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Tazawako Mountain Harvest Cafe
Homemade cooking with mountain and lakeside views
Yama no Sachi is the Japanese name of this quiet waterfront cafe
Category: Café, Japanese
This lakeside cafe specializes in sansai or wild greens with set courses from 1350 yen, all presented simply on white plates. You can’t beat this alpine mountains and lakes location for its unique greens and herbs, such as watercress, wasabi, butterbur, mushrooms, bracken fern as well as bamboo shoots. Butterbur may be useful in helping people with migraines and tension headaches, while watercress is full of anti-oxidants as well as gluconasturtiin, giving it a peppery flavor.

Sweeten up at Casen
Authentic Japanese confectionery in Kita Kamakura
Category: Japanese
Not far from Kenchō-ji temple, Kita Kamakura, is an authentic and lovely Japanese confectionery or wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) shop called Casen.

Bakery Wales
Europe-inspired baking
My favorite: the garlic ciabatta beside a pastry
Category: Café, European
This new bakery offers a taste of Europe, both sweet and savory. The patisserie custard and the garlic ciabatta are the brightest stars in this European union!

40 Plan - Lovely Muffin
Takeout muffins and coffee
This shop is the muffin and coffee take-out version of a larger cafe
Category: Other
A small shop that does takeout muffins and coffee, but its best is saved for summer when it sells affordable and delicious shaved ice. Free of artificially flavored syrup, it's the ultimate refreshment!

Doutor - Nationwide Cafe Chain
Cheap and friendly place for a cup of coffee and sweets
Grab a cup of joe at your local Doutor
Category: Café
Doutor is a quick, cheap, and easy place to have a cup of coffee and dessert. This cafe chain has over 900 locations across Japan

Hot Jaja, Morioka
Serving up one of Morioka's specialty noodle dishes
Jajamen before mixing the meat-miso spicy goodness into the noodles
Category: Japanese
Hot Jaja is a restaurant specializing in Jajamen noodles. Located right in front of JR Morioka Station, it's the perfect place to indulge in a Morioka specialty. 

Happy Golden Taiyaki
Golden sweet potato joy
This is one of their cold taiyaki, with a sweet potato and creamy custard filling
Category: Japanese
Delicious, hot and cold taiyaki featuring the golden Annou Imo sweet potato, and a croissant variation with red bean or chocolate filling. Sendai has the only Tohoku locations, so don't miss out!

Capricciosa Italian Dining
Good, simple Italian food
The red sign is for Capricciosa. Just head up the stairs to the second floor.
Category: Italian
Tasty, simple and authentic Italian food in the heart of Sendai

Karuizawa Chocolate Factory
A must-go for all chocolate lovers
Karuizawa Chocolate Factory
Category: Café, Other
Karuizawa Chocolate Factory: Buy a box of chocolate as a souvenir, see how chocolate is made, and taste some for free!

Yamaya Ryokan's Noodle Shop
A Taste of Akita next to Kakunodate Station
Inaniwa Udon served chilled is perfect for the summer months
Category: Café, Japanese
This family run eatery serves no nonsense Akita cuisine in a simple setting that is more like your aunt’s kitchen than a temple to fine dining. If you are hungry, iconic Akita dishes such as the Kiritanpo Set Meal is available at 1950 yen. It is an unique way to try Akita’s famous komachi rice on a stick. I tried another iconic local dish called Inaniwa Udon at 950 yen. Until the modern era in the late nineteenth century, Inaniwa Udon was quite rare, being consumed mainly by the Imperial Household and it can be difficult to buy in the markets at that time. Being flat and rectangular, it looks a bit like Vietnamese pho noodles.

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