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Hatanodai's Kitchen Hanna Mamma
A quaint Italian bistro in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward
Visit Hatanodai's 'Kitchen Hanna Mamma' in Shinagawa Ward to dine on delicious, reasonable Italian served by a friendly owner in a quaint bistro-style cafe.

Nanashi Ramen
Kanagawa's homegrown ramen chain
Nanashi brings Iekei-style ramen to its outlets across Kanagawa and Tokyo, including the heart of Shibuya, and delivers its own signature Iekei experience for ramen-lovers to enjoy.

Ura Cafe
Spacious cafe on the edge of Kumamoto
Ura Cafe offers coffee, cake and all-day eats at a location a stone's throw from the Kyushu Expressway.

Tohichi Ramen Restaurant Kyoto
A harmony of home-made noodles and clear soup
Tohichi is a new Ramen noodle restaurant in Kyoto, featuring superb clear soup and home-made noodles with Jidori chicken

Ginza, A Photographer's Paradise
The magic of Yakitori Alley and the glitzy Ginza
Yakitori Alley in Ginza is absolutely amazing at night; the restricted paths full of colorful lanterns, smoke, and the aroma of cooking food make for a very thrilling and pulsating experience. The changes in light, the radiance of lanterns with smoke flying around their artificial beams, and men and women walking through the cramped spaces all fuse together and provides a paradise for any street photographer. It is an authentic experience, certainly Asian, as opposed to materialistic shopping streets can could look at home in any busy city. Yakitori isn't just a heaven for photographers though - it's also a heaven for those who love Japanese food. It is famous for its food, filled with little restaurants with an exciting and intimate feel. The street ambience will provide an unforgettable dining experience.

The 3rd Burger
Chain offering a fresh and unique spin on burgers
The 3rd Burger offers a fresh and unique spin on burgers 

Birthplace of the oyakodon
Oyakodon can be found everywhere around the world today, but Tamahide is the very birthplace of the Japanese delicay. Today, Tamahide continues to differentiate itself with its use of shamo​, a breed of chicken unique to Japan and home-bred by the diner. Pair this with eggs cooked to runny perfection and the result is an oyakodon that draws lines at Tamahide's doors every single day.

Mansei Bokujo
BBQ beef eater's heaven in Kanda
Mansei Bokujo, located within Niku no Mansei,  is a BBQ restaurant and a beef eaters paradise 

Mizutamaya Cafe & Bike Hire Teshima
Harajuku chic meets country kitchen wholesomeness
This charming coffee shop showcases organic and local produce, such as the Hassaku, a citrus born of mandarins and grapefruit. The zesty fragrance is so delightful you want to bottle it.

Princess Phi Phi's Yaki-curry
The place to go for Kitakyushu's spicy specialty
Test your tolerance for spice with a bowl of Princess Phi Phi's yakicurry, a specialty of Kitakyushu.