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Shibuya Cheese Stand
Easy cheesy
Shibuya Cheese Stand in Tokyo is a place where everything on the menu includes at least one type of cheese, freshly made right in front of your cheese-hungry eyes.

Burritos at Burri
Tasty wraps in Azabu Juban
Get your burrito fix at Burri, Azabu Juban's newest wrap restaurant.

Dominique Ansel Bakery
Delight yourself at this new generation of bakery
Delight yourself at Dominique Ansel Bakery. Experience the finest pastries of Tokyo in a heavenly place.

Yomenya Goemon's Fusion Pasta
Half authentically Italian, half uniquely Japanese
Delicious pasta with a mix of Japanese flavours and creativity.

French Eateries in Kagurazaka
A distinctive and laidback enclave
Delightful options for food and drinks in this quiet lanes of this neighbourhood.

Nayanosumi Restaurant Takamatsu
An inexpensive yet stylish izakaya style restaurant
Nayanosumi near Takamatsu Railway Station is like a Goldilocks restaurant.  There is something for everyone, and nothing is too weird.

Tokyo's most famous Sumatran curry
In central Tokyo, Kyoeido is a restaurant specialising in 'Sumatra Curry', serving hearty and affordable dishes.

Eat More Greens
Venerable veggie place in Azabu Juban
Eat More Greens is one of Tokyo's more established vegetarian cafes, offering meatless meals in the Azabu Juban neighborhood.

Fukushima Nightlife at Bar Dream
Enjoy nightlife in Nihonmatsu at a western-style bar
Bar Dream is a western-style bar in Nihonmatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture. With lots of space, a variety of drinks, darts and a friendly atmosphere, it is a great way to spend the evening.

Craft Hands Bar in Azabu-Juban
Find a pleasure in beer, wine, and also snacking
Located in kind of fancy area in the heart of Tokyo, Craft Hands is serving variety of Japanese beer on their tap, also some of the US and Belgian import beer. Besides the drink, things that need to be considered is their variety of food menu.