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More like a grandmother’s house than a commercial café, it is a potpourri of different tables and chairs, of Russian dolls and a quiet but friendly terrier sleeping on one of the side chairs. I stepped in one spring morning in May, with the flower boxes filled with flowers in full bloom, in all different shades of pink and cream, set against the rich green shrubbery. The yellow awning and the quaint sign made it look a bit like a slice of Provence, despite the ordinariness o f the box like building that it is situated in.
One of the challenges of staying in a near deserted island is the lack of dining options after dark, with the Museum Café closing at 4pm. The Uki Café, on the other hand, closes a touch later at 5pm, so if you are able to stomach an early dinner, their modern, yet healthy and homely selection is the pick of the bunch.
This lunch set is the pick of the bunch at the cafe, available for ¥‎1340, with it being located next to the ticket office and the Inujima Seirensho Art Museum store near the ferry terminal.
Inujima is a near deserted island off the south coast of Okayama Prefecture, whose population had decreased from three thousand to a bit over thirty in a hundred years. There are old bank tellers and charming wood cottages, like a place stuck in time.
Pet and play with beautiful pure breed cats, drink juice and eat delicious snacks in the luxurious surroundings of this parlour themed cat cafe.
A contemporary coffee shop offering coffee, doughnuts, and sandwiches in the up-and-coming "Jeans Street" area of Kojima, Kurashiki.
Mitsukura Mushrooms is Japan's largest button mushroom grower, located in the seaside town of Ushimado. A combination of nature and skill produces delicious mushrooms.
Okayama City micro-brewer Doppo Beer makes a great selection of beer for all seasons. Muscat, peach, dark and white chocolate plus regular ales.