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Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Umeda
Stunning food and culture space close to Osaka Station
<p>The desserts at Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Umeda, Osaka City are to die for</p>
Category: Café, European, Italian
This cafe showcases light fusion cuisine for less than 2000 yen, for example, an eggplant pasta soaked in a light broth with chunky yet tender slices of chicken fillets, topped with Shiso and wild herbs. The shredded Shiso or Japanese Perilla ‎leaves adds bite and an astringent counterpoint to the hearty and filling pasta. Shiso is traditionally used with sushi, so here is a creative and contemporary interpretation of an Italian dish with a Japanese influence with the pairing of the eggplant and the Shiso leaves.

Uchida's Pickles Shop at Nishiki
See, feel and taste a thousand years of refinement
Category: Japanese, Other
Kyoto pickle vegetables are indispensable to a meal. Using the raw materials of the four seasons like vegetable blossoms and bamboo shoots of spring, eggplants of summer, turnips of autumn and daikon of winter, pickles are made with a variety of methods like rice bran pickles, salt pickles, malted rice pickles and sake pickles. 

Goya Specialty Soup Curry
Delicious and nutritious soup curry in Kagoshima city
<p>Follow the bright yellow flag to the restaurant downstairs. </p>
Category: Japanese
This Kagoshima-based soup curry franchise delivers hearty and mouth-watering Japanese soup curry from Hokkaido. 

Co-Renkon Izakaya Minami Kumamoto
Award winning Japanese cuisine in a traditional setting
<p>Clams with butter broth and daikon radish and spring onion</p>
Category: Japanese
Co Renkon is part of the Renkon group of izakayas or Japanese taverns in Kumamoto, the others being Renkon and Tenpo-Ryuan. Its friendly service and delightful fusion food was recognized when it was short listed for the National Izakaya Grand Prix.

Sweets and Green Tea at Yojiya Cafe
A café with a cosmetics brand name at Ginkakuji
Category: Café, Japanese, European, American
The Yojiya Café at Ginkakuji is one you must visit to enjoy the atmosphere and try some sweets and drink.

August Beer Club
Your friendly neighborhood micro brewery and pizzaria
<p>The food is amazing and of course goes well with beer. </p>
Category: Bar, Wine Bar, Other
August Beer Club is your top destination for pizza and drinks in Roppongi Hills. 

Milano Deli & Pizzaria, Utsunomiya
Best pizza and panini downtown: price, quality, speed
<p>You could easily walk past without any idea that the best pizza in town is inside this door, unless the door is open, in which case you might catch a tantalizing whiff of pizza and realize something really good is going on inside, beyond this modest storefront</p>
Category: Café, Italian
Sometimes the most modest, hole-in-the-wall eatery has the best food. Such is the case with Milano no Shokodo Pizzeria across the street from the west exit of Tobu Department Store, almost next door to the Toyoko Inn, in downtown Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture.

Oden Restaurant Sankichi
City famous oden served by a colorful character
<p>Next to the mini octopus is a fish cake with "Ganbaro Tohoku" written on it to encourage citizens to keep fighting for a better life since the tsunami and earthquake that hit in 2011. </p>
Category: Japanese
Oden Sankichi is a restaurant in Sendai's entertainment district that has been serving up oden for decades. The interior features tables where your oden soup simmers and walls are adorned with signed sports memorabilia. Great atmosphere and food. 

Delicious sweet and savory buttermilk pancakes
<p>Pancakes that taste like home.</p>
Category: Café
Join the latest Japanese food trend - pancakes! This specialized cafe offers both sweet and savory options, made with buttermilk for great texture and flavor.

Tokyo's Tuna Overkill Lunch Deal
Sashimi haven for the hungry and thrifty
<p>Giant bowl of maguro tuna sashimi  </p>
Category: Japanese
The only lunch deal in Tokyo that serves too much tuna sashimi

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