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Hakushima's "Mille" tops French cuisine rankings in Hiroshima city with a well-deserved Michelin star.
A sweet place to grab brunch or have a relaxing afternoon tea.
The menu at Kame is a tour of all the best produce in the region and is as varied as the seasons; with locally sourced fish particularly prominent.
Vegetarian Japan - A short history of food and vegetarianism in Japan
Mellow and lovely restaurant with fantastic food and service.
You'll find the vibrant south of France in this home-restaurant in a forest at the southern edge of Aso, the world’s largest volcano caldera.
Giraffe Crepe has a good menu selection. There are two kinds of crepe, sweet and savory. The price is quite customer friendly, starting from ¥390. They stick their menus on their truck as well as the pillar near where they park. Even though the menu is only written in Japanese, they also tempt you with their picture menu. Just point to the number shown next to the crepes you want to buy.
Rokusei Satei is an institution amongst the food temples of Kyoto. Many aficionados rave about this place, being the just about the only place that serves souffles.It is just a few minutes walk from the Museum Mile of Eastern Kyoto in Okazaki.