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Flowers Common, Shibuya
A stylish, lively cafe in the Hikarie tower
My starter, potato salad with smoked salmon
In the Hikarie tower next to Shibuya station, Flowers Common is a relaxed, spacious cafe with a varied menu for lunch, dinner or afternoon snacks.

Orikyuu Ramen
Ramen worth queueing for!
The red miso is the most famous ramen here; this is its non-spicy white counterpart
Delicious and local, Orikyuu uses Sendai miso to create ramen that has people lining up for over an hour at peak times!

Curry Shop Sakaiya, Sendai
Homestyle curry with a side of carrot juice
A nice view of the pedestrian mall from the window seats
Curry Shop Sakaiya (カレーショップ 酒井屋) is a curry restaurant located in the Sun Mall pedestrian mall in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. It's unique bacon curry and tasty carrot juice make it a fun dining location with nothing too fancy, over-the-top, or expensive. 

Good Honest Grub - Restaurant
Homecooked soul food between Ebisu and Shibuya
You can't find something like this many places in Tokyo
Good Honest Grub is a restaurant in Shibuya that makes homemade soul food. Delicious and healthy, much of the food is grown organically at the owners' own farm in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Zunda Saryo
Sendai's specialty in tasty treats to tempt anyone
The zunda roll cake with vanilla ice-cream, black beans with a hint of gold foil, and complementary cold green tea
From zunda lovers to anyone who's never tried it before, Zunda Saryo has something for everyone who wants a taste of one of Sendai's specialties, to eat in or take out.

Octopus Cracker in Kamakura
Tako cracker is strange but delicious
Octopus cracker hot off the cooking press
Try tako-sembei (octopus cracker) when visiting the Great Buddha and Hasedera Temple in Kamakura.  Strange but tasty treat for those who like weird Japanese food.

KTM Cafe Harajuku
Where food and drink meet off-road biking
The cafe is clearly labeled and easy to spot
Near Cat Street in Tokyo's lively Harajuku district, KTM Cafe is a relaxed, airy cafe with inexpensive drinks and lunch specials.

Tapas & Tapas, Shibuya
A cheap and cheerful Mediterranean-style restaurant
Look for the sign with the Spanish name and a French description of Italian food
Not far from Shibuya's lively Center-gai shopping street, Tapas & Tapas serves mainly Italian food that's tasty and inexpensive

Nepali Kitchen Samjhana
A taste of Nepal in Kyoto
Chicken and spinach curry with a hint of aromatic ginger
Samjhana offers Nepalese cuisine in Takanotakeya, Kyoto.

Udagawa Naru, Shibuya
A cool, fun place to eat and drink
Big groups can sit here at the window
Near Shibuya's lively Center-gai shopping street, Udagawa Naru is a cool dining bar with well priced food and drinks