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Za Cafe
Deliciously fresh, organic vegetables!
Organic vegetables prepared as sandwiches and soups that make for a wonderfully refreshing, light lunch. The menu is in English, and there's plenty on offer, including meat- and fish-free options.

Cafe Poche
A pocket full of joy!
Tasty food comes in small packages at "Pocket Cafe". Enjoy sweet treats or delicious lunch sets in a homely atmosphere.

Jiki Miyazawa: Tea and Kaiseki
Enjoy the best of Kyoto flavors
It is no coincidence that the art of the tea ceremony developed along with the aristocratic culture of the emperor and imperial court in Kyoto. Rather. the uniquely delicious vegetables of Kyoto, which were so often used in the city's many temples, was the necessary inspiration to allow the food and newly introduced tea to blend together harmoniously.

Sendai hand-roasted Senbei Crackers
Local senbei crackers make the perfect snack or gift
Sendai Kouren Honpo is a store specializing in hand made senbei crackers. With five tasty flavors and just a five minute walk from Kotodaikoen Station, the location is ideal for a quick snack or to pick up a gift. 

Maizuru Toretore Seafood Markets
The secret life of the Matsuba Crab
The connections between crabs and Japan go back a long way, to the time of myths and legends. Many people know about the halcyon days of the Tale of Genji, of aristocratic parties and appreciation of all things artistic. But then Kyoto plunged into the feudal era of medieval history, with wars between the Heike and Genji clans ending the peace of the Heian period. In the battle of Dannoura in 1185, the defeated Heike emperor and his samurai threw themselves to the sea, and it was said that the Samurai crab, or Heikea japonica, bore the face of the suffering samurai on their backs. Discover the secret life of the Japanese crab at Maizuru Markets, just a short taxi ride from Maizuru International Cruise Ship Terminal.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Tokyo
Luxury steakhouse, USDA Prime beef & signature sizzle!
Hear the sizzle, smell the sizzle, see the sizzle. It's all about the succulent sizzling steaks at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Tokyo. Originally founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, this luxury steakhouse offers the finest selection of USDA Prime, Midwestern beef.

Prettissimo Tisaneriche Cafe
Don't like the cheese? Let them eat cake!
A popular cafe with a lovely atmosphere, Prettissimo excels at sweets and drinks.

Green Asia, Roppongi
Relaxed south-east Asian dining in Roppongi Hills
In Tokyo's swanky Roppongi Hills, Green Asia serves tasty but affordable south-east Asian cuisine in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere

Little Plum, Naoshima
A friendly, relaxed little cafe/bar
On the art island of Naoshima in the inland sea, Little Plum is a friendly, relaxed cafe/bar, with inexpensive food and drinks, dormitory accommodation and bicycle rental too.

Coffee at the Adachi Museum of Art
Viewing the world’s finest Japanese garden
Midori, an elegant and modern cafe at the Adachi Museum of Art, boasts views looking out at the world-class Dry Landscape Garden.