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Coffee Ramen in Tokyo
Is it worth waking up for?
Is this the antithesis of Tampopo, the Japanese movie about a woman trying to create the perfect bowl of ramen? Probably. In spite of this, let's take a look at the story behind coffee ramen.

Cozy restaurant in a quiet corner of Kumamoto
No need for a menu at Hisami in Kumamoto, where the chef and owner extraordinaire turns out a tasty daily lunch menu at bargain prices

Cafe Restaurant Galette
Traditional French crepes in the Mt Aso region
Enjoy a slice of French culinary tradition at Cafe Restaurant Galette, which serves galettes and crepes in the shadow of Mt Aso

Sendai Ramen Ticket
Your golden ticket to 500 yen ramen across the city
The Sendai Ramen Ticket is a book that can be used around the city of Sendai to receive sizable discounts on ramen meals. 

Hinano Organic Buffet
Healthy eating, the Japanese way
Shunsai Shokuken Hinano health food buffet

Cheap Eats in Japan
It's all in the food adventure
Eating in Japan can be intimidating if you do not know how to speak/read Japanese, but you are always surrounded by some good, cheap options

Misonikomi For Starters 
Wisdoms of Aichi-ken
Misonikomi is a famous dish from Aichi Prefecture.

Fine fish restaurant in central Kumamoto
Enjoy the freshest fish from Kumamoto prefecture's Amakusa islands at Uoichi

Tasting Sake at Meishu Center
Discovering famous sakes from across Japan
If you're looking to experience the taste of real Japanese sake, then I highly recommend stopping by Meishu Center if you are in Tokyo.

Lunch at Sushi Iwa in Ginza, Tokyo
Michelin starred, heavenly 13-Course, warm hospitality
Sushi Iwa is a Michelin-starred sushi establishment located in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Master Chef Hisayoshi Iwa and Chef Shigeyuki Tsunoda really have a way with preparation, technique, and their warm hospitality. Best sushi experience for my guests from California and me!