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Kohanyu Cafe
A riverside cafe in rural Kochi
Kohanyu Cafe is a riverside cafe in rural Kochi, not far from the famous Anpanman Museum.

Dining & Bar Kitsune
French-Japanese fusion cuisine and sake cocktails
Nestled between Shibuya, Ebisu and Hiroo, this trendy nightspot is a great location for crowds used to all three neighbourhoods.

Monkichi Monja Diner at Tsukishima
Hands on lesson on making local Tokyo food
There is a Monja Street in Tsukishima where you can find more than 20 Monja restaurants. Tsukishima is located just across the Sumida river from Tsukiji fish market.

Gogyo Ramen
Burnt kogashi ramen and more in Nishi-Azabu
Kogashi burned ramen at Gogyo in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo

Eat and Dance Awaodori at Shinjuku
Dance in summer's best festival year-round in Shinjuku
Shinjuku's Awaodori Restaurant offers visitors a taste of one of summer's best traditional festivals in an intimate atmosphere of fun and good food. 

Cafe de Kura
A charming little cafe in a historic building
Cafe de Kura

Manhattan Fish Market, Ikebukuro
Japan's newest seafood chain has a halal twist
Manhattan Fish Market, Ikebukuro: A newly opened US style seafood restaurant with a twist.

Italian flavor in the mountains of Miyagi
Fresh, authentic Italian food that's worth the trip into the mountains.

Tofu Wonderland
Enjoy Tofubou's spread of tofu goodness
Tofu Wonderland. Enjoy Tofubou's spread of tofu goodness

Bistro Petit Lapin
A cozy French bistro steps from central Kyoto
Tucked away in a pint-sized building just steps south of Shijo-dori, Bistro Petit Lapin serves up authentic French fare with a few Kyoto touches.