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Sky Lounge Stellar Garden in Tokyo
A nightcap and a stunning view of the city’s landmark
Sky Lounge Stellar Garden in Tokyo offers a stunning illuminated view of Tokyo Tower. Great for date night!

Wakayama City Hall Cafeteria
Quick meals and castle views
Sitting on the 14th floor of the Wakayama City Hall, the City Hall Cafeteria offers fast (but tasty) food with the best castle views in town.

Kushitomo, Hamamatsu station
Cheap'n'cheerful eats right by the station
Kushitomo is a lively traditional eatery by Hamamatsu station, serving inexpensive lunch sets with fresh ingredients

Anago at Sakana Gensai
Anago, or salt-water eel, cuisine in Shinjuku
Gensai is a cluster of authentic, traditional Japanese restaurants located in west Shinjuku. The Sakana Gensai branch specialises in fresh anago.

Tonkotsu Ramen in Utsunomiya
Downtown's best bowls
Tonkotsu Ramen in Utsunomiya

Crème de la Crème
Quick fix to your cream puff craving in Roppongi Hills
Crème de la Crème – the name doesn't lie at this delicious cream puff cafe in Roppongi Hills. 

Hitoshinaya at Haneda Airport
A Japanese style restaurant at Haneda Domestic Airport
Airports aren't typically known for their food. Haneda and a Japanese style restaurant called Hitoshinaya aim to change that.

Omen Japanese Restaurant
A history of Japanese cuisine in Kyoto
JapanTravel writer Bonson Lam gets an unexpected history lesson as he drops in to an inn with an ominous name in the cultural heart of Japan

Tasty Thai food near Kumamoto Zoo
Get an authentic taste of Thailand at Jicca, a restaurant serving curries and pad thai just a few steps from the Kumamoto Zoo team stop.

Log Kit Burger Joint
Sasebo burgers the size of your head
Log Kit Burger Joint serves up massive Sasebo burgers just a stone's throw from the expressway and downtown Sasebo.