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MOS Burger
Japan's original gourmet burgers
A MOS Cheeseburger
Mos Burger, one of Japan's most popular chains, offers fresh and high quality fast food.

Ramen Boo
No ghosts, just great ramen
The Boo Tama ramen comes with eggs in addition to the standard fare. 720 yen
Ramen Boo is a five minute walk from Kotodaikoen Station in Sendai. Despite the name Boo and it's ghastly white and black sign which lights up the evenings, the only thing you will find here is good ramen in a warm atmosphere. 

Rin Nouvelle Japonaise, Mishima
A classy but affordable restaurant in Mishima
My lunch set
Rin Nouvelle Japonaise is a stylish restaurant near Mishima station with reasonably priced food and drinks.

Kissa Mountain, Nagoya
Venture up for a unique dining experience!
Sweet tasting spaghetti: spaghetti topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and bananas
Looking for a one-of-a-kind eating experience? Venture up to Kissa Mountain in Yagoto, Nagoya for a plethora of mountain-sized dishes and unique combinations.

Moomin Stand in Tennoji, Osaka
Moomin-themed bubble tea and goods
A hattifattener invites customers in
Moomin treats and goods at the Moomin Stand in Tennoji, Osaka.

Kotori Bird Cafe Kichijoji
Fans of the feather flock here together
Welcome to the Kotori Bird Cafe in Kichijoji!
A bird lover's 'parotdise' in Kichijoji. This bird-themed cafe is home to more than twenty resident birds, with a fun and funky atmosphere.

Delicious and cozy "Fudaibo"
A local izakaya with great food!
Locals enjoying drinks and conversation
Okinawan Izakaya "Fudaibo": a small local eating/drinking place located in the heart of the Kakazu residential neighborhood in Ginowan.

Sidelines Sports Bar & Grille
Okinawa's only American-style sports bar
Main bar, side view
Sidelines is an American-style sports bar in Okinawa. Located in Chatan-cho, Sunabe Sea wall area. Great food, beer, and sports events on TV

Kill Bill Inspiration at Gonpachi
The Nishi-Azabu restaurant which inspired the movie
There are many tables available for groups
Gonpachi, the restaurant made famous by Quentin Tarantino in his 2004 film Kill Bill, serves delicious Japanese food to locals and foreigners alike.

"Jam Bar" in OJana
Old style rustic food & music bar
Outside daytime picture of "Jam"
Jam Bar in Ojana, Ginowan City. Old classic style bar with great food is a famous locals hangout. Great food, too!