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Vegetarian Japan - A short history of food and vegetarianism in Japan
If you're looking for a delicious break from processed foods, or know a hungry vegetarian, this is the cafe for you!
10 Zen combines ancient wisdom with botanical flair, creating an alchemy of tastes in their healthy yet delicious menu at 10 Zen. Their signature salad looks more like a spring garden, with yellow petals floating above a bed of salmon and avocado, like some kind of deconstructed California roll with a sprinkling of walnuts and goji berries.
Vegetarian food with a seaside view, located on the hill looking over Ushimado beach. Beauty, peaceful. surroundings and healthy locally sourced ingredients.
The top 3 vegan restaurants in Osaka, specialising in soy meat chicken karaage, coconut curries, and tofu cheesecakes.
Enjoy delicious Chinese, Japanese and vegetarian food at lovely Heianraku, a cozy restaurant in Takayama.
Traveling in Japan as a vegetarian or vegan can be challenging, so here are a few restaurant recommendations to get you started.
Restaurant & Bar Salvage is a self-sufficient Italian Restaurant in Chichibu City. The vegetables used are organically farmed from their very own land without the use of additives or chemicals. Enjoy the satisfaction you will get from tasting the skillfully prepared, fresh vegetables grown on the rich lands of Chichibu.