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Kakiemon is a tradition of potters, starting with Sakaida Kakiemon and currently managed by his fourteenth descendant, who is a National Living Treasure of Japan.
Saga Castle is a unique, lowland style castle located in the heart of Saga-shi, formerly the Hizen Domain.
Experience ancient Japan at the renown Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga with structures and artifacts from the Yayoi period (400 BC to 300 AD).
Visit the ruins of Nagoya Castle (Saga Prefecture), the short-lived second-largest in Japan. Built to invade a continent, it was reduced to rubble in a decade.
Yobuko, a small fishing town, is famous for seafood, local cruises, the Morning Market and its beautiful harbor.
Massive, diverse, and rife with gorgeous scenery, Shinrin Koen is the definitive public park.
One of the oldest historical sites in Japan, an ancient Yayoi period village and its culture comes alive at Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga Prefecture.