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Bistro Yamarai
The best of France meets the best of Miyagi
A classy bistro that excels in French cuisine but uses local ingredients. Internationally oriented with welcoming staff, Yamarai offers delicious, high-quality yet surprisingly affordable meals.

Cafe de Garçon
A quiet, little cafe amidst the bustling city
Perfect for escaping the busy city, Cafe de Garçon is very conveniently located along Jozenji-dori

Rose Mary Cafe
Classy but affordable dining in Atami
Rose Mary Cafe is a stylish cafe in the resort town of Atami, serving tasty, affordable food in a refined atmosphere

Ryouriya Mifune in Roppongi
Samurai concept dining based on Toshiro Mifune
Toshiro Mifune concept restaurant that follows the theme of the samurai spirit, Ryouri-ya Mifune. A special Roppongi Izakaya filled with Japanese tradition.

Rescue Cat and Dog Café Lua
Pet café with a samaritan twist
Love animals, love cat cafés, but want a little more assurance that animal welfare is also on the menu?

Tsuruya Yuba Restaurant, Nikko
Delicious yuba on the shore of Lake Chuzenji
Tsuruya Restaurant, near the shore of Lake Chuzenji near Nikko, serves up a variety of cuisine that includes yuba, a famous food from the area.

Elv Cafe
Nagasaki's hidden gem
Elv is a quaint cafe, situated in the heart of Nagasaki city. With delicious food and wonderful staff, it is sure to capture your heart in just one visit. 

Shirasu no Yahata
Mountainous views and shirasu portions
Shirasu no Yahata in Fuji city sells shirasu-don caught locally from Suruga Bay in Shizuoka prefecture

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo
Rock 'n' roll dining in Roppongi
Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi, Tokyo

Motoyoshiya Eel Restaurant
Yanagawa's specialty in a 300-year-old establishment
Motoyoshiya Eel Restaurant serves the Yanagawa specialty of steamed eel in its thatched-roof, 300-year-old establishment.