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JapanTravel Guides on JR East

A guide to getting an JR East Pass, a flexible 5 day pass within a 14 day period covering Akita, Tokyo, Kamakura, Sendai and other parts of eastern Japan. More
Suica is a rechargeable card used for travelling around the city also shopping at stores, kiosks and vending machines. More
JR East is offering a free Wi-Fi service at many major train stations across the Tokyo area, including Yokohama and Narita Airport. Log on while you travel around the region.   More

Featured Destinations across JR East's network

Kashima and nearby Katori are important Shinto shrines in Ibaraki. Takemikazuchi-no-Okami, the god of thunder, is the patron deity here. More
Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture is not only one of Japan's most beautiful castles, but it is also one of the few originals, making it well worth a visit! More
Visit this peaceful shrine and get to know the great culture in Yahiko village. More
A part of ‘Shrines and Temples of Nikko’, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this shrine is believed to be one of Japan’s most lavishly decorated shrines. More
The great Daibutsu of Kamakura is one of the greatest, most popular and most beloved statues in Japan, and indeed, of all the world. More
Hiraizumi is a beautiful, rural town in southern Iwate and makes for a spectacular introduction to both Tohoku and historical Japan. As the first site in Tohoku to be awarded More

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