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Shukunegi Village. A fishermen's village lost in time
International University of Japan is a mini United Nations, with 300 students and faculty members from 50 countries living together harmoniously in rural Niigata.
Ever fancied a ride in a cut-off barrel? Try tarai-bune in Ogi Town, Sado Island.
If you want to time travel to the Edo period and experience its architectural beauty, Shiozawa in Niigata should be on your radar.
In search of a master carver in Japan whose skills equaled those of Michelangelo
Echigo Tsumari Art Field is a massive exhibition with lofty ideals of reconnecting art and nature. All the works are dotted around the Tsunan and Tokamachi countryside.
The brewery tour and tasting offered at Imayotsukasa brewery, Niigata, Japan.
Visit this peaceful shrine and get to know the great culture in Yahiko village.