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Got 24 hours in Shinjuku? Here are some suggestions for around-the-clock activities and photo opportunities.
Golden Gai is a feat for the eyes and a lot of fun if you're into small, quirky bars. Here are some tips to make your visit smoother.
This former record holder for height is a great way to see the bay side.
JapanTravel compares the top five Kimono and Yukata hire shops in Kyoto, all close to the major attractions
Yokohama, a port city, offers many wonderful retro-modern architectural spots to visit. Akarenga Soko, which stands for beautiful red brick architecture, is one of them and it is located only minutes away from the Landmark Tower in the Minatomirai area. Having Yokohama Bay Bridge on one side and the Landmark Tower on the other, this area is a great place to spend an evening. There are other attractions in walking distance, so there is a lot to do. Munich's world famous beer festival "Oktoberfest" is also held here at Akarenga Soko.
Sendai Airport, a relatively new, beautiful airport with curvy-shaped modern terminal building is the main airport of the Tohoku region. It was able to miraculously reopen one month after the 3-11 disaster.
The iconic orange-red Tokyo Tower, modeled on Paris' Eiffel, has defined the skyline of Tokyo for many years.