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Manhattan FISH MARKET, Ikebukuro
Japan's newest seafood chain has a halal twist
Manhattan Fish Market, Ikebukuro: A newly opened US style seafood restaurant with a twist.

Italian flavor in the mountains of Miyagi
Fresh, authentic Italian food that's worth the trip into the mountains.

Tofu Wonderland
Enjoy Tofubou's spread of tofu goodness
Tofu Wonderland. Enjoy Tofubou's spread of tofu goodness

Bistro Petit Lapin
A cozy French bistro steps from central Kyoto
Tucked away in a pint-sized building just steps south of Shijo-dori, Bistro Petit Lapin serves up authentic French fare with a few Kyoto touches.

Echigoya Jihei Soba
Hot noodle soup for a cold Niigata winter day
Echigoya Jihei Soba Niigata style soba noodles and soup for all seasons

Oak Cafe
Healthy, nutritional, Japanese food
A tiny cafe that makes clever use of space to provide delicious, healthy meals. They don't serve meat, eggs or white sugar and most meals seem to be vegan. Try and squeeze it in to your food schedule one lunchtime!

Shioya Mishima
A cheerful beef tongue restaurant right in the station
Right by Mishima station in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Shioya is a cheery, inexpensive wild west-themed restaurant specializing in 'gyu-tan' (beef tongue) dishes.

Animate Cafe
Anime-themed fun!
A manga/anime-themed cafe that has a great atmosphere. Highly recommended for fans of the manga/anime theme of the moment - you just might want to avoid it at the weekend!

Dragon Noodles
Quality, spicy ramen in Shimotsuma
Try the incredibly spicy Devil Dragon ramen at Dragon Noodles in Shimotsuma, Ibaraki

Maison de Yu Long
Nouvelle chinoise cuisine in Akasaka
Nouvelle chinoise cuisine in Akasaka