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Colors Café in Osaka
All you can eat freshly baked bread buffet
Colors Café in Osaka has an impressive all you can eat bread buffet. Served in cute baskets, the ones you should definitely try are the matcha, whole grain, tea bread and the bread with apples (something like apple pie but closer to a bread version). At night, Colors also serves dinner.

Tendon Tenya in Harajuku
Inexpensive, good quality Tempura
Tempura Tendon Tenya: Delicious, cheap tempura in the heart of Tokyo

The Udon Museum, Kyoto
Home of all udon noodles in Japan
Learn and taste all kinds of Japanese udon at the Udon Museum in Kyoto.

Flamme Scène: Steak Cuisine
New luxury steakhouse in Nishi-azabu
Try tankakugyu (Japanese shorthorn) wagyu or US Angus Prime beef at this luxury steakhouse in Nishi-Azabu

Steakhouse Senri
Small secret wagyu paradise near Koga Station
First opening its doors in 1970, Senri serves up a good range of wagyu steak, sukiyaki and shabu shabu.

Taste the Famous Issen Yoshoku
Warning: You’ll want to come back for more
Kyoto is famous for a lot of things. But when it comes to food, Issen Yoshoku is one recommended dish that you should not miss.

Izakaya Kuidoraku
Delicious Yakisoba in Yokote city, Akita Prefecture
Izakaya Kuidoraku in Yokote, Akita Prefecture: Delicious Yakisoba

The Gundam Cafe in Akihabara
Indulge yourself with Gundam-themed ambience & dishes
Experience fun-filled and robot-decorated dishes at Gundam Cafe in Akihabara, where you can both eat and play with Gundam Winged robots.

Umami Tasuke
Sendai's best gyutan restaurant
Umami Tasuke: Sendai's best guytan restaurant

Experience a home cooked meal in Kyoto
Rojiusagi is a small residence near Hanamikoji Dori in the Geisha district of Kyoto. They serve traditional Kyoto breakfast, Japanese home cooked meals and even western breakfast. The owner manages and cooks the food by herself, it has a garden and a small library of books, the seats are on the floor covered with Tatami mats but a seat by the bar is available too.