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Karuizawa Chocolate Factory
A must-go for all chocolate lovers
Karuizawa Chocolate Factory
Category: Café, Other
Karuizawa Chocolate Factory: Buy a box of chocolate as a souvenir, see how chocolate is made, and taste some for free!

Yamaya Ryokan's Noodle Shop
A Taste of Akita next to Kakunodate Station
Inaniwa Udon served chilled is perfect for the summer months
Category: Café, Japanese
This family run eatery serves no nonsense Akita cuisine in a simple setting that is more like your aunt’s kitchen than a temple to fine dining. If you are hungry, iconic Akita dishes such as the Kiritanpo Set Meal is available at 1950 yen. It is an unique way to try Akita’s famous komachi rice on a stick. I tried another iconic local dish called Inaniwa Udon at 950 yen. Until the modern era in the late nineteenth century, Inaniwa Udon was quite rare, being consumed mainly by the Imperial Household and it can be difficult to buy in the markets at that time. Being flat and rectangular, it looks a bit like Vietnamese pho noodles.

Oretachi no Tabehoudai Shabusen
All-you-can-eat shabu shabu and sushi downtown
Fill your bubbling brew with all kinds of meats and veggies
Category: Japanese
Oretachi no Tabehoudai Shabusen is an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu and sushi restaurant in downtown Kokubuncho. The 1000 yen shabu shabu lunch special is a great deal. Fresh local ingredients are used. 

Cafe Rühe
A taste of Europe in Japan
In German, rühe means quiet, silence. It's the perfect name for a cafe located in the middle of a peaceful forest area
Category: Café, European, Japanese
Located in a quiet forest area in Karuizawa, Cafe Rühe serves delicious and affordable range of sweets, drinks and meals mixing Japanese and European ingredients.

Ippei Soba Restaurant at Koganei
Healthy Soba Ramen and Gyoza
A bowl of ramen: soft, creamy and tasty. 
Category: Japanese
Ippei Soba is a noodles restaurant at the heart of Koganei, twenty minutes away from Shinjuku. They cook Soba and Ramen ippei style with a homemade, delicious sauce, and are dedicated to work with only the freshest ingredients. Ippei Soba is cheap, healthy and delicious! 

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
The ultimate pilgrimage for seafood lovers
The inside one of the restaurants at the Tsukiji Fish Market – people are neatly packed in while the chefs efficiently prepare the meals
Category: Japanese
An absolute must for seafood lovers (and a recommendation for all) is a visit to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market. If you’re eager and up early, you can catch the tuna auction; otherwise, visit the many stalls and restaurants for some delicious, fresh seafood.

Ushigoro Bambina Grilled Beef Bar
Italian Style meets Japanese Flavor
Prosciutto black beef
Category: Italian, Japanese, Wine Bar, Other
Ushigoro Bambina is a premium quality restaurant serving Yakiniku in Shibuya. They serve the best beef meat in the neighborhood inspired by Italian cuisine, cooked Japanese style. 

Dream Station JOL in Harajuku
A popular gathering place for teens, but not only
Follow the colored stairs at the end of Takeshita Street!
Category: Café, Japanese, Other
A candy colored place on famous Takeshita Street where you can find food stalls, and a stage for live performances and shops selling cute items. 

Honke Yamabiko Restaurant - Nikko
Noodle restaurant with great traditional decorations
Lunch is served!  
Category: Japanese
Honke Yamabiko is a wonderful noodle shop conveniently located next to the World Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko. Stop in for some delicious local yuba dishes.

Rokurinsha Ramen
Tsukemen-style ramen near Marunouchi
Tsukemen-style ramen
Category: Japanese
Tsukemen-style ramen in Tokyo Station

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