TOTO Co. Ltd can be traced back to 1889 with the establishment of the Morimura Gumi Company that produced western style ceramics. From humble beginnings and many developments since the first flushing toilet in 1914 the Washlet G Toilet was invented in 1980 which signaled a new toilet culture in Japan.
The National Art Center in Tokyo will be home to over 200 of Salvador Dali's original works in an interactive exhibition from September 9th to December 12th, 2016.
Exploring the surrounding area of Osaka in Ikeda City and getting off the beaten track
The history of the Russian nesting doll named "Matryoshka" started in Japan.
Magnificent Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's 12 remaining original castles, dating back to the 16th century.