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Kakinohazushi Hyotaro
My lesson in sushi culture and history
Kakinohazushi Hyotaro

Stumbling Upon a Japanese Shot Bar
It looked like a normal residence, except for a sign...
Aimlessly wandering around Kyoto's Ayakoji Dori in Shinmachi when I stumbled upon a Japanese shot bar... I wondered what kind of place it was, so I checked it out!

Uonuma Sweets Garden, Natura
Funky cake shop and cafe in the rice fields of Ishiuchi
Uonuma Sweets Garden, Natura. Newly renovated cake shop and pizzeria close to Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC

Kotodama Cafe
Fresh and delicious Nara countryside fare
Kotodama Cafe

Asukano Log House Ice Cream
Sweet relief from the summer heat
Asuka Log House Ice Cream

Tokokuro Chinese Food
A scrumptious hit of nostalgia
Tokokuro Chinese Food a scrumptious hit of nostalgia

Yanagibashi Market
Yanagibashi Market, aka "Fukuoka’s Kitchen"
Yanagibashi Market, also known as “Fukuoka’s Kitchen” has the freshest fish Fukuoka can offer, as well as many specialty shops exclusive to this historic market.

Garden House Crafts
Café, Bar & Restaurant
Garden House Crafts is a café, bakery, restaurant and bar located in Daikanyama, Shibuya. With it's quiet surroundings and relaxed atmosphere, GHC is the perfect place to enjoy some food and drink!

Umemori Sushi School
Nothing is difficult with teachers this good
Umemori Sushi School and the best sushi instructors imaginable

Laboratorio Cafe & Shop, Matsumoto
Handmade food & goods
Laboratorio Cafe & Shop offers homemade English muffins and handcrafted goods just a few minutes walk from Matsumoto Castle in Gunma. Creativity, minimalism, and organic embody the essence of Laboratorio with their domestic made and organically grown menu and goods.