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Grand Burger in Kyoto
Great burgers near the Imperial Palace
Grand Burger in Kyoto serves up tasty burgers in a cozy shop just a few steps from the walls of the Imperial Palace.

Aux Crieurs de Vin
Classy French dining in Toyohashi
In Toyohashi in Japan's Aichi prefecture, Aux Crieurs de Vin is a stylish French restaurant serving delicious, affordable lunch sets.

Daylesford Organic Cafe
Organic food in Aoyama
Daylesford Organic offers organic food in the heart of the Aoyama neighborhood.

Annon Cook Cafe
Organic Vietnamese food in Daikanyama
Annon Cook offers organic Vietnamese-themed lunches in the backstreets of Daikanyama.

Qino's Manhattan New York Deli
Indulge in a New York deli style sandwich
Qino's Manhattan New York Deli

Kametani Live and Fresh Fish
The freshest sashimi possible
Kametani Live and Fresh Fish the Freshest Sashimi Period

The best experience for fans of conveyor-belt sushi
With branches all across Japan, Kura-Zushi is known as a high-tech sushi restaurant, where the experience is more than just sushi coming to your table via a conveyor belt.

Port of Call
An easy open atmosphere with delicious burgers
With locations in and around Tokyo, Port of Call is a place not many tourists know, but is worth a visit if you like a warm atmosphere and good hamburgers

Lotus Baguette
Organic bread in Daikanyama
Lotus Baguette offers organic bread and pastries at a relaxing cafe in Daikanyama.

Mein Schloss Beerhall Restaurant
Fun beerhall dining (and drinking) in Hamamatsu
In central Hamamatsu in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Mein Schloss is a lively restaurant, craft brewery and bar fashioned after a German beerhall.