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Polly Put the Kettle On
Tea and scones, anyone?
Bilingual cafe that gives you a delicious yet affordable taste of the UK. A personal favorite and choice for best British cafes in Japan.  

Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe
Cozy neighborhood bakery serves freshly baked goodies
Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe. Cozy neighborhood bakery serves freshly baked goodies.

Shinjuku Kakekomi Gyoza Restaurant
Gyoza and more in Kabukicho
Kakekomi Gyoza Restaurant is a new izakaya style eatery in Shinjuku's lively Kabukicho district that specializes in gyoza, horse meat and oden.

Sizzle Gazzle
A decently affordable steakhouse in Shibuya
In the Hikarie Tower in Tokyo's lively Shibuya district, Sizzle Gazzle is a stylish but affordable steakhouse and restaurant.

Onomichi's Cafes
Take a break on the edge of Japan's Mediterranean
Here, at the edge of the Inland Sea, where signs of Japan's aging and the countryside's depopulation are everywhere, seven out of eight of the owners of the coffee shops I visited seemed to be well under 40, and their small shops were full of interest and life.

Saitama's Best Cinnabon Roll
Every sweet cinnabon must be in want of good coffee.
Saitama's Best Cinnabon Roll – Cinnabon/Seattle's Best Coffee comes to Saitama-shintoshin's Cocoon City!

Mochi Pounding at Nakatanidou
Japan's fastest mochi pounders
Have your mochi pounded at breakneck speed by champion mochi-making experts before eating it fresh and warm on the spot.

Meguruya: Classy Travelers' Café
Turn back the time in a traditional Meiji-period home
Meguruya is a classy traveler’s café in a 120-year-old home in the Yunotsu Hot Spring area, a World Heritage Site near the Iwami Silver Mine.

Yuzu Ramen at Afuri
Vibrant, cool ramen chain around Tokyo
Afuri's trademark signature is its yuzu shio ramen. Think light, thin noodles in a chicken-based broth augmented with yuzu peel.

Tomita Ramen in Matsudo
Most consistently highest-ranked ramen shop in Japan
Arguably one of the top ramen shops across Japan.