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Summer is festival season in Saitama! There are a great variety of festivals throughout the prefecture during July and August.  Read on for the best of Saitama's summer festivals. 
The Saijo and Niihama festivals in the Toyo area of Ehime are held in October to give thanks for an abundant autumn harvest. Both are beautiful and exiting festivals.
The Noto Peninsula is famous for its Kiriko Festivals. Kiriko are large lanterns that are carried around during summer festivals on Noto.
Tokyo's Yoyogi Park holds international festivals nearly every weekend during the summer. Check it out for great food, drinks, music, shopping and performances.
Enjoying the spring of Fushimi through traditional Japanese dolls at the Kyocera Museum of Art's special exhibition “Seasonal Festivals of Fushimi: Sekku Dolls”.
The Iwate Snow Festival is held at the Makiba area in Koiwai Farm every February, and known as one of Tohoku's 5 Great Snow Festivals.
The Naked Man Festival at Urasa's Bishamondo is one of the top bizarre festivals in Japan and a wonderful night out each year on March 3rd.
The Kanda Festival, one of Tokyo's major Shinto festivals, is an enormous event held on odd-numbered years. Leading to Kanda Myojin, it has festivities from Sat. to Sun.