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Gokoku-jinja is a large shrine next to the Hiroshima castle often bustling with activity.
Conveniently located 1 block from the Hondori shopping street, Round 1 offers bowling, karaoke, game center and other activities- open late and 24hours on Saturdays
An interesting town to visit along the Seto-Inland Sea not far from Onomichi, about an hour's drive from Hiroshima city.
Neko no Hosomichi or Cat Alley in Onomichi is hidden away between the sloping streets that wind around the town. It connects art, the town, people and greenery into one unique experience that you will not forget.
Miyajima island is an island with a stunning floating shrine, giant tori gate and is a world heritage protected site. Top sightseeing spot in all of Japan.
Among the sites in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is the Memorial Cenotaph, a large, saddle-shaped concrete structure between the Peace Memorial Museum and the A-Bomb Dome
For two days every year on the second weekend in February Miyajima dishes out thousands of premium oysters for next to nothing.
Miyajima's Five Story Pagoda is a stunning five tiered pagoda positioned atop a hill on the island. Its bold color will draw you in and have you gazing in awe.