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A manga/anime-themed cafe that has a great atmosphere. Highly recommended for fans of the manga/anime theme of the moment - you just might want to avoid it at the weekend!
Gyutan, or grilled beef tongue, is a delicacy of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. First invented after WWII, the food quickly became a local favorite and is known around all of Japan. 
The Cheese Cabin is part of the Zao Dairy Farm Collective. Inside the large company store you'll be able to sample and buy an array of dairy products. The high quality and fun flavors do merit a special trip when visiting the area. 
Cat Cafe Tenshi no Koneko Neko is a cat cafe located in the downtown shopping arcade area of Sendai. 
Offering award-winning, healthy food, this restaurant has a lot to offer, including a lunchtime buffet. It's well worth the slight detour from the beaten path.
The Sendai Lunch Passport is a book sold at Sendai book stores for about 1000 yen. With it you can buy a reduced price (but not reduced portion) lunch at participating restaurants for just 500 yen.
Aji Tasuke is the original restaurant of gyutan, grilled beef tongue. The historical eatery has been serving customers in Sendai, Miyagi since 1948.