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Trattoria Lemon: Ochanomizu's quaint ristorante
Dining at Minakami Kogen Hotel 200 is tasty and reasonable. Enjoy an impressive Japanese/Western buffet, simple Japanese classics, a delicious Italian course dinner and more!
In Mishima at the head of the Izu Peninsula in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Pasteria Chichukai is a friendly, down-to-earth Italian restaurant with a wide range of affordable dishes.
Start your trip or end your journey in Osaka with a cup of nice coffee and delicious bagel. Situated near one of Umeda Station’s northern exits, the calming atmosphere of the coffee place soothes frayed minds.with its warm brown and maroon interior, and the lovely aroma of Italian coffee.
At Japan's franchise Italian restaurant Cona, you don't have to worry about stress of choice depending on the price, since they offer all pizzas for just ¥500.
Shukakusai Harvest Festival Bistro specialises in roast chicken and bread buffets in Namba Parks. The restaurant’s philosophy is to surround the dining table with joy. This is a fun place for the young and old, reminding me of its “something for everybody” appeal that many family restaurants like Gusto are known for.
Restaurant & Bar Salvage is a self-sufficient Italian Restaurant in Chichibu City. The vegetables used are organically farmed from their very own land without the use of additives or chemicals. Enjoy the satisfaction you will get from tasting the skillfully prepared, fresh vegetables grown on the rich lands of Chichibu.