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Hidden behind high rise buildings 9 minutes walk from Nagasaki Station is one of the most unique temples I have come across during my travels in Japan.
The actual name of this island is Hashima. It is located around 4.5km west of the Nagasaki Peninsula, a very small island with a former seabed coal mine.
In the movie Rodan, the Saikai Bridge is blown down by the monster's backdraft. A visit here is a must for fans.
Hirado castle, a modern reconstruction with 300 year old gates, stands on a hill high above the port of Hirado, where old European trading ships once docked.
Learn about the Shimabara peninsula's revolutionary ties to Christianity at the museum in the main keep of Shimabara Castle.
Those with a taste for adventure should check out this thrilling tour of Japan's industrial heritage
For over 200 hundred years, the tiny island of Dejima in Nagasaki Harbor was Japan's only point of contact with the wider world.
Glover Garden in Nagasaki: posh residences of former foreign VIP residents in a hill on the Minami-Yamate hill